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5 Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Most recommended
Wilson Smart CoreWilson. Smart Core Golf Ball - Pack of 24
  • 24 Ball Pack
  • Durable lonomer cover
  • Minimizes spin for distance

A good choice too
Callaway Superhot BoldCallaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls
  • 15 Ball Pack
  • HEX Aerodynamics
  • Increased Spin

A good choice too
Titleist Pro V1xTitleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls
  • 12 Ball Pack
  • Low Long Game Spin
  • High Trajectory

Srixon Soft FeelSrixon Soft Feel Mens Golf Balls
  • 12 Ball Pack
  • Softer, thinner cover
  • Aerodynamic Speed Design

MG Golf SeniorMG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed
  • 12 Ball Pack
  • More Distance
  • Longest Ball for Golfers

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Golf Balls For Seniors

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41.67% of users selected Wilson Smart Core, 6.67% selected Callaway Superhot Bold, 15% selected Titleist Pro V1x, 8.33% selected Srixon Soft Feel and 28.33% selected MG Golf Senior. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

It can be challenging to select one set of golf balls when you have hundreds of options. In this article, we attempted to distinguish the top golf balls for seniors. We hunted for balls that responded well to slower swing speeds. We also wanted our top ball selections to have a soft feel that would improve older players’ short games. When it came to visuals, we steered toward bright balls that were easy to identify. In this article, we share five game-changing golf balls. Age should never put a damper on anyone’s love of the game!

Wilson Sporting Goods Smart Core Golf Ball – Editor’s Choice

Wilson. Smart Core Golf Ball - Pack of 24Wilson’s Smart Core Golf balls have a built-in smart core technology. The core responds to players’ unique swing speeds. These balls also present a satisfying amount of spin and control during slow, short shots. At the same time, the smart core technology minimizes ball spin during long shots.

Since these balls have thin ionomer covers, they can handle quite a few dings. If you don’t send them all into the pond, you’ll be set for quite some time.

At this low price point, you’re not going to find a ball with a better response. As a senior, it can be difficult to achieve long shots. Still, the Wilson Smart Cores are an excellent option for golfers living on fixed incomes. Each box contains 24 golf balls.

  • Ionomer cover for increased life on the green
  • Excellent response on the tee
  • Lots of spin and control on short shots
  • Smart core technology caters to shooters’ specific styles
  • Inferior to pricier models

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls – Best Runner-Up

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf BallsFirst off, we love the matte neon green surface of these Callaway golf balls. They stand out against the surface of the green. If bright chlorophyll isn’t your color of choice, you can select from matte yellow, red, or orange.

These balls are also capable of achieving astounding aerodynamics. These balls have ionomer covers and dynamic three-piece constructions. They also have very accurate responses. These balls also encourage seniors players to take long-distance swings from the tee. If you are an aging player, the Callaway Superhots are sure to give you a little extra yardage.

  • Available in four matte neon colors
  • Helps players maximize the distance of their long shots
  • Reduces drag in the air
  • Super soft response
  • Some side spin

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best Visuals

Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf BallsThe Titleist Titleist Pro V1x golf balls have a super soft feel that translates to smooth aerodynamics and precise short shots. The cover of these golf balls are made from thin urethane sheets. As such, it offers lots of spinning.

If your long-distance shots are lacking, you’ll love what the Pro V1 ball does for your golf game. Keep in mind that these balls are a bit expensive for seniors living on fixed incomes. Still, they’re a great asset to have in any golf bag. Keep them around for leisurely competitions.

  • Unmatched distance on long shots
  • Impressive aerodynamics
  • Great control on short shots
  • Soft feel
  • Wear out easily

Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Balls – Softest Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Mens Golf BallsWe love the soft response of the Srixon Soft Feel Men’s golf balls. These balls have thin ionomer covers that handle themselves well on the green. With these balls, players can expect to get a large amount of distance off of slow swings.

The balls have a high-compression core that holds lots of power. They also have a unique set of aerodynamic dimples. The surface designs promise unmatched speed and accurate travel.

The Srixon balls offer some of the most bang for your buck. While some players complain that the ionomer covers are easily damaged, we found that they held up well after being struck with hard mallets. The small, thin logos also serve as definite targets. If you’re someone who struggles to align your ball, check out these soft whites.

  • Super soft high-compression core
  • Lots of distance and minimal spin on long shots
  • Super soft, thin cover made from Ionomer
  • Aerodynamic speed dimples
  • Inferior cover

MG Senior Golf Balls – Best Distance

MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with SpeedMG balls go long distances with the help of low swing speeds. These balls give seniors the confidence to enjoy the green with friends. The MG balls are sure to help you stay within the limits of a low par. Yet, you shouldn’t expect your short shots to improve.

We love that MG has released these balls in three distinct colors. The neon yellow and pink options are super easy to locate in rough areas. These balls are also very durable, enabling players to use them many times. Their low price point makes them a fast seller.

