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5 Best Golf Balls For 85 mph Swing Speed

Best Golf Balls For 85 mph Swing Speed

Most recommended
TitleistTitleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls
  • One Dozen
  • Short Game Performance
  • Longer Distance

A good choice too
CallawayCallaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls
  • Pack of 15
  • Increased Short Game Spin
  • HEX Aerodynamics

A good choice too
VolvikVolvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls
  • One Dozen
  • For Longer Distance
  • Swing Speeds 70-90 mph

NitroNitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball
  • Pack of 15
  • Aerodynamic
  • Cut-Proof Cover

Srixon Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
  • One Dozen
  • Soft, Thin Cover
  • Lower Drag Coefficient

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7.85% of users selected Volvik, 42.95% selected Titleist, 32.13% selected Callaway, 2.12% selected Nitro and 14.95% selected Srixon. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

If you prefer to hit hard and quick in the golf green, I feel you. However, you have to invest in some good equipment to go with this flow. One of the most essential things is a set of special golf balls the design of that was created for the swings with 70-85 mph for speed. In the following review, I will tell how to choose and use these small but important trifles for winning the high-speed game.

First and foremost, look for the golf balls that have a nice, soft cover called Surlyn. It is quite durable and produces less spin than any regular ball made of urethane. Thanks to such a cover, a ball can run out more on drives and approaches because it needs more space for rolling when you chip it onto the greens. Bear in mind that urethane balls will provide more spin and hold the greens easily. They are also very soft to the touch. However, Surlyn balls are firmer with less spin.

I would also recommend buying the golf ball sets with a medium hardness (compression). Most experts believe that the balls with ultra-low compression are a bad choice if you are aiming for a speed of 85-95 mph. They are more likely to be good when your swing speed is 55-70 mph.

Tips for buyers of any golf balls

Purchase balls based on your wins. If you don’t have yet a gaming experience and you lose 6-8 balls per round – buy balls that cost about $20 per dozen. If you find it difficult to choose the manufacturer, then perform a few short strokes with different brands of golf balls and find what is the best pick for you.

When the number of balls you lose is reduced to 3-5 pieces per round, you may afford to spend about $30 per dozen. If you lose less than 3 per round, think about the Tour golf balls for $40 per dozen.

Top 5 golf balls for 85 mph swing speed:

  • Volvik offers a dozen of golf balls designed for flying a longer distance with the swing speed of 70-90 mph;
  • Titleist is another awesome dozen of balls with short game performance and longer distance stats;
  • Callaway is a pack of 15 balls with an increased short game spin and HEX aerodynamics;
  • Nitro is another set of 15 aerodynamic golf balls with a cut-proof cover;
  • Srixon is also 12-ball set with a thin, soft cover and lower drag coefficient;

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Golf Balls for 85 mph Swing Speed FAQ: 

What exactly does swing speed mean?

Many beginners confuse two different terms – swing speed and ball speed. But even though one thing directly affects the other, these are two various terms. 

Swing speed indicates how fast the golf club is moving when you strike the ball with it. You will find information of individuals who are in your area.

Ball speed indicates how  fast the ball is moving after leaving the club’s face when you hit it. 

Experienced golf players try to increase the ball’s speed while keeping the swing speed constant. Such a technique could be very beneficial for beginners who have naturally short swings or are limited in motions because of the shoulder injury. 

Since the ball’s speed depends on the swing speed and vice versa, it is important to find the right ball set that matches your swing style. 

Should you use hard or soft balls for the swing speed of 85 to 95 mph?

Medium compression or hardness is the major thing to look for in a golf ball at the swing speed of about 85-95 mph. Such speed is fast and presumes hitting hard that is why the balls with medium compression can be a good choice. 

The balls with ultra-low hardness won’t do. That is why you should seek the balls sets with the compression range between 55 and 70. The only thing you may alter is the ball’s cover. There are 2 popular options: urethane (more spinning and soft feel) and surlyn (less spin but firm feel). 

Here is the list of few premium golf ball sets for 85-95 mph swingers:

  • Taylormade Project Tour-quality balls;
  • Callaway SuperHot 70;
  • Srixon Soft Feel;
  • Bridgestone E6 Speed; 
  • Volvik Vivid; 
  • Titleist NXT Tour S;

Which golf balls won’t get cuts and scuffs?

Even the best golf balls eventually get scuffs and cuts, especially after a few heavy-duty weeks. That is why golf forums and blogs have many comments about the durability of different golf balls. Most players agree that a good golf ball can endure about 100 hits or 36 holes (count as you prefer). But after passing this threshold any ball’s flight and speed are reduced significantly because of many scuffs. 

Lifehack for beginners: if the premium golf balls got scuffs from the grooves on the club, do not rush to throw them away. You can still use them for practicing at home or for mini-golf in your office. 

Do you want to know which golf balls are the most durable ones? You may check the following golf ball sets for durability: 

  • Z-Star XV;
  • Pro 2015 V1x 
  • Srixon XV 
  • The Callaway urethane balls;
  • TaylorMade Tour Preferred series;

How white and colorful golf balls are different?

All contemporary golf balls have a visibility factor. There are classic white and colorful golf balls. Most experts find colorful golf balls better for the high-visibility factor when you are playing in the field. However, this statement is still disputable because some golfers prefer using only white balls. On the terms of speed or performance, these balls typically have no other difference but the color of the cover. Some beginners believe that color pigments affect the ball’s durability but it is a myth. 

Choosing yellow, red or white golf balls made by the same manufacturer, if struck in the same way, will deliver the same flight and response to the golf club. 

But if you check different thematic forums and blogs, you will see that many golf players believe they can see yellow golf balls better when they are in the air. The same people say, however, that yellow balls are not as good as the white ones when you play in the deep rough. In the end, every golf player chooses the color, according to his or her preferences and individual color perception. 

Can yellow balls improve your performance in the field? Yes and no, depending on your eyesight and perception of colors. But to win the favor of all gold players all popular brands create the balls sets in different colors – not just white or yellow, though these colors are still the most popular ones. For example, you may check the bright ball sets by Volvik (e.g. the Vivid Green set) or Wilson Callaway. Many professional golfers distinguish the premium quality of Srixon yellow balls. 

Which golf ball is best for a mid-handicap player?

Mid-handicap players are considered as players with an average level of skill in a competitive golf world. Of course, the golf club and the technique of your strikes are the most important factors that contribute to this level. 

But the proper ball choice has to be taken into account as well. And if you want to achieve the mid-handicap skill, then you should invest in the balls designed specifically for mid-handicappers. 

Criteria for picking the premium golf balls for the players with a mid-handicap level:

  • Decreased spin;
  • Good lifting;
  • Quick ball speed with a good distance of flying;
  • Nice feel – not too firm or too soft;

Besides, the balls for the players with a mid-handicap skill should be mildly (not fully) resistant to wind. You should be able to play well in the wind. 

Here are a few sets of golf balls for mid-handicappers: 

  • Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation set of golf balls is strongly recommended by many professional athletes;
  • Titleist Tour Soft sets can improve your distance;
  • Callaway Warbird offers the best price for their professional mid-handicap ball set;
  • Srixon golf balls with a soft feel option – for achieving slow swing speed;
  • Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS set offers the best feel;
  • Mizuno RB Tour sets are the best for playing well in the wind;

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