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5 Best Scotty Cameron Putters

Best Scotty Cameron Putters

Most recommended
Scotty Cameron 2Rh cameron select newport 2 34
  • 34 in
  • Right Handed
  • Steel

A good choice too
Scotty Cameron 2014Titleist 2014 Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putters Squareback Right 35.0
  • 35 in
  • Right Handed
  • Steel

A good choice too
Scotty Cameron 2.5Scotty Cameron Select Newport
  • 33 in
  • Right Handed
  • Steel

Scotty Cameron 2018 Titleist Scotty Cameron 2018
  • 35 in
  • Right Handed
  • Steel

Scotty Cameron 3Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport
  • 35 in
  • Right Handed
  • Steel

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Scotty Cameron Putters

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49.58% of users selected Scotty Cameron 2, 14.29% selected Scotty Cameron 2014, 13.45% selected Scotty Cameron 2.5, 8.4% selected Scotty Cameron 2018 and 14.29% selected Scotty Cameron 3. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Amateur and serious golfers know the Scotty Cameron name for quality and precision. The company uses innovative processes to refine the way the putter helps the golfer and the contact it makes with the ball. People who want to improve their putting accuracy find these clubs live up to the name and their testing. You may appreciate the models with lighter materials or an angle at the bottom of the shaft to give you the best sightlines when making a long putt.

Different putters offer various benefits. Some help the person get the ball further. Others provide a more accurate shot. Below are our five best Scott Cameron putters for quality, distance, and accuracy.

2012 Select Newport 2 Putter – Best Quietest Putter

When enjoying the day is at the top of your agenda, having a putter that hits softly and dampens the ringing of the club hitting the ball is ideal. The Select Newport 2 putter from 2012 is an ingenious creation with a stairstep head to reduce sound and vibration. From deep milling to the solid block of steel, everything about this putter is about softening the hit and making the shot peaceful every time.

The intense rays of the sun can get worse with a set of clubs that amplify the light or cause blinding glare. The Newport 2 uses a Black Mist paint design that minimizes light transfer and reduces brightness. This club comes with the approval of professional golfers on tour.

  • Single block material using 303 stainless steel
  • Large inset milling
  • Lightweight club face
  • Medium toe flow
  • Full shaft design
  • Grooved surface increases contact area with the ball
  • Angled head
  • Alignment groove
  • Slim grip
  • Thin profile on the head

2014 Select Squareback Putter – Best Shot Accuracy Putter

When practicing for a competition, or you have the opportunity to show up a friend, having a putter that will seal the deal may be necessary for your game. The Select Squareback Putter features a large red cross in the center of the head to ensure users have excellent visual sight to line up any shot. The deep cutaway ensures a straighter swing when you are putting.

This putter uses a mix of metals to make it lighter and more responsive. Using aluminum in low-impact areas reduces the weight of the putter. Solid steel in the sweet spot and the shaft add durability and stiffness to the putt.

  • Brilliantly contrasting color scheme
  • Lightweight mixed construction
  • Deep grooves in the head for solid impact
  • Easy alignment
  • Minimal curving at the head
  • Deep milling for maximum contact with the ball
  • Square rear surface
  • No anti-glare coating
  • Smaller striking zone than some Scotty Cameron putters

Select Newport 2.5 Putter – Best Sweet Spot Putter

Novices and people who need a little assistance getting the putt just right might enjoy the Select Newport 2.5 putter. The significant changes from the Newport 2 to the Newport 2.5 include a slant at the bottom of the putter and length. The shaft of the 2.5 is only a 3/4 length putter versus a full shaft in the 2.0 version.

You may like the combination of a denser stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, which is lighter than standard aluminum. A dark center line makes it easier to line up putts on a sunny day. Tungsten in the bottom of the head provides additional stability because of the weight on all four corners of the club bottom.

  • Bright contrasting colors enhance shot lineup
  • Head construction in the U.S.
  • Flatter top with a more slender profile
  • Larger hitting surface
  • Dark line to adjust shot angles
  • Gentle slope in the shaft provides better sightlines to the ball
  • Tungsten base weights add balance and increase the striking area
  • Handmade finish
  • No glare reduction
  • Shorter shaft may not be suitable for the tallest players

2018 Select Newport 2 Putter – Best Balanced Putter

Golfers say the smoother the swing, the more accurate the putt. The 2018 Select Newport 2 putter maximizes the distribution of the weight in the head to stabilize the shot. You might find the angle of this shaft lets you see the ball better.

This model putter uses a slimmer top to enhance shot quality. Users may find this putter is best for sunny days because the darker finish cuts down blinding sun reflection. Four weights in the head may help you control the putt for straighter and more consistent ball control.