  • Available in three colors, including neon pink, neon yellow, and white
  • Optimize distance with slow swing speeds
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Hardly any spin on long distance shots
  • Not legal for tournament play

Buying Guide

Looking at Golf Balls from the Inside Out

Senior golf balls are built in the same way as traditional golf balls. Only, their cores and covers tend to be both lighter and softer. Check your golf balls’ compression ratings to see if they are senior-friendly. Senior balls should have a compression rating that is no higher than 90. What’s more, senior golf balls should have covers that are usually made from lightweight materials, such as urethane or ionomer. Golf balls that are designed to go the distance also tend to have more dimpled coverings. Many manufacturers have proprietary dimple designs. The dimple designs are geared toward creating optimal aerodynamics.

Senior golf balls may also be made from two or three pieces of materials. Two-piece balls feature lightweight covers and low-compression cores. Meanwhile, three-piece balls have an added layer buried beneath the cover. This layer increases a ball’s spin and give players more control during their short shots.


Eyesight tends to fade with age. High-visibility balls can help senior players track their shots and locate their balls. Neon colors and matte finishes are easy to identify in outdoor lighting. You’ll save your golfing partners a lot of time and frustration. It’s also important to consider the position and look of a ball’s logo. Many players use logos to align their shots.

Why Should I Switch Now?

Many senior golfers get frustrated by the notion of ditching their old favorites. However, soft golf balls are an excellent way for players with slow swings to add a competitive edge to their game. Not to mention, it will help aging players to keep up with younger, more agile players. A ball that adds a few yards of distance to a shot is going to reduce the number of strokes a player needs to take. A god ball is not going to interfere with your skills.

How To Hit A Golf Ball

To get the most out of your golf game, it’s vitally important to know how to change your ball flight; being able to make it low and high on demand. But also, if you’re a golfer that hits it high, this review is going to help you bring that flight down and hit it slightly lower. And if you’re a golfer that hits it slightly too low, this is a great review that’s going to help you hit the golf ball much higher.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Higher

Hitting the ball higher has massive advantages. Gets you to the land the ball on the green easier and it gives you a little bit more versatility. Three things we need to look at. First thing, setup. I’ve just got a mid-iron, here. This advice happens and works for all irons. My normal eight iron ball position is fairly central. So looking at bringing right in the middle of my stance. To the ball higher, I’m going to look at moving that ball about a ball further forward in the stance. That’s going to help me present more loft.

Number two, we need speed. Speed is key to get the ball up in the air. We need velocity, we need force, so don’t be scared about hitting the ball fast. My tip with that is making sure, as you come through the golf shot, you’re looking at creating maximum speed through the hitting area and just beyond. It’s going to give you the best velocity, the best speed. But important, don’t quit on it. Trust it. Hit it hard. And ideally, if you’re hitting it hard, you can also potentially look at hitting a club with even more loft. So I’m hitting an eight iron. If I hit it hard enough, I can possibly go to a nine iron. It’s going to give us more height.

Third thing, finish with high hands. So in the follow-through, make sure you finish with hands, super high up above your head. Without getting too complicated, that’s going to help improve the angle of your club coming into the ball. You don’t have to worry about that. All you have to worry about is finishing with high hands. To hit the ball higher, you’re going to put the ball a little bit further forward than normal. You’re going to create speed through the shot and just beyond, and you’re going to finish with super high hands, and commit to it. Do not back away. And that way, you hit the ball up into space. So much more height. It gives you much more advantage to landing it on the green, getting it to stop quicker and improve in your golf.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Lower

Let’s talk about hitting the ball lower. So the next part is about hitting the golf ball lower. You might want this as an extra shot in your armory. This helps you play better golf in the wind. Or, if you’re a golfer that just hits the ball too high and wants to hit it lower, this is going to be perfect. So hit the ball lower, we’re going to change a few things. Again, three things: setup, speed, finished position. Very similar to the high shot.

This time, we don’t particularly want to be presenting too much loft, so putting the ball position slightly back of center is going to now encourage us to come into the golf balls with less loft. It’s going to encourage us to lean the golf club forward and turn the eight iron that I’m currently hitting into more like a seven iron. It’s going to take the flight off it and hit the ball lower.

Second, as I said in high shots, the speed equals height. To hit it lower, we need to reduce that speed. And the trick to this is just that simple: shorten the golf swing. Don’t swing as full; swing more of a three-quarter backswing, and more of a three-quarter follow-through. Still committed to it, but that adjustment alone is going to take the speed out and hit the ball lower.

The final thing is finished with low hands. We want to hit the ball high, we finish with high hands. We want to hit the ball low, I want you to finish with low hands. Get the club to move more around your body and finish in a very low manner. That helps you again, change the angle into the ball, which you might not need to know much about. All you need to know is what to do. And that’s going to help you improve your golf. Ball position back from center, not as much of fast swing speed.

It changes the flight enormously. The difference between those two golf shots is vast. If you’re a golfer that wants to change your flight to improve your golf, this is perfect. If you’re a golfer that hits the ball higher, wants to hit the ball lower, this is perfect. And likewise, if you hit the ball low, want to hit it high, this tip has it all.

Video Tutorial: 3 Setup Tips for Seniors to Gain Distance

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you found our buying guide and golf ball selections to be informative. Age shouldn’t stand in your way of enjoying the game of golf. When your swing speed slows, and you can no longer pull off the long-distance shots of your youth, softer balls can help you stay par for the course. We aimed to find five golf balls that added yardage to our shots without compromising our control on the green. We couldn’t be happier with our final selections. What golf balls give you extra distance? Let us know in the comment section below.