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5 Best Illegal Golf Balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls

Most recommended
PolaraPolara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls
  • 1 Dozen
  • Unique 2-piece construction
  • Less Aerodynamic Lift
A good choice too
MG GolfMG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed
  • 1 Dozen
  • USGA non-conforming
  • Putts feel more solid
A good choice too
Band-ItBandit Non Conforming Illegal Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • 1 Dozen
  • Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • Bandit
Band-ItBandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • Incredible performance
  • Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • Strikes the ultimate balance
VolvikVolvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf BallsVolvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls
  • 12 Count Box
  • Yellow
  • Nonconforming Distance

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27.49% of users selected Polara, 24.35% selected MG Golf, 2.92% selected Band-It, 3.79% selected Band-It 2 and 41.45% selected Volvik. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

The illegal golf balls are forged or modified versions of official, professional-grade equipment. Some illegal balls were even taken directly from the factory before being shipped to retailers. 

Here’s what you need to know about illegal golf balls:

They are not necessarily counterfeit – they can be made using legal materials but with modifications that make them non-conforming under USGA rules. 

There is no prohibition on their sale, so individuals who purchase these items may use them without breaking any laws themselves (the only exception would be selling an illegally obtained ball). However, if a retail establishment knowingly sells one, it could conflict with consumer protection laws for deceptive trade practices and/or false advertising by implying that the product was produced by or in league with the manufacturer.

They are generally available for purchase through internet retailers at significant savings compared to official balls. They also have the same or very similar characteristics as their legal counterparts, so they can be used in place of non-conforming equipment.

Are you looking for the best illegal golf balls? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will answer all of your questions about these products and provide reviews of some top choices to help make your decision easier! Keep reading to learn more.

Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls – the Editor’s choice!

U.S. white Polara Golf Balls promise to fix any slice by making it less severe. Anti-slice golf balls are made with a unique 2-piece construction that consists of the ball’s core and outer cover. These two pieces work together to correct hooks and slices for your shots, meaning the distance of your shots will be 25 feet shorter than what you experience now if you sliced the shot 100 feet.

Polara is designed to discriminate the clubface angles by correcting hooks and slices in contact with the ground. To do so, they have just one objective: send you back into play without any more hesitation or time wasted on the course! Fix your game fast with our new self-correcting technology that promises to change everything for you.

  • Made with ionomer;
  • 2-piece construction;
  • Less aerodynamic lift;
  • Anti-slice golf ball would slice;

  • Fly straight with less distance;
  • Some balls look like used;

Polara golf balls are guaranteed to fix your slice. The balls are made for perfectionists who love to play golf, but will never be satisfied with an average game.

MG Golf Balls Senior Longest – the best for improving your landing!

The MG Senior Longest Golf Balls are for golfers who want to enjoy the game more than they want it to be an all-day battle to get 18 holes in. Expect more difference between your drive and what you normally think of as a long ball, but also expect better landings on the green! With this product, you’ll find that putts feel like they’re falling into the hole, rather than sliding past the cup.

The cores also have a hot feeling when you hit them that gives you an incredible sensation – even better than what many pros experience on the course.

The excellent ball for golfers who want to lengthen both their drives and the rest of their game. You’ll get more distance on longer shots, control around the greens, and increased enjoyment even when you’re missing fairways!

  • Improved landing;
  • Better stability;
  • Feels more solid;
  • Good for fairway woods and irons;

  • Poor customer service;
  • Bounce too much;

The MG Golf Balls Senior Longest is the longest golf ball for players with drives shorter than 250 yards. Made from a proprietary PVC core that is 60% longer and half as heavy, these balls will fly much farther and straighter off the tee, giving you more distance in your shots!

Bandit Non-Conforming Illegal Golf Balls – the best for improving the distance!

Drive it long and straight with Bandit Non-Conforming Illegal Golf Balls. These powerhouse golf balls are designed to soar through the air for maximum distance, so you can slice off a few putts and lower your handicap in no time! These balls are great for improving your distance and can help seniors maintain their game even if their handicap has gone up.

Technically these balls don’t conform to USGA standards in any way because they’re illegal on courses, but when you can overlook this small detail, these balls offer a great grip and glide through the air easily without resistance.

