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5 Best Clone Golf Clubs

Best Clone Golf Clubs

Most recommended
Pinemeadow Golf EGIPinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Flex: Regular

A good choice too
Pinemeadow Golf PGXPinemeadow Mens PGX Golf Set-Driver
  • Hand Orientation: Left
  • 5-PW Irons
  • 3 Wood and Hybrid

A good choice too
AZRUS Golf Irons SetLAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Flex: Regular

Majek Full SetMajek Senior
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • 8 count
  • Flex: Senior

iDrive Hybrids SetiDrive Hybrids Senior
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • 8 count
  • Flex: Senior

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Clone Golf Clubs

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42.94% of users selected Pinemeadow Golf EGI, 24.23% selected Pinemeadow Golf PGX, 16.72% selected AZRUS Golf Irons Set, 8.28% selected Majek Full Set and 7.82% selected iDrive Hybrids Set. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you are into golf then you’ve probably heard about such popular golf brands as Ping, Titleist and TaylorMade. Their golf clubs are premium-grade, world-recognized and approved by The United States Golf Association. It also means they are quite expensive. That is when clone golf clubs may become handy. Basically, they are replicas of brand golf clubs matching the performance and design.

But since most of them are illegal for professional tournaments, clone golf clubs cost much lower than their brand analogs. However, even professional players use some clone golf clubs because they have a better performance rate than some expensive clubs.

Benefits of clone golf clubs:

  • Budget-friendly;
  • Good for beginners and semi-professional golfers;
  • Good for fun play with friends;
  • More customizable and flexible;
  • Great performance that may even surpass the original clubs;
  • Use premium materials;
  • Most clone golf clubs are legal if they are not complete replicas and rip-offs;

The following guide focuses on some of the best clone golf clubs in the industry. Check the comparison table and buying guide to pick the best club for your handicap level.

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids – the best for the sweet spot!

The famous Pinemeadow hybrids are built simply but effectively. Sure, they don’t have the elaborate charm of the M6 hybrids, but they are successful, which is the most critical aspect.

The heads aren’t too little at 120cc, but they’ve got a huge sweet spot that offers them forgiveness. With these tools, you’ll be able to get even closer to the green and hold the ball going straight.

  • Under $50;
  • Improved sweet spot;
  • A nice balance of weight;
  • Has 8 different lofts;
  • Comes with a head cover;
  • The shaft material is made of graphite;
  • The distance is inconsistent;
  • Their quality could be better;

The longer Pinemeadow Excel EGI hybrids may deliver straight shots and good trajectory from the tee, fairway or the rough. However, shorter clubs are not that perfect when it comes to distance.

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set – the best for versatility!

The full-fledged set of Pinemeadow Men’s PGX golf clubs includes a 460cc driver, 3 woods, 5-PW irons and a hybrid with regular flex. It is made of left-hand players. The sizes range from small to large.

The PGX Golf set includes a 460cc driver optimized for better precision and distance. The set also contains three forests and a combination. All the clubs in the set have a white finish for quick viewing in the address location. The large, broad sole irons were built for maximum launch and spinning.

  • The shafts are made of graphite;
  • Includes 3 head covers;
  • Quite accurate;
  • Nice price point;
  • Great for newbies;
  • A good flex;
  • Forgiving;
  • The left-hand orientation only;
  • The driver’s quality is average at best;
  • The white heads become dirty quickly;

The set is what a new golfer wants to get on the green for the first time. This 9-tool set has all the golf clubs you need to get underway, and they’re all good quality.

LAZRUS Premium 5-Iron for Men– the best for quality!

The premium Lazrus 5-iron club is made of alloy steel. These irons offer regular flex and right-hand orientation. For golfers who are not involved in a luxury mark or a second package to store a holiday home, they would match the mold.

Lazrus claims that they are making their clubs with the help of the same suppliers as Callaway’s and Titlelist’s clubs without a price tag.

  • Good as a second/vacation set;
  • Recommended for the players with any skill level;
  • Custom grip;
  • Consistent from rough, fringe or fairway;
  • Risk-free return guarantee;
  • Forgiving;
  • Won’t do for high-speed swingers;
You may pick this clone club for its simplified but effective design. This quality club displays a back-iron cavity for more forgiveness and less possibility of miss-hits. They also sell the club only on a standard flex to fit mid-speed swingers.

Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Set– the best for the grip!

The Senior Men’s Majek Hybrid Package is built to be simple to use, with elderly golfers in mind. They have a strong degree of forgiving and are apparently very comfortable to play with. Also, they retain the distance and precision that you need to achieve your target. This happens because of a few reasons, such as a low center of gravity (CG) and high launch.

