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10 Best Golf Drivers

Best Golf Drivers
Best Golf Drivers

Most recommended
PGX Offset
  • Right Hand
  • 460Cc clubhead
  • Headcover included

A good choice too
Intech TEC Plus
  • Right Hand
  • 460CC VOLUME
  • Headcover included

A good choice too
  • Degree Regular Flex
  • Extra Long
  • Headcover included

TaylorMade Men
  • Right Hand
  • Ladies Flex
  • Loft: 10.5 Degrees

TaylorMade Men
  • Right Hand
  • Regular Flex
  • Loft: 10.5 Degrees

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Golf Drivers

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65.31% of users selected PGX Offset, 22.45% selected Intech TEC Plus, 6.12% selected TaylorMade M4 Driver, 4.08% selected TaylorMade Men and 2.04% selected TaylorMade Men. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A golf driver is an irreplaceable fairway tool, as it enables players to launch their balls out of the tee box. In most cases, driver power is derived from the combination of a beefy clubhead and a flexible shaft. We scoured the internet in search of the top golf drivers. We’ve rounded up five consumer favorites and put them alongside a comprehensive buying guide.

PGX Offset Golf Driver – Editor’s Choice

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverThe PGX Offset Driver’s matte black finish with green and white highlights makes it easier for you to square up your shots. You’ll find is much easier to achieve long-distance landings with the help of this 460-cubic centimeter clubhead’s massive sweet spot. Its over-sized offset eliminates slice while helping you line up your hits.

The club weighs 200 grams. It has a 450-cubic centimeter clubhead. Its lie features a 58-degree angle. Meanwhile, the loft is 10.5 degrees. It comes with a complimentary head cover. This is a lightweight, performance-enhancing driver that will help you develop much-needed fairway confidence.

This is one of the most budget-friendly options on our list. Still, it manages to offer lots of forgiveness and power. It may not be the best option for professional hitters, but it’s certainly a go-to for recreational players in need of a little fairway assistance.

  • Large offset boasts dynamic anti-slice technology
  • 460-cubic centimeter clubhead for increased speed and distance
  • Comes with head cover
  • Square face for improved sweet spot
  • Matte black finish with neon green accents makes lining up shots even easier
  • The shaft feels a bit short

King Par TEC Plus Ti Matrix – Best Budget Option

2 Intech TEC PlusHere we have another 460-cubic centimeter clubhead with plenty of fairway potential. This club features an incredibly forgiving construction. The lightweight graphite shaft offers users plenty of flex. The clubhead is made from proprietary Ti-Matrix titanium.

The driver’s bold black and red accents make it easier to line up shots. A protective head cover is included with your purchase.

The elements work together quite nicely to offer players long-distance shots with smooth trajectories and minimal side spins. If you’re an inexperienced golfer who is looking to improve your hits, this affordable and attractive club is an excellent option. Keep in mind that it is only available in a right-hand orientation.

  • 460-cubic centimeter
  • Extreme Distance III shaft
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Offers plenty of distance
  • Right-hand orientation only

Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming 520cc Driver – Best Nonconforming Driver

3 Intech GolfYou won’t be entering the tournament with this club. Still, this driver will help you show your skills off to your friends. The over-sized 520-cubic centimeter titanium head eliminations slice while sending balls the moon and back.

This club has a massive sweet spot. The weight is distributed unevenly to ensure that the club has a low center of gravity. It comes with a variety of loft options, including 10.6 and 12.5 degrees. The club measures 45 ½ inches in length. It has a flexible graphite shaft. A protective head cover is included with your purchase.

Overall, the nonconforming Intech driver offers exceptional forgiveness. Even your most off-center shots will launch high and long. If you’re a high-handicap player with a limited budget, be sure to check out this game-improving iron.

  • Comes in right- and left-hand orientations
  • Provides enhanced long-distance shots
  • Varying degrees and flexes
  • Impressive and illegal 520cc clubhead
  • Some issues with manufacturing defects

TaylorMade M4 Driver – Best Upgrade Option

4 TaylorMade M4 DriverIf you’re looking to splurge on your new driver, then TaylorMade’s M4 Driver is an incredible option. The one-of-a-kind twisted face will help you hit your balls straight down the fairway. The M4 has an increased sweet spot thanks to its hammerhead slot and flexible face.

The acoustically enhanced clubhead provides an explosive and satisfying sound upon each successful hit. Commonly reported improvements include increased ball speeds and distances.

We love the look of the clubhead, which is split between matte silver and textured black finishes. The graphite shaft is available in a wide range of flexes, including ladies, regular, senior, and stiff orientations. On top of its superior look, the M4 offers players with mid- to high-handicaps enhanced accuracy.

  • Right and left orientations
  • 8.5- to 10.5-degree loft
  • Hammerhead slot increases sweet spot
  • Geoacoustic shape for explosive sound
  • Reduced sole volume increases forgiveness
  • Corrective curvature
  • Pricey

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver – Best Men’s Golf Driver

5 TaylorMadeTaylorMade’s RBZ Black Driver will help you achieve the launch and trajectory of your dreams. This club has an ultralight titanium core with strategically placed rear weighs for better ball control and higher launches. It also features a proprietary speed pocket for reduced spin and improved trajectories.

The 460-cubic centimeter titanium clubhead also boasts an adjustable loft sleeve. You can fine-tune the settings to improve your day-to-day performances.

We love the look of the black satin finish against the yellow and white accents. The high-contrast aesthetics make it easier for you to line up your shots. Not only that, but this club comes in a variety of orientations. Available lots include 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. This club also comes with a premium Matrix White Tie 55 Shaft. It is 46 inches long.

