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Titleist 913D2 Driver Review

The 913D2 driver features a 460cc full pear-shaped titanium head (discussed further in another section below). It has a high-speed forged insert in the clubface which delivers more ball speed (and hence distance) over a larger area of the face. The center of gravity (CG) has been lowered to a more optimal position, and a rear SureFit Tour weight has been added to both reduce spin and optimize the launch angle for more distance.

Pros & Cons of Titleist 913D2 Driver

  • Long (especially after optimal launch is dialed in)
  • Features the classic look/sound/feel that we have come to know and love from Titleist
  • Forgiveness is superb and improved over the previous model
  • Workability is surprisingly good given its game-improvement qualities
  • Not everyone will like the Titleist profile
  • general results (particularly distance) can be disappointing if your configuration isn’t a good fit for you

Video Guide: Titleist 913D2 Driver