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5 Best Illegal Golf Balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls

Most recommended
PolaraPolara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls
  • 1 Dozen
  • Unique 2-piece construction
  • Less Aerodynamic Lift

A good choice too
MG GolfMG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed
  • 1 Dozen
  • USGA non-conforming
  • Putts feel more solid

A good choice too
Band-ItBandit Non Conforming Illegal Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • 1 Dozen
  • Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • Bandit

Band-ItBandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • Incredible performance
  • Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • Strikes the ultimate balance

VolvikVolvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf BallsVolvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls
  • 12 Count Box
  • Yellow
  • Nonconforming Distance

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Illegal Golf Balls

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27.83% of users selected Polara, 24.84% selected MG Golf, 2.61% selected Band-It, 3.48% selected Band-It 2 and 41.24% selected Volvik. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed, Distance, & Maximum Enjoyment (1-Dozen)
  • The longest ball for golfers whose drives are less than 250 yards. (Individual results may vary.)
  • Expect more distance. Astonishingly more. The MG Senior flies higher and longer, with a hotter feel off the face and a sound you aren't used to hearing anymore. And you can expect 1 to 1-1/2 clubs longer with your irons too!
  • Putts feel more solid.
  • USGA non-conforming. The MG Senior (unlike our other balls) is not legal for most tournament play. It is for golfers who want more enjoyment from the game.
Bandit Non Conforming Illegal Maximum Distance Golf Balls 1 Dozen 12 Count Box
  • Lithium Surlyn Cover In order to achieve optimum results Bandit Golf produced a technologically advanced patented dimple pattern with an extremely durable DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover to provide perfect aerodynamic and geometric symmetry.
  • Super Reactive Proprietary Core Recognizing the core of a golf ball as the source of energy and the most critical element for increased distance Bandit Golf developed its own proprietary core featuring a special blend of polybutadiene synthetic rubber and high energy transfer metals.
  • Bandit’s exclusive core design maximizes the energy transfer from club head to ball for greater ball velocity upon impact and the ultimate in distance. Our nonconforming technology provides the hardest hitting golf ball on the market.
  • Revolutionary Dimple Design. While other golf balls reach their apex and begin to descend, the Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball hangs in the air longer and descends at a shallower angle.
  • The high-energy core and aerodynamic dimple design provide the perfect combination for more carry, more roll and maximum distance!
Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls
  • DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover
  • Delivers incredible performance
  • Strikes the ultimate balance of performance and distance
Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls - Yellow / 12 Count Box
  • Illegally Long, Non-Conforming distance balls now available in 3-piece ball! The Volvik Magma is designed for golfers seeking super distance and soft feel, especially for senior golfers with low swing speed. The special design in size increase in flying distance by reducing the drag force, while the adjustment in weight increases in running distance, providing in total 20 yard longer than any other balls. The special dual core consisted of the “Power Core” and the “Control Layer” makes smooth feel and strong spin on the green The high resilient ionomer cover has 432-Icosahedron dimple pattern to provide excellent lift and aerodynamic consistency 90 Compression, 64 Cover Hardness

We have compared illegal golf balls and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable illegal golf ball and improve your golf experience!

FAQ Illegal Golf Balls

What is the longest distance for an illegal golf ball?

According to many experts and golf players with a high handicap, a few illegal golf balls can be picked for hitting the longest distance. For instance, you may try Foo King Long golf 2-piece balls with 432 dimples. Also, good compression and low spin of this ball make it really fast. It can be a good practice ball on the green. 

If you seek a legal golf ball with the longest distance, try using such sets: 

  • Titleist Pro V1x – one of the most consistent balls with the farthest distance of 266.7 yards;
  • TaylorMade TP5X;
  • Chrome Soft by Callaway;
  • Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS;
  • Srixon Z-Star;

Are all Nitro balls for golfers illegal?

The question causes disputes because some Nitro balls for golfers are legal, according to the USGA standards, and some are not. In fact, right now amateur players use only Nitro LD + 20 sets of non-comforting golf balls.

The Nitro LD+20 model is a golf ball with a maximum range. This ball was designed without considering the USGA rules, so any U.S. official tournament won’t accept it. This ball has a density center of 100 but along with the extremely soft texture. This ball is built with the robust Dupont Lithium Cover layer.

Despite following the USGA standards, Nitro Golf always focuses on providing both premium quality and improved distance. One of their main selling points is fair price for all types of Nitro balls. 

If you look for legal Nitro golf balls for professional tournaments, you may choose such balls as Tour Distance, Eclipse, Whiteout, Ultimate Distance, Pulsar Box, Maximum Distance. These Nitro golf balls were even certified by the USGA. 

Are Volvik balls legal?

Yes, they are. All Volvik golf balls are allowed in terms of the USGA standards. Volvik provides competitive pro golf balls. The brand owns 58 trademarks globally, and their balls for golfers manage to achieve popularity in the field of sports. They reign on the LPGA Tour and are both the official World Long Drive Tour and Championship game.

Some of the best Volvik legal golf balls are: 

  • The Vivid ball is recommended for the driver’s clubhead speed of 70-90 mph;
  • The Vivid Soft ball has the VU-X cover that gives the great combo of distance and feels;
  • The Vivid XT golf is recognized for maximum distance. It was even picked as the official golf ball for the World Long Drive Tour;
  • The Crystal golf ball was specifically designed for the golfers who clubhead speed is about 90 mph;
  • The Vibe ball offers the great soft feel, optimized spin and good distance from the tee;
  • The DS-55 ball with low compression can be good for people whose clubhead speed is about 60-90 mph;

Are Polara balls for golf legal?

The Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting sets produced by the Polara brand are probably the best-selling illegal balls in the United States. The Polara balls are designed to promote a straight shot considering the spin on the ball you are putting. To use this function you just need to aim the arrow on the ball to the goal and swing as you would typically do.

This targeting system is used to evaluate the shot’s optimum direction that will result in a ball trajectory close to that of the expected line.

The Polara ball is so successful in fixing hooks and slices that the USGA has banned its usage in tournaments sanctioned by PGA.

Why are MG balls for golfers called illegal?

As you probably know, the USGA has certain standards for gold balls. Those balls that are long-range or imbalanced, according to these standards, are considered illegal. But still they could be a great choice for amateurs and high-handicappers who mostly play for the enjoyment of the game. 

The MG Senior balls for golfers won’t be allowed for any professional tournament. However, they are quite popular among illegal balls for golf players. The MG Senior accessories are considered illegal because they easily exceed the max distance confirmed by the USGA. But you need to hit the sweet spot to add this extra distance to your drive. Some golfers claim that these balls can go up to 15 yards longer off the tee. Some players believe that such claims are false and MG Senior golf balls aren’t capable of going further than Velocity balls. 

What is the average lifespan of an illegal ball for golf?

Small balls for golfers may easily be lost or destroyed before wearing them out. The average ball should serve at least seven or eight full 18-hole rounds without any performance degradation unless visible damage is obvious on the ball’s cover.

Also, keep in mind that even the best illegal golf balls with serious scuff marks could have worse performance. Illegal golf balls can smudge during pitch shots when they come across wedges. Play for a hole or two with it and you’ll probably find that the scuff mark doesn’t decrease the ball’s performance.

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