  • Left- and right-hand orientations
  • Configurations include 10.5 and 9.5 degrees
  • Speed pocket
  • Black satin finish with contrasting crown details
  • Regular, stiff, and senior flexes available
  • Does not improve

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Driver

Drivers come with varying head sizes, flexes, and lofts. With so many options, many shoppers struggle to find one that’s just right. We’ve compiled a basic list of buying tips. Use these to hone in the perfect driver.


Think about the length, weight, and flex of a driver’s shaft. Less-experienced players with lower swing speeds tend to prefer clubs with higher flexes. In general, a lengthy, lightweight, high-flex shaft helps less experienced players develop more ball speed. There are also flexes that cater to men, women, and seniors.

Modern driver shafts tend to be light and long. They are usually 46 inches or longer. It is always a good idea to experiment with different loft sizes before making a purchase. Subtle elements of your swing style may have a huge impact on a shaft’s performance.

A good shaft should also be equipped with a rubber grip. Golf is an all-weather sport. You need to be able to grip your driver through sweat, rain, and more.


The volume of a driver’s clubhead has a huge impact on its performance. The largest legal clubhead size is 460 cubic centimeters. However, there are plenty of illegal clubheads that exceed the official volume limits. Advanced players may opt for clubheads with reduced volumes.

If your an average player, look for a 460-cubic centimeter clubhead. Make sure that the weight is offset to the lower backside of the club. This offset center of gravity will help launch your ball high and long. A club with an optimized center of inertia may also help you reduce your side spin and slice.


The loft is the angle of the clubface. If the clubface and the green created a 90-degree angle, the club would not have a loft. Drivers come with a variety of loft angles, usually ranging from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees.

Higher lofts typically produce more backspin. As a result, a higher loft will give your balls a straighter trajectory and less sidespin. Less experienced players tend to prefer clubs with higher lofts. Lofts of 10.5 degrees and higher tend to offer the greatest forgiveness.


High-contrast finishes and geometric details may help you line up your shots. Matte black and white clubheads are also very trendy right now.


Offset is yet another performance-enhancing element used to improve drivers. A large offset makes it easier for players to square up there shots. It also improves the trajectories of balls. Furthermore, a large offset helps players fight a slice.

Skill Level

You must always choose a club that is well-suited for your particular handicap. While many players are hesitant to use corrective gear. However, abstaining from corrective equipment will result in a major holdup on the greenway. If you have trouble hitting the sweet spot or setting your ball on the right trajectory, then an over-sized clubhead may be exactly what you need. Remember, the loft also has a huge impact on your ball’s movement. A high loft with a low center of gravity is going to launch your balls out of the tee box.


Final Thoughts

Even if you are a novice golfer, you know about the importance of using drivers on the green. Picking the biggest, longest and most powerful club in the set you must remember that they are the most technological clubs for any golfer.

How should you select a golf driver?

Over the past 15 years, the wood, which was traditionally picked for making drivers, has been replaced with larger club heads made of steel, titanium and lightweight graphite materials.

The driver is usually the most expensive individually purchased club, which should be selected based on the clubhead’s size, material and the loft, as well as the type, and flexibility of the shaft.

The majority of golfers successfully use a driver with an enlarged titanium head in the range of 400-460Cc, which is twice the size of previous samples produced in the 1990s. This size gives confidence in directing the ball and increases the efficiency of hitting it.

Professionals and champions can use drivers with a very steep loft about five degrees because the speed of their swinging exceeds 190 km/h, which creates an additional lifting force when in contact with the ball.

Juniors, older players and women with swing speeds below 80 mph can only increase the distance they hit by using the loft at least 15 degrees, which is technically better for a wood than a driver. The size of the driver’s loft is between 9 and 11 degrees; most handicap players are advised to use the drivers with the loft at least 10.5 degrees.

Almost all drivers are manufactured with lightweight graphite shafts. However, the shafts with different flex – regular, stiff and for women – are designed to adapt to the individual player’s swing strength. Although the traditional driver shaft lengths are 43-44 inches, drivers with shaft lengths of 45-46 inches are widely used to form a larger and faster arc when the head moves.

Top 5 best golf drivers, due to the tests of the Golf-Hook’s owner:

  1. PGX Offset is good for right-handed 460Cc clubheads, with the head cover included;
  2. Intech TEC Plus is another pick for right-handed golfers, the marking is 460Cc as well;
  3. TaylorMade M4 manufactures the best driver with the regular flex degree, with an extra-long shaft;
  4. TaylorMade Men is another right-handed driver that can be recommended for ladies;
  5. TaylorMade Driver-M2 is also good for right-handed golfers, with a quite stiff flex;

Also, please pay attention to Callaway Golf, AeroBurner, Pinemeadow PGX, Cobra 2017 drivers. Each of them has unique features. I hope that you will recommend awesome drivers but they should be suitable for golfers who have different handicap levels. Encourage you to subscribe and follow the updates posted on Golf-Hook.com!

We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the top golf drivers of 2020. These impressive clubs will help you achieve those long-distance shots you need to stay under par. If you are in a rush, check out the impressive PGX Offset Golf Driver. PGX combines precision engineering and top-quality materials to create this powerful and accuracy-improving iron. If you have a slow swing speed, the Intech Golf Illegal Nonnonforming 520-Cubic Centimeter Driver will enhance your speed and power. It’s a excellent option for high-handicappers looking to enjoy some recreational games.

Do you have a favorite driver? Let us know in the comment section below.