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5 Best Driver Shafts

Best Driver Shafts

Most recommended
Hireko .600Hireko .600 Steel Shaft Extender
  • Size: 0.600″
  • Material: Steel
  • Each one extends two clubs

A good choice too
Dynamic Gold .355dynamic gold True Temper Shaft
  • 355 Taper Tip
  • Choose Length
  • Flex: Regular

A good choice too
Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft
  • Workmanship guaranteed
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Flex: Regular

Graphite Design G-TechGraphite Design G Tech Senior Shaft
  • Workmanship guaranteed
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Flex: Senior

Fujikura Pro 70Fujikura New Pro 70 Regular Flex Shaft Only
  • 44 inches uncut
  • 335 tip
  • Shaft Flex: Regular

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Driver Shafts

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57.14% of users selected Hireko .600, 14.29% selected Dynamic Gold .355, 21.43% selected Fujikura Vista Pro 60, 0% selected Graphite Design G-Tech and 7.14% selected Fujikura Pro 70. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

The history of golf began many centuries ago. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive and popular sports. The golf gear list is getting longer with time as new products constantly appear on the market. Some of them are quite useful, while others are not so important. But no game is possible without the main golf accessory – the golf club.

What is a golf club? It is a special device used by a golfer to hit the ball. It consists of a handle, a head, and a joining element – a metal or plastic shaft. There are several types of golf clubs. They differ from each other in purpose and design. And the key characteristic of each club is the distance of the shot you can achieve with it.   

In this article, we will talk about the most expensive golf clubs – drivers and their shafts in particular. The driver is the club that starts the game. This club is used for the very first shot that a golfer makes on a hole. This stroke is made from a special stand – a tee. The goal of the driver is to knock the ball off the tee as far as possible and pass it to the green. The driver is designed to achieve the most distant hits. A golfer can use it to send the ball for up to 250 meters. It has a small angle of inclination of the head striking surface against the shaft. The role of the shaft should not be underestimated as it sets a special link between the ball and the player. They can vary in weight, stiffness, and material. And the manufacturers apply the latest modern technologies for making this tool as effective as possible. Keep reading to learn about the best shafts for golf drivers available on the market.

Hireco Shaft Extender – an ideal solution to extend two shafts in one go

This item comes as an extender for two shafts. Normally, shafts come in two standard diameters – 0.580” and 0.600”. This extender will ideally fit the latter one, but the manufacturer offers suitable solutions for other shafts too.

You can add up to 6” to your shaft length with this tool. As a rule, users use such a trick to add maximum 2 inches to the driver. Only a putter can be extended beyond 2 inches.

  • Fits a standard shaft diameter of 0.600”
  • The item can extend two shafts;
  • Made of reliable material;
  • Extends a club up to 6”;
  • Lightweight;
  • Does not fit all clubs.

To extend two club shafts, you will have to cut the item in half. Then you need to fit the narrower end of the extender into the butt of your shaft and below the grip to add to its length. So actually you can regulate on your own how much you want to add to your golf club and cut off the access. This item is a very simple and cost-effective solution to adjust the driver to your needs.

True Temper Dynamic Shaft – a great item for exceptional performance

It is not a secret that True Temper is one of the leading manufacturers of golf shafts. This company also produces adapters, so every shaft can be mounted on any club type. All shafts are made from durable material.

The dynamic gold model is famous for its low flight and low spin feature. Besides, you have a chance to specify the flex and length. If you are looking for a shaft to achieve optimum control and accuracy – this item will be right for you.

  • Made from lightweight steel;
  • 4 flex options;
  • Several length options;
  • Can be used with an adapter;
  • Comes with a warranty;
  • Comes without a grip
The biggest advantage of this shaft is that you can select the length and flex at the moment of the purchase. It will devoid you of the necessity to adjust the shaft. You can order this shaft to match 0.60 – or 0.58-inch diameter and the tip size is fixed – 0.355 inches. Actually, the manufacturer allows selecting all the vital shaft features to improve your golf performance with it.

Fujikura Shaft and Grip – the easiest shaft replacement option

This shaft can be used right after the receipt. It comes with a pre-installed grip, and the adapter is enclosed.

The manufacture offers four tip versions to choose from. This item has a regular flex, but Fujikura offers several flex options for other shaft models.

  • Comes with an adapter;
  • The grip is included;
  • Standard men’s length;
  • Lightweight;
  • This model is available in regular flex only.
This shaft comes with a very convenient Golf Pride grip. Besides the items comes with clear instructions, and customers comment it took them seconds to install it into a club. The shaft is a standard men’s length. But you can get in touch with the vendor and ask them to adjust the length to your needs at the stage of buying. No matter for what golf club you are going to use it, this shaft will surely contribute to your game results.

Graphite Design Shaft – an affordable shaft and grip replacement

This item comes with a grip and an adaptor which greatly facilitates shaft replacement procedure.

The adaptor makes this shaft compatible with TaylorMade and RocketBallz drivers. The shaft is made of graphite and is very lightweight.

  • Comes with an adaptor;
  • The grip is included;
  • The length is customizable;
  • Made of lightweight material;
  • Easy to replace.
  • Comes in only senior flex;
This affordable shaft is very convenient to refurbish your old or broken driver. Thanks to an adapter, you will be able to use it for a number of driver models. Another benefit is that it is ready-equipped with a grip. In case you need a different grip, you will be able to replace it. This model will be a finding for ladies and senior golf players.

