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How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

Recently I’ve played a round of golf with my friends. I’ve noticed that some of them use hybrids instead of fairway woods at the distance of 10-15 yards in the green. I did research and found out from the trusted sources that hybrids are beneficial for many beginners and average golfers who don’t yet have enough speed and skill. So make sure to include a hybrid along with long irons and fairway woods in your bag. Even if you are used to the long irons, you may reconsider by checking the following techniques explaining how to hit a hybrid golf club.

Why is it easier to hit a hybrid iron?

A hybrid is a golf club that can be used between woods and irons, replacing the initial numbers of irons (instead of 3, 4 and 5 irons). The replacing hybrid irons have even the same corresponding numbers. It got its name because the hybrid’s shape is similar to a wood, but in terms of weight – it is rather an iron. Most golfers call them hybrid irons rather than hybrid woods.

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Guide

Hybrid clubs are considered the easiest for golf players with mid-handicap and beginning levels. There are a few reasons why it is easier to hit a hybrid golf club:

  • Wider clubhead – the smaller it is, the harder is to hit;
  • Rather flat, straight (without curves) clubheads so you could hit its toe for making the ball to go to the right;
  • Low-spin heads for longer shots;
  • Lower center of gravity (COG) to get the ball airborne in a simpler way;
  • Good stock shafts for almost perfect consistency rate for the shots;

When you should pick a hybrid in a game?

A hybrid golf club comes to the rescue when you seek a replacement for 1-4 irons. Basically, a hybrid is picked to fill the place of a fairway wood and mid-to-short irons. One of the main drills of hitting a hybrid golf club is that you can choose to hit a hybrid off a tee, from the rough or off the fairway.

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Tutorial

Hybrid’s clubhead is capable of cutting through the rough much better than a fairway wood. It is possible to chip the golf ball if you are very close to the green. Specifically, if you want to hit the ball over an obstacle.

If you need to fill the gap in coverage by a fairway wood, start with the lowest-numbered hybrid golf at 15 yards less. Most experts insist that hybrids can provide accuracy, consistency, and confidence for hitting long shots or when a player approaches the green.

Are hybrid irons easier to hit than long irons?

Yes. These clubs cover the same yardages, for instance, a 3-iron and a 3-hybrid club are equivalent in the distance. However, a golfer should pick only one club for the game. Surely, some golfers would prefer irons over hybrids. But the majority of players, especially high-handicappers and recreational golfers, will definitely pick a hybrid club because it is easier for hitting. Most experts believe that irons have a lower loft compared to hybrids. And the lower the loft, the more difficult it is to hit the ball in a high position.

The clubhead of a hybrid makes a major difference. Average golf players don’t have enough skills to hit for the height with long irons because their swings are usually much lower. That is when hybrids become very handy. The great reason to pick hybrids for higher swings is their lofts that are practically identical to long irons. But at the same time, hybrids make the ball easier to fly in the air since their clubs are also much thicker.

What hitting a hybrid golf club is easier than a fairway wood?

So, you already know that hitting hybrids is easier when you smash in the clubface’s center. Hybrids tend to fly much higher than any long irons. In such a way, a player can control and target significant lengthy approach shots.

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Instruction

Wood clubs have very large heads that were originally made of wood and now they are mostly manufactured from different metals. Hybrids are easier to hit because they combine the features of woods but with small clubheads and shorter shafts, with more loft. They can serve as “rescue” clubs when you need to replace a 3-, 5- or 7-wood club.

Besides, hybrids are much more versatile and you can hit with them from the rough and even use chipping technique.

Hitting hybrids with the chipping technique

Chipping is a technical short shot, which is made within a radius of 30 yards of the green. Chipping shots are usually made with a smaller loft of the hybrid or iron (5 to 7). There are two common types of the chipping technique:

1. “Bump and run” shots
As a result of a “bump and run” shot, the flying ball position for hybrid clubs will be a rather low trajectory, jump on the green, roll over the green and hit the hole. It is recommended to use clubs with a smaller loft – hybrids or irons (6-8):

  • Apply an open stance and put the ball away;
  • The clubface should be covered so that the ball does not fly as high as usual;
  • Swing enough to hit the ball;
  • Then swing like a hammer, hitting the ground and the ball at the same time;
  • Finish the shot by sliding on the ground and hitting;

2. Flop shots
This type of shot is used when you want the ball to follow a very high trajectory, for example, if there is a sandy or water obstacle in your way. The secret is to open the clubface and bring the hybrid under the ball to make it jump:

  • Apply an open stance to see the target line well. Stand slightly to the left of the ball. Lean forward slightly and bend your knees;
  • Before you hit the ball, take a look at the field. Look at the place where you think the ball should fall;
  • Swing the club. Bend your wrist a little to make a hammer-like shot;
  • Do not turn your wrist when hitting. It should be a straight line after hitting the ball;

Hitting hybrids with the putting technique

The technique of putting is one of the most important ones for a golfer. Putting decides the outcome of the game on each hole, and mastering this technique depends on the ratio of luck and skill.

How To Hit a Hybrid Golf Club For Beginners

Unlike a full swing, putting requires much finer and smaller movements when you hit with a hybrid golf club. It is also called pendulum swing for the similarity of the amplitude of the club’s swing. Your elbow and wrist must remain in the same position from the start to the end:

  • Stand behind the ball and look at the pitch;
  • Practice your putting shot before you really hit the ball;
  • Move to the ball. Look straight at the ball. Look at the putting line to check the correct position. Take a pattern about 10 inches away from the ball;
  • Hit the ball. The distance must be about 10 inches;

Remember that the movement of your hybrid club should resemble a pendulum clock. If it is done correctly, the ball will roll longer (downhill) and shorter (uphill). The secret of having a good putting skill is distance control. Practice swinging from different distances. This way you can determine the distance of the flying ball depending on the specific swing and shot.

How to hit a hybrid golf club: the simplest method

Use the same swing you pick when hitting a long iron. Hit down on the ball and take a divot in front of the position of the ball. Hitting hybrids is much easier for long shots. The amount of the distance that you may cover depends on the club’s loft and your hitting technique.

With hybrids, you may add additional 4-12 yards to the distance of your average shot. When hitting hybrids, remember that these clubs may decrease the ball roll. However, you will cover this loss due to the total distance increase.

If you want to make a perfect hybrid shot, play the ball in the middle of the stance. Don’t forget to keep your weight centered. Just line your hands up with this ball, breathe out slowly, square your shoulders, hips and then feet to the target.

Important notice: when hitting hybrids, never apply the sweeping motion as you do with a fairway wood. Instead, focus too on hitting a hybrid with a high swing with all your weight on the left leg.

Final thoughts

Those of you who are struggling to learn how to hit a hybrid golf club need just keep on practicing. For instance, you may hire a professional PGA instructor or simply use a few hybrids. By the way, bear in mind that only a few hybrid golf clubs have the described distance, design and feel helping to hit a ball quickly and easily. There are forgiving hybrids you should use for hitting the balls correctly. And GolfProfy.com has many reviews explaining how to choose a hybrid golf club for this purpose.