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10 Best Golf Push Carts

Best Golf Push Carts
Best Golf Push Carts

Most recommended
Clicgear Model 3.5
  • Compact
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Weight: 10 lbs

A good choice too
Golf Push Cart
  • Slide-to-close feature
  • Dual front-wheel brake
  • Weight: 10 lbs

A good choice too
Bag Boy Quad XL
  • Weather resistant frame
  • Super compact for storage
  • Weight: 16 lbs

Spin It Golf Products
  • Scorecard Holder
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs

Swerve Founders Club
  • Storage for Accessories
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Weight: 20.1 lbs

Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart
  • Comfort Fit Deluxe seat
  • The scorecard holder
  • Weight: 22 lbs

CaddyTek CaddyLite
  • Wheel alignment mechanism
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Weight: 13.78 lbs

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs

Navigator Push Cart
  • Waterproof compartment
  • 3 wheeled sport utility cart
  • Weight: 1.17 lbs

Compact 3 Push Cart
  • Resistant aluminum frame
  • Extra-large accessory bag
  • Weight: 10 lbs

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Golf Push Carts

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53.57% of users selected Clicgear Model 3.5, 14.29% selected Golf Push Cart, 8.93% selected Bag Boy Quad XL, 7.14% selected Spin It Golf Products and 16.07% selected Swerve Founders Club. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Golf is great, but only if you have a reliable way of transporting your gear from one hole to another. If you’re sick of spending money on golf carts, tired of spending the day with a caddy, or desperately need to retire your grandfather’s rickety 1970s golf push cart, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve brought you a detailed rundown of the top 10 best golf push carts. Read along to find out which products offer easy access, smooth travels, and ample accessories.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart – Editor’s Choice

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push CartThe Clicgear 3.5+ push cart offers a tremendous amount of storage on an otherwise compact cart. In fact, the mechanical caddy has a large drop-down cargo net for balls as well as a console with holders for scorecards, golf balls, pencils, and tees. On top of that, the cart features ample accessories.

These include a cup holder, umbrella mount, and a couple of customizable Clicgear accessory tabs. With loads of built-in conveniences and more than enough room to store the basics, the Clicgear cart is wildly popular with both beginner and skilled golfers.

Ease of Movement

It’s worth noting that the Clicgear car is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. At just 18 pounds, it’s faster and more agile than many of its competitors. On top of that, it boasts maintenance-free airless tires that provide a lifetime of trouble-free golf course navigation. When it comes time to stop, a reliable hand brake keeps the cart from rolling away. Finally, the Clicgear’s built-in slide-to-close mechanism enables users to fold the cart up for so that it fits nicely in a vehicle trunk or garage.

Pros Cons
Comes in six different colorways Additional Clicgear accessories sold seperately
Folds up for storage and transportation
Reliable hand brake
Ample onboard accessories and storage
Detailed console
Adjustable clip-on bag straps

Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart – Most Reliable Push Cart

Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push CartThe Clicgear Model 8 3 wheel push cart is a perfect place to plop your cart bag. It features a sturdy four-wheel base backed by dual front-wheel brakes and frontend alignment. While the cart extends out to accommodate loads of heavy irons, it also features a slide-to-close function that reduces it to a 15 by 17 by 27-inch rectangle.

On top of sporting adjustable bag clips, the Model 8 boasts built-in accessory mounts. These include an umbrella mount, two cup holders, and more.

Superb Stability

While older golf push carts have a tendency to veer sideways, the Clicgear has a turn-key front wheel alignment system. This onboard feature ensures that you have full control over your cart at all times. On top of the that, the cart’s four wheels keep the cart firmly planted on the ground. In fact, you never have to worry about this beast flipping or toppling over. While the wheel golf cart is easy to lock in place, it also rolls forward with ease and speed.

Pros Cons
Screw-adjusted frontend alignment Black only
Four-wheel base
Dual frontend brakes
Oversized console with built-in accessories
Folds up for storage
Proprietary slide-to-close feature

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart – Best Budget Pick

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf CartIt’s hard to believe that you can earn back your Bag Boy investment within a handful of visits to your local golf course. This affordable wheel push cart costs less than $200. However, its four-wheel base and ample storage translate to superior movement over the screen.

The onboard console features scorecard, golf ball, and smartphone storage pockets. Meanwhile, its Lok-Top back security system ensures that your clubs stay firmly attached from par one to 18. When you’re finished, you can easily fold the cart up to fit in a compact car or closet.