  • Improve distance;
  • Good for high-handicappers and seniors;
  • Smoothly glide through the air;
  • Good grip;

  • Non-conformable;
  • The same size as regular golf balls;
  • Not great for wedge shots;

Here’s the perfect way to improve your game with limited time or skills—Bandit Non-Conforming Illegal Golf Balls. They’ll magically help you hit it farther than ever before when you’re older!

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls – the best for improving your performance!

The Bandit golf ball has a DuPont Lithium cover and delivers incredible performance while maintaining the balance of distance and stop-ability we need for the long drive. These multi-colored golf balls come in red, black, blue, or white to fit your game’s personality easily.

Take it out with your friends on Saturday night because these ultra-affordable, ultra-reliable balls are perfect for you.

Especially good for seniors and high-handicappers who want all the benefits of an illegal ball without actually breaking any laws.

  • Improved performance;
  • Reliable;
  • Affordable;
  • Adds on 25 yards;
  • Stops quickly;

  • Won’t last long;
  • Better performance than claimed distance;

Are you bored with golf? Well, these balls can change your whole perspective. They deliver incredible performance and the low price makes them a much better value than expensive conforming balls. This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level!

Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls – the best for high handicappers!

Volvik Magma illegal golf balls are everything you could want in a distance ball but are soft enough to be used by high handicappers. Creative and budget-friendly – getting customers onto the green faster!

The Magma balls may be affordable, but they come with the distinctive look of Volvik’s most advanced distance-enhancing technology. And because they’re not conforming, you can use them when it just doesn’t matter if they soak in some water or fly out of bounds.

Improve your game and increase confidence with Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls. Bright yellow in color, these balls are designed for the golfer who wants to go a little longer than conforming balls. And they’re budget-friendly too!

  • IBright yellow color;
  • 12 balls in the package;
  • Longer than conforming balls;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Designed to improve the performance of high-handicappers;

  • Poorly made;
  • Only for amateurs;

These Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls are a little different from your typical ball. And that’s a good thing! Even low-handicap golfers have been known to play surprisingly well with these yellow balls, going a bit longer than their modern counterparts. Though, these balls are designed for improving your high handicap.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features

  1. Material

Illegal golf balls can be made from a number of different materials. Illegal golf balls are usually made from a polymer, rubber, or other synthetic material. Each has its own unique feel when hit, and each is illegal in sanctioned tournaments due to its performance-enhancing qualities. 

Some less common examples are:

1) Plastic

Probably the most commonly used material for practice or recreational golf ball usage during the 1970s and 1980s. Illegal plastic consists of polyethylene, which allows them to travel further distances with low rolling resistance upon impact compared to conventional legal counterparts. 

However, because they do not have any noticeable “spin” after contact with a clubface (as well as being very hard), it is nearly impossible for an amateur golfer to control these types of illegal balls once he/she hits one off-center on the clubface, sending it even farther away from the intended target.

In addition, plastic balls are not as durable as other types of illegal golf balls and can break very easily if hit against a solid object such as a tree or rock at high speeds. Because of this factor along with their lack of controllability upon contact with a clubface, they have been banned by most competitive amateur tournaments for over 25 years now. 

2) Rubber 

Considered an old-fashioned version of modern-day “practice” golf balls that many beginner/amateur players use to develop their swing mechanics before using legal ones during actual games against opponents in sanctioned events. 

Unlike illegal plastics that travel further distances due to lower resistance upon impact compared to conventional counterparts, rubber consists of higher bounce and more spin when in contact with a clubface. This allows amateur players to work on their short-game accuracy/control by directing balls closer towards pin placements or other obstacles before they inevitably stop rolling upon reaching the ground surface.

Because of this factor, rubber illegal golf balls are still used widely today by casual and competitive amateurs alike during practice sessions at driving ranges before playing an actual round against opponents for sanctioned tournament play where legal ones must be exclusively utilized throughout the game’s entirety (as well as outside designated teeing grounds).

3) Metal 

A very unique type of illegal golf ball, metal ones are the only kind that can be used exclusively on tee boxes before hitting legal balls during sanctioned games. The main reason for this is that they fly at extremely high speeds (even faster than most legal distance balls currently available) once hit with a clubface. 

Amateur players work on their swing mechanics and overall accuracy/distance control without having to worry about losing an expensive piece of equipment in any water hazard or other obstacles present within designated playing grounds where official holes will eventually appear when completed by all participants.

Illegal metal balls also do not travel as far distances compared to rubber and plastic types due primarily to their much lighter weight caused mainly by their hollowed-out center structure. 

