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10 Best Golf Putters

Best Golf Putters
Best Golf Putters

Most recommended
Two-Way Putter
  • Left and Right Hand
  • Size: 1-Pack
  • Simply constructed

A good choice too
Pinemeadow Golf PGX
  • Men
  • Perfect balance
  • Alignment tool

A good choice too
Odyssey White Hot Pro
  • Left Hand
  • Style Type: Jumbo Grip
  • Full shaft offset

TaylorMade Golf
  • Left Hand
  • Shaft Length:34 Inches
  • Counterbalanced

Odyssey O-Works

  • Left Hand
  • Superstroke Slim 2.0
  • Micro hinge insert tech.

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0
  • Left Hand
  • Style: Standard Grip
  • More consistent sound

Cleveland Golf Putter
  • Left Hand
  • Tour-Proven Shapes
  • Soft 304 Stainless Steel

Pinemeadow Golf Putter
  • Right Hand
  • Tour-weighted
  • Putter length 34″

TaylorMade Golf
  • Left Hand
  • Style: SuperStroke Grip
  • Interactive Double Bend

Odyssey White Hot Pro
  • Right Hand
  • Style: Rossie
  • Style: Jumbo Grip

Choose the Best Golf Putter

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Golf Putters

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29.73% of users selected Two-Way Putter, 10.81% selected Pinemeadow Golf PGX, 24.32% selected Odyssey White Hot Pro, 28.38% selected TaylorMade Golf and 6.76% selected Odyssey O-Works. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Are you looking to take your putts to the next level? Are you struggling to land the ball in the cup? Not all putters offer a soft touch and smooth topspin. As such, we rounded up 10 pro and amateur favorites and gave them a test. Enjoy our reviews and buying guide.

QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Best Two-Way Putter (Editor’s Pick)

1 QUOLF GOLF Two-Way PutterGolfers of all skill levels have expressed satisfaction in the Quolf two-way putter. This lightweight serves golfers with right- and left-handed swings. The shaft is approximately 34 inches long.

Meanwhile, the club weighs around 1 pound. It has a sleek, professional-looking design with a slip-resistant rubber grip. The Quolf putter is affordable and performs well on all greens.

  • This putter offers ambidextrous grip
  • Its light weight makes it easy to swing
  • Excellent rubber grip
  • Symmetric and balanced
  • May be too short for tall golfers

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter – Best Right-Handed Putter for Men

2 Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL PutterThe Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter enables a centered right-handed putt. The black and green polyurethane grip provides excellent shock absorption. What’s more, the line on the top makes it super easy to line up a ball.

It also has an offset hosel, which ensures your ball is on the right track. It is symmetrically balanced, offering a more accurate swing. The PGX is one of Pinemeadow’s most popular putters. One look at the low price will tell you why.

  • Comes with quality head cover
  • Dynamic alignment system helps you sink more putts
  • Mesh putter blade
  • Paint may chip off

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter – Best Jumbo Grip

3 Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 PutterIf your hands are easily exhausted from a day on the green, check out the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter. This right-hand putter has a dark finish and a jumbo Winn Odyssey grip.

It boasts a proprietary EyeFit system, which helps you select the correct head type. It is also produced using a refined laser milling process. Not to mention, it has been the top-rated insert on Tour.

  • Includes a head cover
  • Sleek black finish pairs well with other clubs
  • EyefIT system for a more professional setup
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Head cover is not the best

TaylorMade Golf White Smoke Putter IN-12 – Easiest Putter to Setup

4 TaylorMade Golf PutterTaylorMade’s White Smoke Putter has a bright white insert and dark matte finish. The design makes it easier for golfers to line up shots.

The IN-12 has a thin linear body that sticks out against chunkier models, such as the MC-72 and the Big Fontana. The PureRoll generates an excellent topspin. What’s more, it boasts a classic plumber’s neck.

  • Excellent control
  • An unmatched setup
  • Lovely black and white design
  • Not solid white

Odyssey 2017 O-Works Putters – Best Topspin

5 Odyssey 2017 O-Works PuttersThis 2017 Odyssey O-Works Putter is known for improving golfers’ topspins and speed. It has a vibrant linear design that will help you set your ball. It also boasts an excellent balance and comes at a standard length.

If you want to improve your confidence on the green, opt for this classic blade putter.

