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5 Best Golf Balls for Kids

Best Golf Balls for Kids

Most recommended
Callaway SupersoftCallaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls
  • HEX Aerodynamics
  • Low compression
  • Trigonometry cover

A good choice too
GoSportsGoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls
  • 16 Pack
  • Designed with limited flight
  • Case Included

A good choice too
Callaway HX-PracticeCallaway HX Practice Golf Balls
  • HEX Aerodynamics
  • Durable
  • Includes mesh carry bag

DsmileDsmile Practice Golf Balls, Foam
  • Diameter: about 42.6mm
  • PU rubber
  • Soft

SHAUN WEBBSHAUN WEBB Practice Foam Golf Balls
  • Pack of 12
  • Dent Resistant
  • Limited Flight

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75% of users selected Callaway Supersoft, 8.33% selected GoSports, 8.33% selected Callaway HX-Practice, 8.33% selected Dsmile and 0% selected SHAUN WEBB. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Best Golf Balls for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Most beginners probably thought that it doesn’t matter which golf ball I use because I will still send it to the next waterhole!

We believe it is important that you stick to a type of ball that suits your game.

All balls for kids have different characteristics. This means that the balls will behave differently for the different types of shots you make in your round of golf.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your kid’s game, you should stick to the same golf ball type. Then you won’t find that the balls you use have different throws on the different greens, for example.

What is the Difference Between the Different Golf Balss?

This article will give you a better understanding of the different golf balls for kids and the different brands, and which golf ball is right for you.

When it comes to the length, there is not much difference between the different balls today. They can be several meters, according to the manufacturer. It can be easy to ask if it is worth buying more expensive golf balls when the difference is only a few meters.

The difference with today’s golf balls is how much the ball rotates when it lands. The golf ball is probably the most important accessory you have in your golf bag, so it is also essential that you find a golf ball suitable for your play level.

The golf balls are made according to different levels of play, and both the core and the shell on the outside of the ball are adjusted to the speed and swing speed of the stroke.

Putt on the Golf Course

The difference between golf balls is the core, the number of layers inside the ball, and the cover surrounding the golf ball.

The golf balls consist of several different layers. The simplest balls consist of a core and a surface, while the more advanced balls have three, four, or even five different layers from the core to the surface.

The inner and outer cores’ material is different because the outer core has high compression, and the inner core has low and soft compression. This mixture means that these balls have a high spin distance and that they go far and spin when needed.

Low Spin Balls

Or so-called two-piece balls are best suited for those who prefer long and straight shots before they have to control the ball in a close play.

If you focus on finding the cleanest possible ball shot and keeping the ball in play, it is preferable to play with them.

These are balls that are difficult to bite and spin with. If you want a little more spin and feel on the greens, it is preferable to move up to the three-piece golf balls.

Small Golf Balls

These are the golf balls that have the largest selection on the market. The reason is simple: these are the balls that are suitable for the most available players (the average handicapper).

Here you get balls that have a little bit of most things. You get a soft and pleasant feel and control in tight play, good length, and low spin on longer shots.

Balls with Huge Feel

These are balls suitable for players who are stable in their game and where the length of the shots is not the problem. It is more important to find a kid’s golf ball with a good feeling on the lawns than one that goes far.

If you fit into this description, look for 4-piece or 5-piece golf balls for kids.

Among these types of balls, they are also divided between them.

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