The clubs have more weight behind the sweet spot, and it’s a pretty huge sweet spot. Along with this, the high loft of this range of clubs ensures the distance from each shot.

The sleek, aerodynamic style contributes to higher speeds by minimizing drag along with a lightweight graphite shaft. The alignment is simple to accomplish with black crown and arrow markers. These considerations make it obvious that the design process is very critical for the manufacturer of this golf club set.

  • Stylish design;
  • Large sweet spot;
  • Tacki-mac grips;
  • Lightweight shafts;
  • The drag is reduced;
  • Low CG;
  • Minimized glare;
  • Stiff at first;
  • Doesn’t have head covers;
  • Chips may happen;
  • No corrosion resistance;
Each club is crafted with precision. Also, it is built to last for a long time. Because older players do not have as much muscle mass or range of motion, heavy clubs do give rise to a possibility of strain.

iDrive Hybrids Senior Men’s Golf Full Set– the best for senior men!

Being some of the lightest and most inexpensive clubs out there, iDrive Senior Men’s Golf Hybrids are great if you’re trying to save money and improve golf efficiency.

The weight behind the “sweet spot” provides a closer shot dispersion that works to improve precision.

  • Affordable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Arthritic grip;
  • Won’t cause strain;
  • Made of black graphite;
  • Only for seniors;
  • Doesn’t have a golf bag or head covers;
  • Small clubface;
These US-built clubs have been built to last, even after years of usage and violence. The all-hybrid iron collection has everything you need to develop your skills without being a nuisance.

The Buyer’s Guide


There aren’t a lot of manufacturers making golf clubs, but most of the copies you’ll see are manufactured in the very same manufacturers where the originals are created. You should assume that Callaway, Ping and Taylormade clone golf clubs are produced in almost the same production line that these brand clubs make.

Clones often refuse to cooperate with some aspects of the quality assurance process. Minor malfunctions like chipped paint, malformed handles, and other minor problems that don’t actually make much of a difference may be enough justification for clubs to be taken out of development until they get advertised.

Still, these clubs tend to squeeze their way into the U.S. market, and they are called copycat, replica or clone golf clubs to suggest that they mimic initial styles, albeit without a brand name. In fact, however, clones are not inherently replicas and are exactly the same, with minor defects that do not interfere with results.

Price point

For these purposes, clone clubs are sometimes marketed for far cheaper rates, sometimes clearly set at the expense of the resources and labor required to make them more productive. They might cost as much as 50% less than their advertised equivalents.

On the other side, there are also clone makers that seek to mimic the technology applied by better-known golf club firms. They do not copy concepts but instead aim to incorporate common structures and functions to create golf clubs that act like expensive brand products.

The explanation that these alternatives seem to be cheaper is that they are less well known. Without a reputable brand, these businesses turn to selling their clubs at affordable rates to customers.

Legal use

Produced in low-end factories, these inexpensive golf clubs attempt to mimic branded clubs by applying the same esthetic template but also using different products. This results in a low-quality construction, which can contribute to poor efficiency.

What renders them unlawful is the violation of copyright and trademarks. These counterfeit goods often seek to confuse consumers by utilizing well-known brand names to make them appear like a legitimate article.

Clone manufacturers will create their brand by labeling their prototypes with their distinctive logos. They still do not hope to trick customers, but simply sell goods identical to expensive concepts without breaking any patents or copyrights.

Is it wise to buy clone golf clubs instead of brand clubs? 

Many clone brands can derive their goods from a limited supplier group. These small-time suppliers will sell their goods at a cheaper selling price, causing the retail price to decrease.

Big marketers spend a lot to guarantee that their image is secured. Clone golf brands spend more than their investment seeking to produce a high-quality commodity to save money for their branding. That’s another explanation why they get cheaper out of here.

Clone clubs are equipped to operate at the same standard as normal clubs. Often they do, often they don’t do so. In certain situations, clone clubs will do much better than their counterparts. Only because one set of golf clubs has a recognized brand linked to that, it doesn’t mean it’s going to do better.

You ought to be vigilant with your analysis and determine for yourself whether to measure up to standards.

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Final thoughts 

If you’re ready to save a few bucks and boost your game, then we recommend you give a shot to one of these clone clubs. Because of the product range and the price point, each of these products may be fantastic. However, all of the choices listed above should be perfect.

You don’t even need to invest thousands on a brand new club from those lavish production firms. In reality, for the price you will spend on a branded club, you could be able to buy two or three competing clone clubs of the same scale.

We have compared clone golf clubs and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable clone golf club and improve your golf experience!