  • Comes with head cover
  • Stainless steel micro hinge plate
  • Top putter on major tours
  • Pricey

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (White) – Best Putter for Fast Greens

6 Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 PutterThe Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 has a lengthy shaft (33 to 35 inches) and a bright white putter head. Customers have their choice of a standard or jumbo grip.

It boasts a proprietary fitting system that enables players to find the ideal head shape for their setups. The insert has a soft faceplate that enables golfers to control the distance of their shots. Its top markings serve as excellent alignment aids.

  • Three available shaft sizes
  • Inexpensive
  • Soft and responsive insert
  • Standard grip is not especially comfortable

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach 1 Putter

7 Cleveland Golf Huntington Golf PutterCleveland Golf’s Huntington Beach Putter collection contains nine tour-approved putters. The “1” is their traditional blade putter. The shaft and head are made from stainless steel.

It boasts a soft insert with a precision-milled faceplate. The classic plumber’s neck serves as an ideal offset.

  • Soft insert with precision milled face
  • Classic plumber’s neck blade
  • Made from rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Grip is a bit slippery

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

8 Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX PutterThe Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter has a sleek white exterior that is easy to spot against a bright green backdrop. The club weighs 380 grams, making it an excellent option for fast-paced courses.

It even comes with a custom PGX head cover. We highly advise you to use this piece to protect the club’s paint job. The club has a 34-inch shaft. This helps limit a player’s bending.

  • White nano paint for increased visibility
  • Better for fast greens
  • Smooth forward spin
  • Comes with custom head cover
  • Paint is easily damaged when you don’t use a head cover

TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putters – Best Interactive Putting Experience

9 TaylorMade Golf Spider PuttersSpider’s L-neck Putter features a BLAST-powered real-time analytics system. It comes with a sensor that can be placed inside the putter’s grip. The sensor collects 11 unique data sets related to its owner’s golf stroke.

This data helps generate custom drills and tutorials. The Spider is available with a 34- to 35-inch shaft. It has a tilted loft as well as a tilted lie. The club’s soft insert offers a consistently stable topspin.

  • Lightweight stainless steel body
  • Soft Pure Roll insert
  • (360-gram) weighted head
  • Super stroke grip
  • None

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter

10 Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 PutterThe Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie Putter is . It has a soft faceplate that serves to improve players’ short games. The putter has several lines that will help you during your set up. It also comes with a quality head cover.

  • Distinct alignment line
  • Lovely black and white exterior
  • Jumbo or standard grip options
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Putters are probably the only golf clubs that are indisposable to golfers. These hardy clubs enable a player to expertly land their ball in a cup from a short distance. Today’s golf clubs feature several science-backed performance elements, such as angled shafts, tilted faces, and offset hosels. In the section below, we point out the key considerations you need to make before settling on a putter.


Most putters are between 32 and 35 inches long. However, you may be able to find smaller models for children and short adults. Golfers of average height (between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 9 inches) tend to use 33-inch putters. A poorly sized putter will affect the direction and distance of your ball. Set yourself in your usual putting position. Then, measure the distance from your hands to the ground. Your measurement should be consistent with your next putter.


Most putters have a head weight of around 350 grams. Some putters also utilize a bit of counterweight. You should test out a variety of models before selecting a specific putter weight and height. This way, you will be able to determine which putter is more comfortable.

Face or Toe Balance

Putters may feature face or toe balance. The club on a face-balanced putter will turn up when the putter is tetered in the air. The face of a toe-balanced putter will turn out at an angle. Face-balanced putters are also referred to as mallets. Toe-balanced putters are called blades.

Head Type

Confused by the dramatic differences between putter heads? This section is for you!

Blade Butters

Blade putters are long, flat, and toe-balanced. Blade putters are the most traditional option on the market. Of course, they’ve gone through a major overhaul in recent years. Modern blade putters may have offset or centered hosels.

Mallet Putters

Mallet putters are face-balanced due to the help of weighted toes. They are also large and rounded. The weighted ends help players maintain control during strokes. The hosel of a mallet putter may be attached to the heel or center of the head.

Putters with Peripheral Weight

Peripheral-weighted putters tend to be shaped like a blade. Both ends of their heads are weighted. This helps golfers hit their balls directly in the center.