However, the most significant reason why metal balls are not allowed during actual sanctioned games is that they do not have any noticeable “spin” after contact with a clubface, causing them to fly in random directions upon impact instead of flying straight towards their intended targets. 

4) Plastic/Rubber Mixture 

Another common type of illegal golf ball that has been used by both amateur and professional players alike for decades now is one consisting mainly of an equal mix between plastic and rubber materials. 

This particular composition gives it a higher-than-average level of durability compared to other types as well as being able to travel further distances due primarily to its lower resistance caused by high spin rates when hit against a clubface at speed. In addition, because they are much more controllable upon contact with a clubface, they are considered one of the best illegal golf balls available due to their high levels of performance combined with lower costs compared to conventional types currently being sold in retail stores.

5) Sleeve/Multi-Sided Balls 

A final type commonly used by amateur players is an illegal ball that consists mainly of two different layers: an outer plastic shell and another rubber core that contains small dimples on each side instead of having just one circle at its center. 

This particular kind allows for both backspin as well as forward spin when hit against a clubface, providing amateurs with higher accuracy/control over where they will eventually land compared to other types. 

In addition, these balls travel much higher distances than other types due primarily to their heavier weight caused by a second rubber layer combined with the fact that they have similar spin rates when in contact with a clubface.

One additional thing about sleeve/multi-sided ball is that because of its two different layers, it will fly much longer compared to others once it loses some momentum from being hit against a clubface at speed. 

In addition, these balls are also very durable and can continue traveling further distances even if one part starts breaking apart or otherwise coming loose during playtime after use (even regular ones start this way over time). However, another factor why these illegal golf balls are not allowed for sanctioned games besides just increasing costs for players who want them is that since each side of the ball has different properties, it is much harder for players to predict where they will end up once hit against a clubface at speed.

Hollow vs solid

The vast majority of legal balls are hollow because they travel farther off each stroke than their solid counterparts. Illegal ones however tend to be more solid in order to get that extra control around the green with chips and putting. Hollow balls have better distance but less control. Solid balls give up some distance for more accuracy when chipping or pitching.


The cover is what protects the ball’s inner layers and determines how well it will hold up to different conditions. Stronger covers generally last longer no matter which material they are made from. 

This is the final layer on a golf ball and it’s made from various rubber polymers in order to protect against scuffs, scratches, or chips while also determining how well they will travel through the air. Polyurethane covers are typically used for distance balls whereas balata ones tend to be softer giving players more control around the green. 


This refers to a golf balls center, something that can be either soft or firm depending on the personal preferences of players for each shot. If you want more control around the green, go with a softer core, but if distance off the tee is your thing, then you should use firmer ones instead. 

On this note, there are also illegal dimple patterns designed specifically for particular cores in order to help improve accuracy when pitching and chipping as well as urethane-covered cores increasing durability over time even further than regular illegally used balls.

Dimple pattern

The dimples affect an illegal golf ball’s aerodynamics that means that they can help them fly further off each stroke than their legal counterparts depending on their design. If you want maximum distance then go with something like cut-proof patterns meaning your shots won’t get dented by trees so you’ll have better when pitching and chipping, but be aware that your control will suffer.


Illegal golf balls are usually made of mainly two materials: rubber and plastic. The first one is the most common material because it’s cheap, light, elastic, and has decent bounce capabilities. It also provides a better grip on the club so you can hit harder if necessary without losing control over your shots. 

Plastic comes second mostly because it offers even more durability than rubber but isn’t as flexible or bouncy for fast swings. This makes illegal ball construction quite similar to that of regular ones with only minor differences such as their size (illegal balls tend to be larger) and weight (they’re lighter). Those who want to use them in tournaments must keep those parameters within certain limits set by each organization since they don’t match up with official rules.

Illegal golf balls are different from legal ones. They have similar characteristics, but just the outer layer differs. The surface of an illegal ball is usually dimpled while a standard one has a smooth texture. If you feel that your game needs some improvement and want to score lower on every hole, then switching over to this type of equipment will be beneficial for sure!


Illegal golf balls are no different from legal ones in terms of their distance. If you have a ball that is capable of flying hundreds of yards, it won’t lose any power just because it’s not approved by the USGA. This means they can fly further and more accurately.

The harder it is for you to see where your ball lands and make sure it clears any obstructions on its way there (trees, water hazards), the more likely an illegal golf ball will perform better than a standard one.

