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5 Best Golf Pants

Best Golf Pants

Most recommended
Amazon Classic-fit
  • 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Machine Wash
  • Imported

A good choice too
Amazon Slim-fit
  • 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Machine Wash
  • Imported

A good choice too
Amazon Straight-fit
  • 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Machine Wash
  • Imported

Under Armour
  • 54% Nylon, 43% Polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • closure

  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • utton closure

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60% of users selected Amazon Classic-fit, 20% selected Amazon Slim-fit, 6.67% selected Amazon Straight-fit, 6.67% selected Under Armour and 6.67% selected PGA TOUR. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

A good pair of pants might not save you bullets, but they have subtle benefits, from comfort to versatility.

The best golf pants offer the golfer on the weekend what they most want from their clothes, excellent performance that highlights casual comfort and maximum versatility. Today’s best golf pants not only have a trendy look but also offer the golfer a pant that rivals what the pros use throughout tournaments, using spandex to produce a cloth that enhances the range of motion.

There are top-notch golf pants that include slim or loose fits, regardless of the golfer’s size or shape, as well as fun options that offer the golfer a chance to show a little personality.

Reasons to invest in specific golf pants: 

  • They are more affordable than they used to be many years ago;
  • Stretchy and classic fit;
  • Freer movements compared to regular pants;
  • Thin and breathable to play even in summer;
  • A lot of specific brands that produce the best golf pants for many years;

Check out the expert reviews of top 5 golf pants for men. Make sure to read the user reviews as well before buying. Also, you may need to take a closer look at the buying guide with the recommendations given by professional golf players and stylists. 

Amazon Essentials Classic Men’s Golf Pant – the best for classic fit!

The golf pants from Amazon Essentials come in a variety of different fabrics, colors, and designs. Since this brand’s focus is on performance, while fashion and style come second. At a great price, they concentrate on basic and traditional styles, and their items are the least costly on this list.

They have a traditional cut and many are appreciative of the look. For ease of treatment, the pants are washable in a machine. The cloth has liquid properties that hold you safe on the course. In colder climates, this is important when golfing.

The front area has slant pockets as well as reverse set-in pockets on both sides. The pants are built to look smart while offering warmth and refreshment. 6 simple color choices are available.

On the convenience side, the classic fit feels ¼ inches longer due to the wide-leg style. Go for a straight-fit model if you want a more athletic split.

  • Affordable;
  • Good for machine-wash;
  • Classic fit;
  • Flexible;
  • Slant side pockets;
  • Roomy to seat and play;
  • Heavy;
  • Not quite thin and breathable;
  • Easy to wrinkle;

For very hot days, the pants can be a little slightly thick and a little thin, but these are excellent quality sturdy golf pants that look great, last long and are available at a great price.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim Stretch Golf Pant– the best for humid weather!

With moisture-wicking fabric, these slim-fit pants are developed to help keep you warm even in humid weather. A little stretch brings support and versatility to these pants and allows them a go-to on or off the courses. This style has slant pockets on either hand and set-in pockets on the back, identical to all Amazon Essentials men’s golf trousers.

Above the hips, the pant lies, thin across the hip and thigh for a slender fit.

The slim-fit pant is a bit tight; while it is true to form, it doesn’t have a stretchy waistband. However, owing to low rise and sleeker cut, the inseam suits around 1/2-inch thinner. Slim fit is across the opening of the hip and knee.

  • Available in many sizes;
  • 6 classic colors;
  • Keep you dry during rain;
  • Stretch and slim fit;
  • Comfy pockets;
  • Universal style;
  • The fabric is not thin;
These golf slacks are quite dressy and nice-looking. Within the waistband, they have the rubbery waistline such that the top remains in place as well. The absence of a logo makes these trousers wearable somewhere near the golf course, which is another bonus.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight Stretch Golf Pant – the best for true size!

Amazon Essentials offers cost-effective, high-quality and long-lasting casual clothes that you can depend on. The precise sizing takes the guessing out of shopping, and to ensure the best quality and comfort levels, each pant is placed to the test. These straight-cut pants have been produced to help keep you dry with a moisture-wicking, durable lining.

In the center of the three cuts, Amazon Essentials brand offers these simple fit trousers because they suit well almost everyone. They are straight around the thighs and hips – not too slender, not too broad. True to the waist, true to the spirit. Also after machine cleaning, this model maintains crease and scale.
  • True to the size;
  • Many classic colors;
  • Waistline is stretchy;
  • Comfortable crotch area;
  • Thick;
  • Hard to iron;
A little stretch brings warmth and versatility to this golf pant and allows it a go-to on or off the courses. The front pockets are perfect for putting three balls of golf in each pocket. There is a pair (non-elasticity) of rubber band material on the inside of the waistband. It avoids your shirt tucked up to travel when you’re playing golf.

Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants– the best for breathability!

For the player who wants a little more space in their golf course gear, the Under Armour Match Play pants are a perfect option with a relaxed loose fit. The Match Play golf pants are made of Under Armour’s proprietary soft and versatile cloth with a straight leg fit that offers optimum comfort. The fabric dries extremely quickly.

There are 4 pockets and a choice of 9 colors is accessible for these trousers. They also have a good selection of sizes for male golfers.
  • Soft;
  • Sweat-wicking;
  • Quickly dries;
  • Stretchy waistband;
  • Breathable;
  • Durable;
  • Baggy;
  • See-through if you choose light colors;
In both the workplace and the golf course, the simple and polished look fits well. Crafted from 100% polyester, to remain relaxed, you can have a flexible pair of trousers to play anywhere. To ensure that you have maximum motion and ease, also the waistband is stretchable.

PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Pant– the best for the waistband!

Premium golf pants do not have to cost a lot, and these are a common option if you are searching for trendy, supportive pants without spending a fortune. Only because you save some fuel, don’t assume you have to trade yourself for design, value or comfort.

The efficiency of Active Waistband technology and MotionFlux makes for easy movement and convenience. Another fantastic benefit is that with Sunflux 50 cover, the pants can shield you from the drying impact of the sun. To keep you dry throughout your round, they even provide moisture-wicking.
  • Affordable;
  • Button closure;
  • Great moisture absorption;
  • Sunflux protection (50) of colors;
  • Expandable waistband;
  • Easy care;
  • Only 3 colors are available;
  • Baggy;
The trousers are easy to care and can be washed by a machine. There is no need for ironing, but they are easy to maintain and perfect to fly with. There are two slanted front pockets on the PGA trousers as well as double rim pockets on the back.

The Buyer’s Guide

There are a few specifications to remember while buying golf trousers. There is a variety to focus on while choosing a pair of quality golf trousers, from picking the correct cloth to getting the right shape or even what kind of waistband fits well for you: 


One of the main elements of comfort is the fabrics used in golf trousers. Your preference should be a pair of moderately stretchy cotton trousers. However, some golfers prefer the super thin polyester trousers that are extra breathable and have many styles. Different materials typically match in their way and have similar comfort elements, and it is crucial to pick the materials that suit you better.

A combination of fibers, typically polyester and cotton, is one of the best materials used for premium golf plants. To see what fits better for you and the environment where you prefer to play, you may need to explore a little. Also, the popular combination of polyester, cotton, and elastane works for a comfortable experience during the game. 


When it comes to golf trousers, though everybody has various priorities, comfort should have been at or near the center. Although other things are important, the last task you want to do is play 18 golf holes in awkward trousers. It will not only decrease the pleasure of the day but it will most definitely have a detrimental effect on your results.

Comfort is connected to a variety of aspects that we will discuss in more depth, but the fit, the style, the fabrics, the fabric and the consistency really matter.

Choose trousers that fit the climate and the time of year. Warmer temperatures need cool, breathable trousers, although in colder areas, you can get away with a denser cloth.


When it comes to golf pants, you have to be practical. For your convenience, a successful fit is fundamental. This refers to the waist in particular, but length is also important. If you can try the pants on, move and stretch in them so that they can see how they work when you walk. Bend, rotate, make sure that they fit properly. 

It’s usually not recommended to use pants that bunch excessively at the ankles and pleats. You want a fit that’s not too baggy or too close either. Your success may be hampered by baggy pants. 

Typically, golf pants have a standard, slim or classic fit. A slim fit is common but doesn’t work and isn’t necessarily the most convenient for anyone. If you want to look nice, go for a casual style that fits your particular sense of style. A classic-fit pant is a good bet if you’re not sure.


The ankle should be protected by golf trousers and extended to settle on the foot’s top. Golfers can still ensure that they do not stretch their trousers past the back of the golf shoe where the knee of the pants lies on the grass. The golfer is able to go along the necessary measures to complete their swing by leaving the pants loosely and without constraint.

Finding the correct length of golf pants may be a challenging challenge for people with more strong legs and larger lower bodies, so finding pants that can extend is important for these golfers.


This is clearly a personal choice, but for certain persons, lighter shades usually perform well. They’re cooler and they go for just about everything. Almost always, white looks fine but quickly reveals soil. If they are so prone, the bolder and more daring players will reach for some of the darker colors and designs.


Holding cool and most quality jeans provide decent breathability is another part of comfort. This makes ventilation possible and helps keep you dry. For a dryer round of golf, some trousers often have a moisture-wicking factor that prevents sweat and moisture away from the knees. Another purpose used on certain golf pants to help airflow is mesh pockets. If you play in warm places, breathability should be high. 

Depending on the season and the environment in which you usually play, the degree of thickness in golf pants is significant. The lighter and colder your trousers are while you are in Florida, the stronger. If you play more in the northeast, you’re definitely going to want an additional coat of warmth to protect your muscles from getting cold.


An average golf round can take a toll on your golf trousers, particularly if you sometimes find yourself in the rough area or bunkers. You want to make sure that they are easy to look after. Pants that are machine washable are the first thing you require. If they are wrinkle-resistant, it also helps.


Too many golfers are mistaken on this, but it’s a pretty clear factor. The point is to make sure the trousers complement the top and shoes or at least, do not overlap. Bright shirts or trends call for neutral pants that are basic. Then get a neutral, easy style if you’re looking for more daring trousers. 

It is important that all the components support one another. You don’t have to stay traditional and that it is entirely appropriate to be brave and light. Only balance the components and align them so that they fit together well.


Typically, one needs to take into consideration the costs of premium golf plants. It is better to have a few pairs of quality golf trousers, so give heed to their affordability. Big labels appear to be a little more pricey, but generally the consistency, comfort, and reliability are also strong.

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Final thoughts 

There are many significant considerations to remember while buying golf trousers. Although your golf equipment is essential, special clothes should not be neglected. For both your comfort and game, the right golf pants can create a significant difference.