Counterbalance Putters

Counterbalance putters have an increased moment of inertia. In other words, they swing faster, giving golfers more control. Counterbalance heads are much heavier than traditional putters. They have more weight in the head and grip.


Putters also come with a variety of different necks. A putter neck may attach to the center or side of a blade. What’s more, the neck may be bent. Plumber-neck is a popular hosel shape. It is characterized by its 90-degree bend. There are plenty of different twist and connection point combos that are engineered to improve your putting.


Many golfers prefer to use a jumbo putter grip. Wider grips prevent golfers from overmanipulating their golf swings. In turn, many golfers find that they have more success when using a chunky grip.

Regardless of its size, a putter grip should be slip-resistant. Consider your grip style when opting for a specific grip design. Check out Golf Monthly’s “Which Putter Grip” video for more information on popular grip styles.

Alignment Aids

Most putter heads are painted with distinct markings. These lines are there to help golfers line up their shots. High-contrast putters also help to improve golfers’ visibility. However, painted clubs typically chip and fade. As such, you should always store them under a quality head cover.

Golf putters FAQ

What is the best putter for a high handicapper?

It can be a challenge to select the right putter for a high handicapper as there is a huge range of shapes, angles, weights and other nuances. And they all may significantly influence your golf performance. If you are a high handicapper, focus on these features:

  • Mallet head design. Such putters provide more forgiveness and accuracy.
  • Putter face inserts. Depending on the insert characteristic, you may get a putter with a softer touch.
  • Shaft length and weight. Find the putter that best matches your height.
  • Shaft design. High handicappers will benefit from offset option that improves control.

TaylorMade and Odyssey putters have gained the biggest popularity among golf players.

 What is the #1 putter on PGA Tour?

To name the best putters on PGA Tour, let us analyze what models were used most often in the 2019-2020 seasons. Participants and winners of PGA use a variety of putter shapes and styles. But the winner is TaylorMade Spider X which was used far more often than the other models. And there are fair reasons for this popularity. The manufacturer has fully re-engineered this model to achieve optimal stability and alignment. Thanks to its ideal balance, Spider X putter is extremely forgiving and minimizes bad swings and poor contact with the ball. Main features of this putter:

  • Super stable head;
  • Powerful alignment technology;
  • Pure roll insert for better contact.

There are two models of this putter – Spider X standard and Spider X S-band. The former is toe balanced and is designed for curved ball trajectory, while the latter is face balanced and is better for a straighter path.

 What is the most forgiving putter?

Putters stand out from other golf clubs as they play a decisive role in the game – hitting the hole. So with the right putter, you will keep countless shots to a minimum. And forgiveness will make it easier for a golfer to make a putting stroke. All putters have a different level of forgiveness. But it is a great choice for players with solid putting strokes.

The best forgiveness is provided by the mallet putter design. These clubs are larger, and their heads are heavier compared to blade putters. But the mallet model weight is ideally distributed to all parts of the head to balance out your shots.

 Are heavier putters better?

Heavier putters are more suitable than lightweight models. Beginners often find it difficult to keep the ball running smoothly. In this case, experts advise opting for a heavier putter. The best approach is to keep to standards when choosing a putter. Head weight is about 12.3 ounces, and the weight of the whole tool is between 18 and 19 ounces. Of course, these are average figures for a 34-inch putter. Depending on your personal preferences, the parameters may change. But note that too lightweight putters can affect consistent distance control while heavier putters do not have this drawback.

 What is the easiest putter to use?

A putter is not the only factor influencing your golf game score. You need to develop good technique and concentration to achieve success on the gold score. But golf putter is an inevitable tool for this. A correctly chosen putter will save at least 7-9 shots in a round. But can a beginner choose the easiest putter to use from hundreds of them on the market? There are several factors to note:

  • Rolling feature. You should find it easy to roll the ball.
  • Feel and sound. You must test the putter with the ball you normally use for the game.
  • Forgiveness. Even if a putter is a short-distance club, you will still win from this feature.
  • Face. There is no definite rule here what face provides the best contact to the ball. You should test the putter before a purchase.
  • Loft angle. Some golfers prefer a steeper angle, but it may be difficult to control the target in this case. So beginners should take it into account.

No matter what putter you have chosen, the main advice is to personally test it. All golfers are different, and it’s personal comfort that matters the most.