The Lap of Luxury

We love that Bag Boy didn’t skip out on added conveniences. In fact, they incorporated a cup holder as well as an umbrella mount. On top of that, the golf push cart is expertly designed to roll across a wide variety of landscapes. The best part is that it maintains unmatched stability while traversing over thick grass and rolling hills. If performance is a big factor in your buying decision, the Bag Boy is easy to deploy and even easir to stop.

Pros Cons
Umbrella mount and cup holder accessories
Large console
Locks in place
Low price point
Superior stability with four airless wheels
Folds up for easy storage and transportation

Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart – Most Modern Push Cart

Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push CartLooking for a cart that doesn’t look like it was ripped from the bowels of your grandfather’s garage? The Spin It golf push cart is a black and red masterpiece with unmatched maneuverability and ample onboard storage.

With a trio of swiveling all-terrain wheels and maintenance-free airless tires, no portion of the course is off limits with the Spin It. Not to mention, the rolling caddy folds up into a compact position for incredibly convenient storage and transportation.

Bonus Accessories

Like most modern golf push carts, the Spin It boasts an upright console with a scorecard holder, umbrella mount, and drink holder. Not only does this make for a more luxurious course experience, but it takes the place of potentially intrusive caddies. While the Spin It travels along nicely, it will help you get in your steps while enjoying a game of golf.

Pros Cons
Extremely durable Kick break only
Three-wheel base for extra stability
Large onboard console
Folds for storage
36-inch high handle

Swerve Founders Club 360 Swivel Wheel Qwik Fold Golf Push Cart – Easiest Navigation

Swerve Founders Club 360 Swivel Wheel Qwik Fold Golf Push CartYou can safely skip the cash and carry caddies with this reliable swiveling push cart. It features three all-terrain wheels that are spread far apart for added stability. The support pole leans back, offering you angled access to your clubs.

At the top, an all-encompassing console features scorecard, ball, tee, and beverage holders. There’s also plenty of room to carry personal items, like wallets and cellphones. Not to mention, an onboard umbrella holder helps you stay out of the sun.

Ergonomic Design

There’s no need to fuss with the Swerve. Its swiveling front wheels can make a quick 360 without getting caught up in thick grass or mud. On top of that, the cart’s ample storage offers easy access to the gear you need. The wheel push cart comes fully assembled and ready to go. It has a conveniently located hand and foot brakes for secure stops. Finally, it features an easy folding feature for problem-free transportation and storage.

Pros Cons
360-degree swiveling front
Proprietary one-step Quik Fold system
Airless tires
Ample onboard storage and convenient console
Cup and umbrella holders
Low price

Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with Seat – Best Golf Push Cart with Integrated Seat

Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with SeatWheeling your own clubs is great exercise, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place to sit. If you’re looking for push cart with an integrated seat, the Spider is extremely affordable and sturdy. This three-wheeled cart features durable polymer tires, ample onboard storage, and a padded seat.

It glides gracefully over grass and dirt. Not to mention it has an ergonomic handle that suits golfers of all heights.

Everything You Need

The Spider’s console features handle-side beverage, ball, scorecard, and tee storage. Not to mention, a gaping storage net provides a place for must-have accessories, such as gloves, phones, and food. On top of that, durable bungee-like bag clips keep your golf bag hooked on at all times. Finally, the entire thing folds down into a compact rectangular shape for easy placement in small spaces.

Pros Cons
Durable polymer tires Difficult to assemble
Ample onboard accessories and storage space
Console with room for gear and scorecard
Ergonomic push handle and padded seat for resting
Super light aluminum frame
Cradles standard golf bags
Low price

CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart – Most Affordable Three-Wheeled Cart

CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push CartWith most three-wheeled golf push carts pricing out over $200, it’s surprising to see how well the CaddyTek CaddyLite performs. The two front wheels are slightly large than the 8-inch rear tire, providing a powerful forward momentum over bumpy or uphill cart paths.

The front-wheel ball bearings also help to improve the golf push cart’s stability in rough patches. What’s more, push-release foot brakes help golfers maintain their composure between pars.

Room for Everything

Oftentimes, budget-rate golf push carts skip out on some of the industry-standard storage spaces and accessories. That isn’t the case with the CaddyTek, which features both a mesh net on the handle and a lower basket net. On top of that, it features places for an umbrella and a beverage of your choice. Customers can even choose between solid black or black/green colorways, which makes it easier to pair with a personal bag.