Fujikura Regular Flex Shaft – a universal shaft replacement

This shaft will be appropriate for a number of various drivers, but you will need to buy an adapter separately. There is no grip included either.

As most of this brand’s shafts, this one is made of graphite. The small weight makes the shaft workable for both males, females, and senior golf players.

  • Lightweight;
  • Nice design;
  • Regular flex;
  • Standard length;
  • 0.335 tip is not included.
This shaft is universal as it comes in standard length and regular flex, but you will need to additionally purchase an adapter to it. It can be used for all types of clubs, but best of all it will work with drivers. The shafts of this brand remain in high demand due to their affordable prices.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many shaft characteristics, so to make your choice easier, you should know what to look for. If you study the golf club design in detail, it will help you choose the one that works best for you. It is recommended to buy a club with a comfortable shaft. And it is especially important in the case of choosing a driver. Keep reading to find out what parameters to review when selecting a driver shaft.


This feature shows how much the club can bend during the swing. And most golfers are struggling to select the right flex. You may have a technically correct swing but wrongly chosen club flex may seriously affect it. It all depends on the speed and ball carry distance. In simple words, the faster is your speed and the bigger is the distance, the less flex you need to choose.

You can determine the proper flex on your own.   Analyze the distance of your hit according to the below guide:

  • Below 165 – opt for ladies’ flex.
  • 166-183 meters – senior flex is right for you.
  • 183-215 meters – standard flex is fine.
  • 216-251 meters – it is advisable to select stiff flex.
  • For a distance of 251 meters and more – extra-stiff flex is the best.

With regard to the speed, you can rely on these reference points:

  • Regular flex is recommended for speed from 80 to 95 miles per hour;
  • Stiff flex is good for the speed from 90 and to 105 miles per hour.

Always remember that a too stiff shaft will result in a low height and deviation of the ball trajectory to the right. If the shaft is too soft, it becomes very difficult to control the direction of the ball’s flight.


This parameter has an influence on the ball speed you can achieve. Lighter shafts provide faster speed to your swing, and logically, you can deliver the ball to the further destination. The standard weight of a driver varies between 40 and 85 grams. This parameter is very individual as it is not a rare case that a lighter shaft does not contribute to the distance of the shot. No matter what theory says, two golfers with the same skills may need different weight shafts to achieve their best.

Experts admit one thing – it is often the case that heavier shafts help you progress with the hit distance. And the explanation is rather simple. To maneuver with a heavier club, you need to activate and group all your muscles, and it provides an excellent outcome.

The selection of the proper shaft weight is a very delicate task. And it is recommended to go through in-person club fitting to understand what is best for you.


Actually, the standard driver length should be suitable for all golf players. A typical driver is 45.5 inches long. There is even a belief that a longer driver will allow you to achieve a better distance. And the international rules of golf allow the driver to reach 48 inches. Most players can theoretically use standard length clubs if they are of a standard height. But taller people usually struggle with a driver of average length.

For drivers, the length parameter is extremely important. The basic approach is to select the shaft length based on your height. You will easily find a reference table on the internet with recommended parameters for all heights. But of course, it is best to use the services of the golf fitter.

Also, bear in mind that when you increase the length of the shaft, the head will seem heavier. If you shorten the club, it immediately becomes less flexible and provides a worse feel.

Kick point

This term is also known as a bend point or flex point. It is a place on the shaft where flex is concentrated. This point affects the angle of the shots. A high kick point will provide low-angle shots, and a low kick point will result in high-angle shots. One and the same golfer may need different kick points for different types of clubs. In most cases, you will find the indication of bend point on the shaft itself.

It is difficult to recommend what parameter will be suitable for you, and only an experienced club fitter can make a professional verdict. But if you have chosen the shaft of the right weight and the flex, there should be no problem with the torque point.


In simple terms, shaft torque means how well the club resists the bending and twisting during the swing. And it is measured in degrees. This property should be considered only if you are buying a graphite shaft. With the torque range from 1 to 8, it is recommended to select a 4-4.5 value. A driver has the smallest angle of inclination of the striking surface compared to other clubs.


There are three main types of shafts available on the market today – steel, graphite, and multi-material.

  • Steel shafts. As a rule, manufacturers use carbon steel or stainless steel for golf shafts. These shafts are quite heavy but durable and affordable. Their weight can reach even 120 grams. Most often steel is used for irons. They do not have high torque and can give you more control and accuracy. But using a steel shaft, you may not achieve the desired distance.
  • Graphite shafts. This is more modern material, and its main benefit is low weight. Graphite shafts are 50-85 grams, but they have a shorter service life. With this tool, a golfer is capable of long-distance hits, but unfortunately, it is often achieved at the expense of control. You will be impressed by a variety of graphite shafts, but be prepared to pay a high price for such a shaft.
  • Multi-material shafts. It is the latest trend on the market. Manufacturers try to combine steel and graphite in one shaft in order to use the best characteristics of both materials. Usually, it is a steel shaft with a graphite tip. It allows to get a good distance and avoid trajectory deviations.

Video Tutorial: Are Upgrade Driver Shafts Worth The Money?


Golf is not a cheap game to start. But buying the wrong golf driver will only wind up your expenses. The right golf shaft is not less important than a club head. Therefore, you should approach the selection of all accessories really wisely. Never hesitate to ask for professional help. Remember that all the rules and hints are just recommended values, and all golf players are individual. You need to test the shaft you will use for the game. This approach together with the above-described tips will allow you to make the best choice.