 Are blade putters better?

These are traditional putters. If it used to be completely flat years ago, now a blade putter design evolved. Blades are larger now and can be used on both sides. They are especially recommended for golf players with the arc-type putting stroke. But at the same time, they cannot be characterized as very forgiving and wish to have better alignment.

 Are mallet putters better than blades? 

A mallet putter has a larger size compares to a blade. These models can be center-shafted or have a shaft attached to the heel. With regards to the shape, a mallet putter can look like a fang or spider, or even a square. Despite its large size, a mallet putter is not always heavy. And their main winning feature is forgiveness. Plus, a larger head provides better contact with the ball, reducing missed hits. Mallet putters are ideal for a straight pass and are recommended for golfers who cannot achieve proper alignment.

 How do I choose a putter grip?

Putter grips must be selected individually. And the main parameter is the golfer’s size of the hand. The correct size of the grip has a big influence on the outcome of the game, regardless of your professional level. A correctly chosen grip will improve your performance by 20-25%. Concerning make material, you can choose the following types of grips:

  • Rubber grips. They are affordable inexpensive and durable, moisture resistant, and easy to replace;
  • Polyurethane grips. These are not as strong as rubber but provide a more comfortable feel for hands;
  • Genuine leather grips. These grips are short-lived, but it is the best option for the skin of the hands even if the price is high;
  • Grips wrapped with rope. This variant is suitable for difficult weather conditions and solves the problem of sweaty hands.

 Are Scotty Cameron putters worth it?

Putters from this brand are very expensive. They are made from exclusive material, provide super good grip, and are the best-customizable putters ever. You can order the color, your initials on the device, customize the grip. At the same time, the average price for a Scotty Cameron putter is $ 300. Of course, this accessory will make your game more enjoyable. But even if you become a happy owner of this luxurious putter, it can hardly improve your performance. You will still need to work hard to hone your skills on the golf course.

Video Tutorial: How To Find The Right Putter

Final Thoughts

Every golfer has a putter in his or her golf club set. Putters are famous because of their L-shaped heads. Putters are usually picked to strike a decisive blow into the hole, so this type of club must be treated with great care.

The clubs of each group have an additional numbering which indicates the length of the ball’s flight. When choosing a putter, do not forget to specify whether it is used by a woman, child or left-handed person. I’ve tried to take into account these peculiarities during the choice of my top of the best golf putters. But, first, let’s review the major types of golf putters.

Major types of putters for different tasks

There are 4 main types:

  • a club-shaped putter;
  • with the head resembling a hammer;
  • a rod at the middle of the putter’s head;
  • when the major weight goes to the shaft and head;

The last 2 types are the most likely to have the largest impact on the turf. Compared to them, the old-fashioned stick-shaped putter is very difficult to use.

The length of the putters varies from 80 to 90 cm. The angle of inclination can vary between 3-7°. Putters with a small angle swing are ideal for professional golfers. Putters with a large angle swing can be used on bad turfs, as well as those players who put their clubs in the front position. A light putter can be very difficult to control, while a heavy club provides a smooth swing.

According to these types, I’ve picked a few putters and tested them in the field. Here goes the outcome of my tests.

Top 4 best golf putters, according to the experts from Golf-Hook.com:

  1. Two-Way Putter is goof for left-hand and right-hand golfers, it is extremely effective with such a simple construction;
  2. Pinemeadow Golf PGX is usually picked by men, has a nice balance and a special alignment tool;
  3. Odyssey White Hot Pro is only good for left-hand golfers, its major style is jumbo grip;
  4. TaylorMade Golf is another pick for left-handed players, it is counterbalanced due to the shaft length of 34 inches;

Odyssey putters are my favorite clubs when it comes to strong swings. Try their models if you seek the semi- or professional clubs of this type. Please, tell me what putters you prefer to use. I’d like to test new clubs during my annual golf drills.

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the top golf putters. Putters are arguably the most important clubs that you can carry in your bag. For that reason, putter purchases require unmatched scrutiny. If you’re in a rush, check out our editor’s pick, the Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter. This ambidextrous club is engineered to refine the direction and speed of a golf ball. When you get a chance, check out our other picks and our comprehensive buying guide. Putting preferences vary dramatically between golfers. Your ideal putter may be completely different than your partner’s.