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10 Best Disc Golf Bags

Best Disc Golf Bags
Best Disc Golf Bags

Most recommended
Discraft Weekender
  • Color:multi
  • 6 Discs
  • Discraft Weekender

A good choice too
Dynamic Discs Trooper
  • Color:Black/Blue
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable high-quality bag

A good choice too
Athletico Disc Golf Bag
  • Color: Black
  • 10-14 Discs
  • Easy to carry

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag
  • Color: Black
  • 10 Discs
  • Perfect for any age

Innova Champion Discs
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • 12 Discs
  • Front putter pocket

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Disc Golf Bags

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72.73% of users selected Discraft Weekender, 13.64% selected Dynamic Discs Trooper, 4.55% selected Athletico Disc Golf Bag, 4.55% selected Kestrel Disc Golf Bag and 4.55% selected Innova Champion Discs. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Disc golf is a very popular sports game. Its other name is Frisbee. This game is mainly amateur entertainment and is an excellent pastime for people of all ages and different physical fitness. Older people and children can easily play it.
The principle of the game is similar to traditional golf. But this modified version, unlike golf, can be played in any convenient place and at any time of the year, even in winter. The role of the holes is played by portable baskets for Frisbee golf, and you should use discs instead of balls. The hands perform the role of the clubs.
To maximize the enjoyment of this sports entertainment, you need to purchase proper disc golf accessories. There is a whole list of useful items, and the main one is a special bag for the discs. It will easily improve the whole process. Let us review the five best disc golf bags you may need to purchase if you are a fan of this engaging game.

Weekend Disc Golf Case – a compact and low-value disc holder.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push CartThis small-size disc golf bag will ideally fit 8 discs for gold. Besides, it will accommodate other accessories you may need during the game – bottles and other necessities.

Inside, you will find a zipper pocket that is handy for keys and other small things. It has a long strap and a Velcro opening flap. It does not have disc slots inside but they are well fixed without this feature.

  • Attractive price;
  • Good capacity and compact size;
  • Durable material;
  • Inside zipped pocket;
  • Lightweight;
  • No outside pocket.
  • Only a small water bottle will fit.

This bag will be appreciated by all disc golf fans. It is a very practical variant unless you intend to carry a lot of discs in one go. It is an ideal travel version thanks to its compact size. But think ahead about what disks you plan to keep there – the bag matches the size of golf discs, however, it will be unfortunately small for items with bigger diameter.

Disc Golf Rucksack – a universal bag for leisure time.

This spacious backpack is an excellent solution for a Frisbee player. It is made of durable nylon and designed with a lot of zipped pockets to hold phones, keys, and other small belongings.

The back and handle are well padded, making it convenient to carry. And it is equipped with drink holders.

  • Durable material;
  • Very spacious;
  • Extra zipper pockets;
  • Convenient to carry;
  • Good value;
  • No disc dividers;

This disc holder is a must-have thing for your pastime. Being constructed to hold 22 golf discs, it will still provide space for bottles and other possessions. There are many zipped pockets for better arrangement, and the manufacturer softened some areas not to overload your back. The bag will become an ideal game accessory for both beginners and professional players.

Big Bag for Disc Golf – a great Frisbee starter bag.

This option is especially good for those beginners whose disc collection starts growing. The tote bag can accommodate 10 discs on average.

The disc compartment is very easy to reach. Besides, the holder comes with plenty of room for other items like keys, water bottles, smartphones. The strap has a soft underside to make the bag convenient to carry.

  • Padded strap for better comfort;
  • Lightweight;
  • Divider for discs;
  • Large bottle holder.
  • Not sturdy enough.

This bag is very affordable but is meant to last long. This option has enough space not only for discs but for drinks, and other small belongings. You can adjust the strap to a convenient size. Some users note that the bag is not sturdy enough as it keeps flopping to one side.

Small Disc Golf Bag – a handy accessory for an amateur player.

This bag only looks very small but it can easily allocate 6-10 discs and a bottled drink. Once filled well, the bag keeps a good shape.

The holder comes with a permanently fixed strap which makes it even more comfortable. You will like an additional zipper pocket that is ideal for the storage of your small valuables.

  • Durable material;
  • Compact size;
  • Water holder;
  • Shoulder strap;
  • Zipper pocket for small items;
  • Non-padded strap.

It is a great organizer for novice players who do not carry a big disc collection. It is compact but really roomy, and even a small bottle of water will fit. Being lightweight and not bulky, the bag will be great for children. You will also find it convenient when traveling. The bag has a single metal snap on the front flap which enables you to access the discs with no effort.