  • Clear shots with only one line to use for shot alignment
  • Thinner lines at the top of the head provide more solid impacts while reducing sound transfer
  • Four weights stabilize the head, making it easier for newer players to hit accurate putts
  • Vibration control may reduce the shock of each hit for a more comfortable experience
  • Comes with the Matador grip
  • Multiple metals reduces weight and provide strength in key striking areas and stress zones
  • Putter sits flat when using it because of the weight distribution
  • May create some toe hang

Select Newport 3 Putter – Best Low Vibration and Distance Putter

Golfers in tournaments and serious players may find a lower vibration golf club most appealing. The Select Newport 3 Putter uses innovative research and improvements on previous designs to create a head that reduces vibration transfer through the shaft.
The round edge reduces reverberations and may help the user line up the shot better with the alignment groove.

Scotty Cameron uses a teardrop design to give the most stability to this putter. With aircraft aluminum and stainless steel construction, users might like the lighter weight of this model for getting longer putts. The single groove design may make it easy to see the shot angle.

  • Tight surface grooves for more impact
  • Flange milling for quieter strokes
  • Putter design may make arc and distance shots easier
  • Better balance makes the putt more comfortable to line up, swing, and hit the ball
  • Additional weight at the rear of the club may improve shot angles
  • Metal combination provides a more solid junction for additional balance
  • No glare reduction
  • May not be as easy to see the ball as other models with sharper slants

Best Scotty Cameron Putters – Buyer’s Guide and FAQ’s

Choosing the right putter may mean deciding the most important attributes for your game. Some players prefer a heavier putter because it adds balance to the shot. Other people may need a lighter club to get the distance they need to make long putts. Here are some of the top questions and answers about selecting your next putter.

Does the putter come with a head cover?

Yes. All Scotty Cameron putters come with a durable cover with premium materials and assembly. Each cover features high-quality stitching to reduce fraying and separation along the seams.

What type of grip comes on the putter?

These Scotty Cameron putters have various grips. Some feature the Matador grip while others use a more sleek handle. You can check the manufacturer site for more information about the individual grips for each model.

Can you personalize the cover and other items?

Yes. You can purchase special edition items, request products with customization, and find luxury accessories for sale on the Internet.

Can you purchase a Scotty Cameron putter for under $300?

These items are usually not new. Previous sellers will offer items with scratches, minor dings, and other slight damage with a price reduction. The wholesale cost will not be lower than this price for new items.

How do you tell where the balancing is in the putter?

A simple balance test will allow you to discover where the weights are in your putter. Placing the object on your open palm facing the sky, look at which direction the putter head lays. If the face is pointing towards the clouds, then the putter balancing is in this area. When the side or bottom of the putter is belly up, then toe balancing is the style for your putter.

What is the difference between the head shapes?

Different putter heads let golfers perfect their shot depending on the type of course they play and the golfer’s accuracy. A wider head like the mallet-style will make it easier for people to hit the ball. To get more distance, a blade design might be more suitable.

Deep insets in the Scotty Cameron putters reduce the head weight. They also provide better visibility to see the alignment grooves. These cutouts reduce the weight of the club.

Are heavier or lighter putters more accurate?

There is no easy answer to this question. The main thing is to know personal choice is the biggest factor for selecting the right putter. People who play slow courses could use a heavier putter to make it easier to get the ball in the hole. Individuals who have more experience and know-how to feel the course through the club may want a lighter model that lets them gauge the green speed better.

Does the grip you get matter?

Yes. A thicker grip will open up your hands. A heavier material for the grip makes the head feel more responsive and lighter. On the contrary, a lighter grip will make the bottom of the putter feel heavier.

What length shaft should I get?

You may want to determine the putter length by going with your height. Dick’s Sporting Goods tells buyers to select a putter and see where your hands fit comfortably. If you are grasping the club below the grip, then you may need a taller version.

For people who have a shorter arm span, a smaller shaft may be more comfortable. A simple test is to stand comfortably and have someone measure the inches between the floor and your wrists. Use this length to guide you to the best putter length.

Final thoughts on Scotty Cameron putters

Purchasing a Scotty Cameron putter may provide a better experience for golfers who have issues with straight swings and accurate putts. The putters with dual metal construction may be the best option for people who need a lighter model. To get a better view of the ball when lining up the shot, choosing a club with a slant may give you the best results. All the putters on this list are right-hand options ranging between 33 and 35 inches.

Video Tutorial: Scotty Cameron Putter Fitting… Which Scotty Should YOU Buy?