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5 Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

Most recommended
KBS TGI 95KBS TGI Tour 95 Graphite Iron Golf Shaft
  • Raw Length: 39.0″ – 36.0″
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • 95 Gram Flex

A good choice too
Tour Shop Fresno Tour Graphite Design Tour AD-55 Iron Shafts
  • Length: 35.5″ 39″
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • 57 g

A good choice too
Graphite Design DI-6sGraphite Design Tour AD DI 80g Driver Shaft
  • Length: 45.5″
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • 86 g

AeroTech SteelFiber SetAeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shafts
  • Shaft Length: 36.5″ – 39.5″
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • 85 g

AeroTech SteelFiberAeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shafts
  • Shaft Length: 36.5″ – 40″
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • 85 g

Choose the Best Graphite Shaft for Iron

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Graphite Shafts for Irons

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49.74% of users selected KBS TGI 95, 11.32% selected Tour Shop Fresno Tour, 12.11% selected Graphite Design DI-6s, 16.32% selected AeroTech SteelFiber Set and 10.53% selected AeroTech SteelFiber. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Beginners and high handicappers can benefit from using custom graphite shafts. These lighter-than-iron elements help players to optimize their swing speeds and shooting distances. There seems to be an endless selection when it comes to graphite shafts. We narrowed down the options in hopes of making your shopping experience a little less daunting. In the section below, you can find our top five graphite shaft picks as well as a helpful buying guide. Enjoy!

KBS TGI Tour 95 – Best Overall

KBS’s TGI Tour Graphite Iron offers players steel-like play-ability, comfort, and game improvement. This shaft promises players 5% lower trajectories, 5% less spin, and 5% more distance. It’s lightweight and exceptionally stiff. The black, white, and red coating looks great on the green.

The Tour 95 is perfect for average players that are looking for more consistency and comfort. It offers speeds of 85 to 95 miles per hour with a 6-iron. It is compatible with a wide range of club heads.

The KBS TGI Tour Irons are available in eight weights, ranging from 50 to 110 grams. The shafts may have .355 or .370 tip diameters.

  • 0.355 taper on 95-gram shaft
  • 95 Gram Flex
  • Raw Length: 39 to 36 inches
  • Swing speed 85 to 90 miles per hour with 6-iron
  • Available in eight weights (with the 95-gram option being ideal for average players)
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing
  • May need to be cut to size

Graphite DesignTour AD-55 Iron Shafts – Most Lightweight Shafts

Graphite Design’s Tour AD-55 Iron Shafts are another shining example of the performance potential of graphite. First off, AD-55 shafts boast a sleek black and silver exterior that pairs well with most club heads. Moreover, these shafts have a lightweight feel that offers players plenty of performance enhancements.

The Tour AD Iron Series are engineered to complement the Tour AD premium Wood Series. These clubs are available in weights ranging from 50 to 115 grams. The AF-55 is 35.5 to 39 inches in length. Customers can choose between regular and senior flexes. The shaft’s 3.2-degree torque is perfect for beginners and high handicappers. These elements offer players mid to high launches with very minimal ball spin.

  • Length range from 35.5 to 39 inches
  • Available in your choice of regular and stiff flexes
  • : .355-inch taper
  • Low to mid kick point for higher trajectory and more spin
  • 3.2-degree torque
  • Available in weights from 50 to 115 grams
  • High MSRP

Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 Shaft for Titleist – Best Feel

We cannot get enough of Titleist’s Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 Shaft. These shafts boost launches, reduced spin, and increase distance. Their consistent responses and lightweight feel make them irresistible to golfers of all skill levels.

The shafts are available with your choice of regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes. Unfortunately, there are no senior or ladies flexes available. Proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) Technology provides these shafts with steel-like performances.

DI stands for “Deep Impact,” and we can see why. This shaft offers players substantial power. The shafts’ proprietary Nanomaterial technology tips enhance players’ power and control during impacts. As a result, balls launch and spin more desirably. Moreover, players gain distance, speed, and accuracy.

Of course, Graphite Design does not approve all of its shafts for use on PGA tours. These offer players substantial accuracy and distance improvements. You just need to be willing to shell out some extra money for the improvement.

  • Improved orange and silver graphics
  • Titleist tip
  • Encased in high-quality graphite and carbon nanofibers
  • Proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) Technology
  • Pricey
  • Extra stiff flex is suitable for advanced players only

AeroTech 4-PW SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shafts – Best Graphite Shaft Set

If you’re ready to make the switch to graphite, why not convert all of your clubs at once? AeroTech’s seven-shaft set includes a collection of SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shafts. The 4-PW set is perfect for beginners.

