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How To Swing A Golf Club

How To Swing A Golf Club

The first step, after you get all your basics. You got your stance, your ball position, your grip. That’s kind of your basics there. So now we’re getting into the swing. So once you go ahead and step up to it, the first part about it is you hear us talk about it all the time. It’s kind of that one-piece takeaway. But with that, we’re only going to take it to this position, kind of one number one.

When we get our shoulders more involved, taking it back together, that’s going to send us to good precedents to a wide takeaway, as we talk about a bunch and a good position at the top. And then when you get narrow on the way down, which we’re going to talk about here in a second.

How To Swing A Golf Club

So that kind of is point number one, starting our shoulder turn, or starting or swing, everything moving together, maintain this triangle. And this is your checkpoint, where the club is running pretty much right on parallel with that stick that you have down in the ground. So now we’re going to get to position number two. That’s going to go and halfway back. This is going to be pretty crucial as well.

If you’re going from position number one, one piece number two, we’re kind of set our risks a little bit. And the good point to check yourself here, so we’re looking at here from the down angle. If you noticed that your hands are pretty much in line with the middle of your chest, maybe your right pec just a little bit.

We don’t want to get it too far back behind us. Then went up to reroute it at some point in our swing, we don’t want too far out in front of us. And then again leading to maybe coming over to the top. So we want to have that right align with their chest to creating this right angle. Now another good point that a lot of people do is they get really laid off or maybe they’re to cross the line here even halfway through.

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Take your right index finger, you’re going to place it down the club shaft, take your normal grip, just place your finger right on that grip right there. When you took it back to halfway through if you feel a lot of weight onto that one thing, that means you’re pretty much a little bit too laid off then we actually like it.

You can notice that that grip is coming off of your index finger. So this again is a good checkpoint with that finger to see if you’re in a good point as far as your club shaft and where your hands are at being aligned with your chest. So that’s kind of point number two.

Point number three, or position number three in a golf swing. So you’ve taken it to halfway through creating that right angle. Now the next point is going to be the top of our golf swing. So from there, you can see they’ve created a nice right angle. Now one thing to be mindful of is to not use your arms and your hands only in this next part in the way up from there, what we’re going to do is create just your shoulder turn.

So this is getting us a good position to the top of the golf swing. Feel from there and just rotate, you’ll notice that you’ve pretty much maintained that same angle with your club shaft and your arm on the way back. All you’ve done is gone from here and turn your shoulders you’ll notice that most guys on tour, they’re going to have those hands at a pretty high position in the top of their golf swing. A lot of people who take it back, only with just their arms in their hands from let’s say position number two here. They’re just going to go to take it back further, they just go here.

So, you’ve got one, two, set our wrist a little bit, three, just rotate our shoulders and now into point number four, position number four on our swing, and that’s going to be the start off our downswing. So let’s go ahead and get started on that. Now that we got to the top of our golf swing, now a pretty common question that we get is how do we start our downswing? Well, this is going to be key. This is going to be position number four. So similar to where we were at number two with our hands being right, creating that right angle. That’s going to be point number four so as we take it to the top of our golf swing.

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Again, good full turn, high hands creating that right angle. Now as you start your downswing, we’ll notice this is going to be point number four, checkpoint number four. As we start our downswing here, you want to feel like you’re stepping down with that left foot, applying pressure into the ground with that left foot. You can feel a lot of pressure almost to your feet and your right big toe area. That’s going to allow your left knee to turn out a little bit. Your left hip is starting to turn out. So at this point in your downswing, you’re probably going to be just about your shoulder turn, where your shoulders are at with your hands.

As we continue to go on through our left hips getting out of the way. Left hips getting out of the way. The right hip is pushing forward, opening up hips, and that energy is actually transmitting up torso into shoulders. So shoulders are starting to unwind. So then now we’re position number four. We’re going to be about 25 degrees open with our hips.

What happens is we shallowed out early. You shallow it out. So it means we squared it up and created lag, so we sharpened this angle up between our club shaft and my shoulder here, all on the way down. So, that’s going to position number four. So from three to four now we’re going to position number five and that’s going to be actually at the golf ball.

Position number five and that’s going to be impact position, and what that looks like. We’re going to continue to go through as hips still continue to rotate on through. Start to push off a little bit more with that right foot, right hips going to be a little bit more open. Now shoulders are starting to unwind and bringing hands into impact.

This is what impact should look like, 45 degrees open. Shoulders are slightly open. 45 degrees open with hips, about 10 degrees open with shoulders. The chest is facing the golf ball just a little bit. Hands are ahead of the golf club and the left wrist is a little bit bow with right hand creating what we call extension.

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So that’s the idea as we come on down creating lag. We’re letting all that lag starting to release and as we rotate open through impact. So we’re going to pause there and that’s going to be position number five for us, impact position. The club faces dead square, slightly deloft and we’re having our hips open. Shoulders are going to be slightly open to our target.

That’s going to be an impact position for you. Now we’re going to go into our sixth position. That’s going to be part of our follow-through.

Okay, so now to position number six. And that’s our follow-through. So we just got done with impact and what that looks like. Hips are 45 degrees open. Shoulders a little bit open. Our hands are ahead. Now how do we let everything release? Well, it’s true. We just want to just let everything go.

Come to your straight line and release there and finish on through allowing that belt buckle the face, and hands are high by your ear. That’s going into full swing. That’s position number six, but the full swing how to finish nice and balance. So now the drill is to do each position 20 times.

Do that again, do that 20 times and impact and now on to our follow-through. So the total swing, you do each part 20 times and then do full swing. Just like trying to integrate everything together. One, two, three, four, five, six 20 times and now you’re ready to go hit the golf ball, doing all those steps.