Pros Cons
Low price Learning curve to close
Two colorways
Dual onboard storage baskets
Umbrella and cup holders
Folds down for storage

Cube Cart 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART – Most Compact Folding Golf Cart

Cube Cart 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CARTLooking for a wheel push cart that’s small enough to take on an airplane or fit on the back of a motorcycle? The Cube Cart 3 is actually the world’s smallest push golf cart! It weighs a mere 14 1/2 pounds and folds up into a small bundle.

It’s also super easy to put together. In fact, you just need to pop it open and insert the two rear wheels before you can hit the golf course.

Stable and Secure

Don’t let size be the only thing that determines your purchase. This tiny fold push cart comes equipped with friction-free oversized wheels and maintenance-free rubber tires. It glides over rough landscapes like a hockey player over ice. With a free umbrella holder attachment and a price well under $200, few golf push carts offer as much value and convenience!

Pros Cons
Smallest push golf cart in the world
Maintenance-free rubber tires
Easy to assemble and put away
Free umbrella holder included in order

Golf Gifts & Gallery Navigator Push Cart – Best Golf Push Cart for Beginners

Golf Gifts & Gallery Navigator Push CartIf you’re just getting started or you don’t have much to spend on a golf push cart, the Golf Gifts golf cart is a bare-bones option that costs less than $100. While it may seem too good to be true, this nifty aluminum-framed device navigates well and is extremely stable when stopped.

While it needs to be assembled, instructions are easy to follow and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Back-Saving Apparatus

If hiring a caddy is out of the question and your back can’t take the weight of a bag, this affordable apparatus offers a preferred middle ground. Its low price makes it the perfect gift for a first-time putter and non-indulgent purchase for one’s self. It comes with all the accessories you will need to attach a standard golf bag and keep it from moving around.

Pros Cons
Rear brake Front wheel does not swivel
Affordably priced
Fits on the back of a golf cart
Easy assembly
Basic storage space
Ample bag security

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart – Most Weather-Restistant Golf Cart

Bag Boy Compact 3 Push CartLooking for a compact all-weather cart to keep you putting along come rain or shine? The Bag Boy Compact 3 has a durable yet lightweight aluminum frame that can withstand the varied terrain of most courses.

Its extra-large accessory bag enables you to store all your personal accessories within arms’ reach. Noy to mention, an integrated console gives you a place to home your scorecard, mobile phone, and regular-sized beverage. The push cart itself features outstretched support arms’ reach and bag brackets for unrelenting support.

Ease of Use

We can’t get enough of the Bag Boy 3’s compact fold-down size. It squeezes itself into a small bundle with one touch of a button. We also love that the cart is supported by industry-standard maintenance-free tires. Not to mention, its upper bag brackets keep your golf gear from twisting from side to side. All 19 pounds of push cart are easy to maneuver both on and off the court. If you live in a portion of the country that sees more than sunshine, this all-weather transportation solution is a must-see.

Pros Cons
Folds up quick for transportation No umbrella holder
Easy to maneuver
Upper bag bracket and support arms
Full console
Beverage holder

Best Golf Push Carts – Buyer’s Guide

In the section below, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks on how to find the best push cart. From fundamental design features to added accessories, we’ll tell you what sets our top picks apart from the pack.

What to Look for in a Golf Push Cart

Design and Materials

Best golf push carts are designed to provide storage for your golf bag, clubs, balls, and any other equipment you need to play the game. Styles vary, although most golf push carts have three to four wheels which support a small base and an upright structure.

It’s important that a wheel push cart be extremely durable and sturdy. Notably, the apparatus should be made out of durable metal, such as aluminum. Golf push carts need to be easy to transport too. As such, the materials should also be lightweight, weighing no more than 20 pounds. You should also be able to fold your cart up into a compact bundle that can fit in the trunk of a car.

When a cart is in use, its handle should fall at a level that is comfortable for you to grasp. It’s hard to compare golf push carts to other apparatuses, but they work similarly to jogging strollers. Only your clubs take place where the baby would be. Keep in mind that the handle should be soft and padded to keep your hands well preserved for swings you’ll be taking on the course.

Keep in mind that most golf push carts can accommodate a wide range of golf bag sizes, though it’s best to ensure that the one you choose is compatible with your current gear. Check to see how a golf bag is attached to the cart. Most feature bungees, clips, and/or adjustable arms. Ensure that the system keeps your golf back from sliding back and forth.