Each of the shafts has steel fibers woven throughout its composition. This technology gives players more flex and structure as they set up and swing. All of the clubs boast low torques. As such, players can expect to gain control a whole lot easier. The .355 tapered tips are also compatible with a wide range of club heads.

Players agree that these shafts feel excellent. The lightweight structures offer players distance and control. You can use them for long periods without becoming exhausted.

  • Taper tip with parallel configurations
  • An excellent performance without the weight of steel
  • Lightweight at 80 grams
  • .355 tapered tip
  • Pricey
  • Extremely lightweight

AeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shaft – Most Technologically Advanced Graphite Shafts

Next up is a shaft with a graphite core and a proprietary steel fiber coating. When combined, these materials enable players to gain instant yardage and accuracy. Of course, the materials are far less taxing than steel and other heavier alternatives. As such, players can enjoy longer, more productive golfing sessions.

AeroTech’s SteelFiber i180cw Graphite Iron Shafts all boast a “Constant Weight.” As a result, the i80cw weighs the same as every other graphite shaft in the SteelFiber line. Players gain exceptional control and consistency when using this shaft. The product weighs just 80 grams. As such, it has an excellent feel. The steel fibers that integrated into its surface give it ample flexibility. Meanwhile, its low torque offers players with high handicaps even more control.

In our opinion, it is the perfect graphite shaft for players that are looking to gain distance while maintaining their control over the ball. It has a .355 tapered tip. It is available in regular and senior flexes.

  • Offers ample control and consistency for a club of this weight
  • High modulus graphite core
  • Over 59 miles of steel fibers cover the surface with a vibration-dampening graphite core
  • All taper models have the same weight regardless of their length (this is called the “Constant Weight” feature)
  • .355 tapered tip that is compatible with most club heads
  • Scratches easily

How to Choose the Best Graphite Shaft for Your Irons

Are you still trying to figure out why some players opt for graphite over steel? There are plenty of benefits to playing with this lightweight material. As with many other golfing products, graphite has evolved greatly over the years. In many ways, it has come to outgrow what many golfers would consider its original reputation. Novel technologies have made this material stronger and more accurate.

Determine Swing Speed

First, determine your swing speed. Use a clip-on swing speed detector to collect your swing speed metrics. You should be able to sync the monitor to an app to determine your average swing speed.

Use your average swing speed to determine which shaft flex is right for you. Keep in mind that there are five flexes, including extra stiff, stiff, regular, seniors, and ladies.

Players with swing speeds between 85 and 95 miles per hour should be using shafts with regular flexes. Meanwhile, players with swing speeds between 75 and 85 miles per hour should be using shafts with seniors flexes. Ladies flexes are reserved for golfers with the slowest swing speeds. Only highly skilled and professional golfers use shafts with stiff and extra-stiff flexes.


While bulky clubs are known to improve the distance and speed of drives, they are not a good fit for all golfers. Players should also consider their comfort. For the most part, golf clubs with slower swing speeds can benefit from using lighter shafts. Keep in mind that shaft weights usually range between 50 and 115 grams.


A shaft’s torque measurement represents how much it is capable of twisting during a swing. Shafts with high torques twist more than those with low torques. You should consult a professional fitter to determine which torque is best for you.

Flex Point

Shafts have three potential flex points, including low, mid, and high varieties. The flex point determines which part of the shaft bends the most during a swing. Flex points help determine the height of the ball’s flight path. For example, a shaft with a low flex point is more likely to launch balls high.

Tapered Tip

Aftermarket shafts must be compatible with the club heads of your choice. Standard tapered tips are .355 inches in diameter. Keep in mind that some shafts boast parallel tips. Parallel tips measure .370 inches in diameter.


Shafts come in a range of lengths. Consider visiting a local golf shop to receive an accurate wrist to floor measurement. A well-fitted shaft will help you maintain control over the ball. Check outTaylor Made’s club sizing guide for an idea of what shaft length would be ideal for a person of your height.

Why Replace Your Golf Shafts

You may be purchasing graphite shafts to replace your broken or worn ones. Or, you may be looking for some game improvements. If you know what you’re looking for, you should be able to reduce your scores, increase your swing speeds, and maintain your accuracy with the help of a proprietary graphite shaft. The material is much easier and comfortable than twisty, heavy steel.

Video Tutorial: Steel Shafts Vs Graphite Shafts For Mid Handicap Golfers

Wrapping Up

A quality graphite shaft is sure to lower your scores and improve your overall comfort on the green. Our top pick is the KBS TGI Tour Iron. This shaft has an excellent feel. Plus, these shafts are bound to improve any golfer’s game.

Then again, if you are looking to covert your entire setup to graphite, the AeroTech 4-PW SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shafts might be an even better investment. Players can gain a lot by adding custom graphite shafts to their clubs.

We hope you found this guide helpful! As always, drop your remaining questions in the comment section below.