Is It Worth Playing With an Illegal Golf Ball?

The best legal golf balls can be expensive. Some players simply cannot afford them – or even worse – they feel that spending a lot of money for one ball is not worth it! If you still think that playing with an illegal ball might harm your game as such things do exist, there are several factors to consider before making any conclusions. 

The first thing you should know about this type of golf equipment is that rules allow using illegally modified balls in some situations (like under special circumstances). 

So, if you are not an experienced player who is trying to boost his/her game by playing with illegal balls, it might be better for you. The main thing here is that the ball must meet certain criteria in order to comply with USGA rules and regulations. 

For example, there should be no noticeable difference between legal and illegally modified ones (like size or weight). If a situation arises when using such golf balls becomes necessary – do not hesitate! You can also consider your opponent’s opinion because many players will give their approval of this type of equipment only if they see some benefits from doing so – like lower costs on buying multiple pieces at once.


Do illegal golf balls work?

The short answer is yes. When you play with an illegal golf ball, your drive will travel further than it would have otherwise. You can hit the ball far past where a regulation ball might have stopped. These are balls that are not approved for tournament use by any governing body of organized golf tournaments around the world, which means they’re technically against the rules to be using them in competition.

When to use illegal golf balls?

Golfers might want to use illegal balls. If you hit a standard ball off the course and need something else, or if your club doesn’t allow them on its grounds but you still want to play with someone who does, it’s not unheard of for some people to grab some from their trunk and keep moving along. 

It’s not a great idea in most cases, because it puts you at risk of getting caught and fined (or worse), but there are times when it makes sense. For example: 

  • You don’t like the feel or performance of standard balls. You can find ones that suit your game more closely if they’re illegal on the course where you play often;
  • The ball rules for one club might allow some brands that aren’t allowed elsewhere – say, Top-Flites instead of Spalding. If this is an important distinction to you, using them would be kosher as long as everyone else agreed to let them slide;
  • There may also be special courses near the home where friends want to go specifically so they can use certain balls;

What illegal golf ball goes the farthest?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about which illegal golf ball goes the farthest. This question has no simple answer because it varies from person to person and situation to situation, but there are a few top choices within each distance range:

  • Long-distance range: Noodle Plus, Quattro UltiPro, Q Star Tour/Quattro Pro. These are great for players with slower swing speeds because they have soft covers that generate more spin and therefore backspin to help the ball fly farther;
  • Mid-distance range: Stiff Flexoid Yellow Dot, Xara ZX+. Both of these balls have hard rubber cores wrapped around by softer outer layers so they offer a good balance between durability and performance on all types of courses;
  • Short-distance range: Razor Soft Feel (R), Jumbo Maxx Velocity (J). The R is designed for scrambling while the J is made specifically for putting. A golf ball’s cover determines its resilience against cuts or dents, and both of these balls have covers that can help get the ball back on track;

Are Condor golf balls illegal?

Condor golf balls are illegal. If you use them, your game is likely to be affected by the differences in ball properties that come with using an illegal golf ball. Condor balls have dimples designed for high-speed performance that leads to superior distance and shot control – much more than what would normally ever be expected of a cheap training aid like these balls. 

However, they’re typically not approved under United States Golf Association (USGA) rules because its low compression rating makes it difficult or impossible for amateurs playing on regulation courses to achieve sufficient spin rates around greens when compared against other legal options.

Are Callaway max balls legal?

No. Max balls are not legal for play in any sanctioned event. In fact, they are illegal for play anywhere. You may use them only on your course or in a casual round with friends and family members who know about the max ball rule and how to spot one during an inspection.

What color golf ball is easiest?

According to the Golf Digest, the best illegal golf ball for beginners is yellow or pink. Both colors give you an easy feel and work well with slower swing speeds. Other colors that are good options include blue, white, or gray.

What pros use Volvik golf balls?

Many professional golfers use the Volvik brand. Some of these include Adam Scott, Marc Leishman, Billy Horschel, and Richard Sterne to name a few.

What do Kirkland golf balls compare to?

Kirkland golf balls are Costco’s in-house brand of non-conforming golf balls. They are designed for recreational play, and they can be used in tournaments but not counted toward handicap calculation or scoring because their performance does not meet the rules set by the USGA. Kirkland is a great choice if you’re looking to save money on your game without sacrificing quality.

What is the longest distance for an illegal golf ball?