Key Features


While most golf courses are well-maintained, it’s important that your golf cart feature heavy-duty tires. We’re big fans of airless tires, as they are virtually maintenance-free. What’s more, polymer, rubber, and other grippy materials give you a big boost when traipsing over mud and debris.


It’s important that your wheel push cart has a reliable set of front or rear brakes. This helps keep your gear from rolling away as you take your turn at a hole or stop to take a quick breather. It’s also important to consider how you activate the brakes. Many manufacturers have incorporated easy-to-use brakes that enabl users to tap to engage and release. Functions such as these keep players from bending over just to secure their load.


Most modern golf push carts feature an onboard console that helps you organize and access essential gear. We like to see a slotted space for a scorecard and a few balls and tees. Having a set spot for important items like these helps you to appear more courteous to your fellow golfers. We also like to see designated spaces for personal items like cell phones and keys. While these items are essential to the game of golf, they’re undeniable accessories in modern times.


Apart from the console. we like to see at least one slotted basket for additional gear storage. Things like gloves, water bottles, snacks, and hats are too big to toss in your pockets. Of course, having two more storage baskets helps eliminate clutter and makes it easier to access the right item at the right time.


Umbrella Holder

Umbrellas help you stay out of the sun on piping hot days. If you’re someone who plans on squeezing in more than a few hours of golf a week, an umbrella, a hat, and a large bottle of SPF should be on your must-have list. While we don’t recommend golfing in a downpour, an umbrella can also help you outlast a brief afternoon drizzle.

Beverage Holder

Whether you’re looking to stay hydrated or want a place to stow away your whiskey on the rocks, a cup holder is an essential golf cart accessory. Keep in mind that most push cart cup holders are designed to hold a standard water bottle or can of soda. As such, you may have difficulty finding one that is going to accommodate your double-walled, 64-ounce water bottle.

Built-In Seat

A less common but incredibly popular wheel push cart add-on is a seat. Many golf push carts feature integrated seating. While this can make a cart a bit beefier and more difficult to maneuver, it’s well worth it to have a seat on the green during long waits. It’s also nice to have a pop-up seat for taking a quick breather or grabbing a bite to eat.


Think about how easy it is going to be to maneuver your golf cart. Some golf push carts have swiveling wheels that make turning easier. Keep in mind that heavy loads have a tendency to tip when they are turned abruptly. What’s more, eeven the most groomed courses have rough patches and hills. If you’re going make it to the last par without falling over, you’ll need a reliable base and unrelenting all-terrain wheels.

Benefits of Using a Golf Push Cart


It’s hard to admit, but golf isn’t the most sweat-educing sport in the world. Since driving an electric golf cart around does little to pump the blood, walking your own clubs is a way to take the sedentary aspect out of the game.

Of course, yielding golf bag over your back is a quick way to earn yourself a herniated disk and retire your clubs altogether. As such, we recommend lightening your load by pushing it instead of carrying it. There’s a reason most caddies are under the age of 16…


Golfers who tow their own gear look like they know what they’re doing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a quality golf push cart is sure to help you earn a positive reputation. While most trolley owners spend a lot of time on the green, there are plenty of affordable options for part-time putters.


A wheel golf push cart enables you to cut across a course on your own accord. You can easily drag your gear with you wherever you go. As such, you never have to backtrack before heading to the next hole. Better yet, you don’t have to chase down your caddy just to get a replacement tee or sip of water.


Renting a golf cart or paying a caddy can get expensive. The best golf push cart will translate to cost savings in just a few visits to the green. If you’re trying to reduce your golf spending, there’s no better way to do it!

Video Tutorial: How to replace a Speed Cart brake cable

Final Thoughts

A lot of golfers choose to walk the golf course rather than rent a wheel push cart, but carrying a bag of clubs can quickly send your back muscles into the spasm of a lifetime. A reliable, easy-to-navigate push cart is the perfect middle ground for a golfer who wants to get their steps in without having to reach out to their chiropractor.

As such, we hope you enjoyed our rundown of the 10 best golf push carts! No matter what you purchase, be sure to keep an eye out for key features that will help you make the most out of your golf experience. While there are plenty of amazing golf wheel carts on the market, our top pick is the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart, which offers expert maneuverability and ample accessories for a low price.