Traditional Disc Golf Bag – a good classical design disc holder.

This appealing design bag will provide you with enough space. The disc chamber will allocate 10 pieces. The holder is made from reliable fabric and has a reinforced bottom that keeps the shape well.

It has zipped pockets allowing you to safely store smaller items and a loop for a towel on its side. The inside lining protects contents from water. The bag has a long strap that can be removed.

  • Towel holder;
  • Removable dividers;
  • Reinforced bottom panel;
  • Sturdy fabric.
  • A bit difficult to use when overloaded.

This minimalistic bag will hold all required accessories for active gaming. The classic and compact design makes the bag a brilliant thing for every player. You will enjoy the ability to carry the average number of discs. You can also remove inside dividers to get more room inside the bag.

Buyer’s Guide

Absolutely any sport involves professional gear and accessories. And it is equally important if you go in for swimming, golfing, or just go to the gym. In any case, you will need the appropriate sportswear and items. Manufacturers are well aware of the need and demand. In the case of disc golf, a special bag is a must-have for the game’s convenience. What to take into account when purchasing a disc golf bag?


When choosing a sports bag, it is important to consider the weight and material from which this product is made. Today, synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester have become widespread. Bags produced from this high-quality product will last much longer. Besides, such bags often have a dirt-resistant coating and are machine-washable.


The disc golf bag should be lightweight so that it lightens rather than burdens your luggage. Before making your choice, take all the dividers out of the bag and feel the lightness in your hand. If an empty bag seems heavy to you, then filled with sports attributes, it will become really difficult to carry. When buying the bag online, pay attention to its weight or check it with a store.


The capacity of the bag is another essential parameter to consider. It will depend on your game skills. If you often play, you may need a spacious bag that can hold two dozen discs and more, while a beginner or an amateur can be comfortable with a bag for several discs only. It is also advisable to select the bags with a sturdy bottom, reinforced handles, and a long strap.

Additional features

When choosing a Frisbee bag, you should pay attention to its additional features. All zippers, buttons, Velcro, and fasteners should be easy to open and reliable.  Additional pockets will be a big advantage because you can use them to store useful little things like keys, phones, or even a snack. Another important feature is the bottle holder.


Recently I’m very into disc golf and after picking the best discs I’ve decided to purchase a special bag for transporting my sports gear. I was having fun during a few days of tests. Finally, I can share my opinion about the major features a good disc golf bag should have.

Major features of good disc golf bags:

  • It must be waterproof;
  • A good bag should be also quite durable – it must withstand 3-4 seasons of active sports;
  • Spacious design – inner compartments and pockets to put more than just discs;
  • A flat inner grid pocket along the opening compartment is preferable – it must fit a first-aid kit, a pair of socks, and a protein bar;
  • Side puffs are also good – if the bag is half empty, you can use puffs and it will look more compact, or the puffs can be loosened and foam can be inserted under them;

How should you wear a disc golf bag?

You may wear it like a backpack – wide straps can be adjusted from above and below. Surely, you may wear it like any other bag – most models have two short handles, which can be connected with a handy Velcro grip. Also, you may put the bag vertically and carry it for short distances by the handle on the bag’s side (it will be especially convenient at any airport).

What models did I pick as my top 10 best disc golf bags?

  • Discraft Weekender is good for transporting 6 discs at the same time, offers many color options;
  • Discraft Weekender has another black or blue lightweight model with a special compartment for dynamic discs;
  • Athletico produces black bags for 14 discs or less, they are extremely easy to carry;
  • Kestrel is perfect for any age, good for transporting 10 discs;
  • Innova Champion Discs bag can fit 12 discs, with a front putter pocket;

Other brands that I also recommend thanks to their awesome disc golf bags: Shot Backpack, The Throwback Sack, Disc Tournament, Dynamic Discs.
Also, check the video tutorial about buying discs for this awesome sport. What disc golf bags can you recommend? I’d like to check your picks and discuss them with you. I’ll wait for your feedback to keep my website updated and interesting for you.

Video Tutorial: Choosing Discs Without Overlap


A disc golf bag is an item that is necessary for the flawless practice of this game. The game requires special discs that are quite uncomfortable to carry in your hands, in a package, or in bags that are not intended for this. Specialized disc golf bags ensure that you deliver your sports accessories to their destination in a good state and without difficulties. We hope that you have learned some new information from this article to make your choice easily.