According to many experts and golf players with a high handicap, a few illegal golf balls can be picked for hitting the longest distance. For instance, you may try Foo King Long golf 2-piece balls with 432 dimples. Also, good compression and low spin of this ball make it really fast. It can be a good practice ball on the green. 

If you seek a legal golf ball with the longest distance, try using such sets: 

  • Titleist Pro V1x – one of the most consistent balls with the farthest distance of 266.7 yards;
  • TaylorMade TP5X;
  • Chrome Soft by Callaway;
  • Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS;
  • Srixon Z-Star;

Are all Nitro balls for golfers illegal?

The question causes disputes because some Nitro balls for golfers are legal, according to the USGA standards, and some are not. In fact, right now amateur players use only Nitro LD + 20 sets of non-comforting golf balls.

The Nitro LD+20 model is a golf ball with a maximum range. This ball was designed without considering the USGA rules, so any U.S. official tournament won’t accept it. This ball has a density center of 100 but along with the extremely soft texture. This ball is built with the robust Dupont Lithium Cover layer.

Despite following the USGA standards, Nitro Golf always focuses on providing both premium quality and improved distance. One of their main selling points is fair price for all types of Nitro balls. 

If you look for legal Nitro golf balls for professional tournaments, you may choose such balls as Tour Distance, Eclipse, Whiteout, Ultimate Distance, Pulsar Box, Maximum Distance. These Nitro golf balls were even certified by the USGA. 

Are Volvik balls legal?

Yes, they are. All Volvik golf balls are allowed in terms of the USGA standards. Volvik provides competitive pro golf balls. The brand owns 58 trademarks globally, and their balls for golfers manage to achieve popularity in the field of sports. They reign on the LPGA Tour and are both the official World Long Drive Tour and Championship game.

Some of the best Volvik legal golf balls are: 

  • The Vivid ball is recommended for the driver’s clubhead speed of 70-90 mph;
  • The Vivid Soft ball has the VU-X cover that gives the great combo of distance and feels;
  • The Vivid XT golf is recognized for maximum distance. It was even picked as the official golf ball for the World Long Drive Tour;
  • The Crystal golf ball was specifically designed for the golfers who clubhead speed is about 90 mph;
  • The Vibe ball offers the great soft feel, optimized spin and good distance from the tee;
  • The DS-55 ball with low compression can be good for people whose clubhead speed is about 60-90 mph;

Are Polara balls for golf legal?

The Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting sets produced by the Polara brand are probably the best-selling illegal balls in the United States. The Polara balls are designed to promote a straight shot considering the spin on the ball you are putting. To use this function you just need to aim the arrow on the ball to the goal and swing as you would typically do.

This targeting system is used to evaluate the shot’s optimum direction that will result in a ball trajectory close to that of the expected line.

The Polara ball is so successful in fixing hooks and slices that the USGA has banned its usage in tournaments sanctioned by PGA.

Why are MG balls for golfers called illegal?

As you probably know, the USGA has certain standards for gold balls. Those balls that are long-range or imbalanced, according to these standards, are considered illegal. But still they could be a great choice for amateurs and high-handicappers who mostly play for the enjoyment of the game. 

The MG Senior balls for golfers won’t be allowed for any professional tournament. However, they are quite popular among illegal balls for golf players. The MG Senior accessories are considered illegal because they easily exceed the max distance confirmed by the USGA. But you need to hit the sweet spot to add this extra distance to your drive. Some golfers claim that these balls can go up to 15 yards longer off the tee. Some players believe that such claims are false and MG Senior golf balls aren’t capable of going further than Velocity balls. 

What is the average lifespan of an illegal ball for golf?

Small balls for golfers may easily be lost or destroyed before wearing them out. The average ball should serve at least seven or eight full 18-hole rounds without any performance degradation unless visible damage is obvious on the ball’s cover.

Also, keep in mind that even the best illegal golf balls with serious scuff marks could have worse performance. Illegal golf balls can smudge during pitch shots when they come across wedges. Play for a hole or two with it and you’ll probably find that the scuff mark doesn’t decrease the ball’s performance.

Interesting Video: Some ILLEGAL golf balls

Final thoughts 

If you’re looking for a set of illegal golf balls that will help you improve your game, then the products listed in this blog post are worth considering. You can find reviews and all the information you need to make an informed decision about which one is perfect for your needs. And if it turns out none of these choices fit what you’re looking for, don’t worry! There are plenty more options on the market.