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5 Best Mini Drivers

Best Mini Drivers

Most recommended
Callaway RogueCallaway Golf Mens Rogue Draw Driver
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Synergy
  • Flex: Regular

A good choice too
TaylorMade Original OneTaylorMade Golf Original One Mini Driver
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Material: MCA Diamana F
  • Flex: Stiff

A good choice too
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Titanium
  • Flex: Custom

Callaway Ladies DriverCallaway Golf 2018 Womens Rogue Draw Driver
  • Hand Orientation: Left
  • Material: Quaranta, 40G
  • Flex: Ladies

TaylorMade MCATaylorMade Original One Mini Driver
  • Hand Orientation: Left
  • Graphite
  • Flex: Stiff

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Mini Drivers

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64.2% of users selected Callaway Rogue, 19.04% selected TaylorMade Original One, 8.1% selected Custom Golf Drivers, 3.19% selected Callaway Ladies Driver and 5.47% selected TaylorMade MCA. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Back in the 1970s, there was no such golf term as a “mini driver”. But recently more and more players tend to add a mini driver in their bags with full sets. What is a mini-driver and why do you need to invest in one of these golf clubs?As the title implies, a mini-driver is rather small. It can be compared to the 3-wood but a bit smaller. By adding mini-drivers to their lineups, most manufacturers wanted to fill the gap when a player needs to hit off the tee with a better distance range than a 3-wood club can provide. Besides the tee, a mini-driver can be hit off the deck as well. That is why a mini-driver can provide, in a nutshell.

The following guide aims at reviewing top 5 mini-drivers in the U.S. market. The comparison table and buying guide can be helpful for those players who’ve never tried these golf clubs before.

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Draw Driver– the best for distance!

The Rogue Draw Driver made by Callaway puts a large amount of weight on the foot. It does this, though, without utilizing a closed face, an exaggerated lie tilt, or an offset hosel.

With advanced Jailbreak technologies, Rogue Draw Driver is really a fantastic club. The Callaway Rogue Draw Driver is a fantastic choice for any sport, but it’s best for a mid-to-high handicap golfer searching for improved forgiving and ball speeds while on a tee box.

Callaway and Boeing once again partnered on the aerodynamic Speed Phase technologies for the configuration of the head of the Rogue Draw pilot. They optimized the cutting-edge aerodynamics to assist with higher swinging rates.

  • Improved ball speed;
  • Carbon crown;
  • Increased MOI;
  • Jailbreak distance;
  • Repositioned weight;
  • Too much draw for some techniques;
  • Lacks adjustability;
  • Only left-hand orientation;

It seems that golfers would never stop hungering for more forgiveness and speed. And this mini driver can give you the quality you want. The combined strength of Jailbreak Tech and X-Face VFT Tech both encourages fast ball pace and long reach.

TaylorMade Golf Original One Mini Driver– the best for forgiveness!

The TaylorMade Initial One Mini Driver offers a mix of outstanding distance and precision, along with more forgiveness and control than the fairway wood.

In the standard 13.5 degrees of the loft angle, the shape is rounded and the touch is closed – even though it is hard to notice because of how the angle of the face blends into the crown. Decreased club speed from the smaller shaft implies that the speed of the ball fast but the higher pitch with a low spin was more than 255 yards. This can be fine-tuned via the flexible loft.

  • High ball speed;
  • Great distance;
  • The combo of high launch and low spin;
  • Twist Face tech for straight distance;
  • Speed Pocket tech for extra flexibility;
  • Not recommended for hitting off the deck;
  • Difficult align;

It’s a decent choice for golfers who want more power of the tee without giving up so much distance. It looks like three trees, encouraging more faith in the ball. The mini-driver is a worthwhile choice if you’re struggling to manage your driver and find the lightweight fairway too daunting, or if you don’t want to risk a yard while switching off.

Custom #1 Mini Golf Driver– the best for customization!

Nice from both the tee box and the fairway with an outstanding distance and takes back the consistency lacking from the hard-to-hit regular drivers. The latest aerodynamic form of the driver provides a shallow profile and an elevated middle crown.

It also raises the scale of the sweet spot and decreases the spin for faster, smoother drives and fairway wood drives.

After purchasing, it is possible to configure it. Test the manufacturer’s options before purchasing them.

  • Fully customizable flex;
  • Good for hitting fairway;
  • Improved center crown;
  • Not stable;
  • A bit slow;
  • Durability issues are possible;

The all-titanium clubhead provides a rather wide footprint at the address, making it far more tolerant than the usual 3-wood. If this were the height of a typical driver, the volume would be equivalent to the forgiving 380 cc driver.

Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Draw Driver– the best for ladies!

Some golf clubs were made specifically to be used by female players. The Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue’s Draw mini-driver offers improved ball speed and brand Boeing Aero Package. The added weight in the heel pushes the CG inward, raising the effectiveness of the gear on the open-faced impacts to reduce the slice-spin or stimulate the draw-spin.

Callaway deals with Rogue Draw drivers offering jailbreaking technologies that offer the club distance and improved draw capacity. These drivers will give you a lot of ball speed and incredible stability. Near to the foot, you’re going to have a 5-gram screw in the toe.

The comprehensive form of the head and the long footprint of Rogue’s drivers seem quite friendly. In addition, they are built in such a way that they can allow a higher ball flight from right to left.

  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Jailbreak effect;
  • Improved ball speed;
  • Enhanced balance;
  • Triaxial carbon crown;
  • Premium-grade shaft;
  • The average volume;
  • Only left-hand orientation;

This club can fit nearly all swing speeds as it provides shaft weight choices from 40 g to 80 g. Whether you are a heel striker or a slicer, the Callaway Rogue Draw Drivers may be the perfect alternative for you to pick from.

TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver– the best for the size!

The popular TaylorMade Original One mini-driver offers the best performance in this quickly growing category of new golf clubs. This mini-driver is a fascinating alternative off the tee, but only good fairway wood players can try using it off the turf.

As far as the scale is concerned, the Initial One is very big. The face is very big, making it a much stronger visual option off the tee.

For a mini driver, it goes beyond visual appeal in any imaginable way. TaylorMade has installed all the techs you want the driver to have in a compact 275cc head. This can be a fantastic weapon for a high spinner or a good fairway wood player.

  • The largest mini-driver;
  • A good choice for the tee;
  • Accurate;
  • Tall face;
  • The loud cracks;
  • Good for high-handicappers and beginners;

Hitting the ball with this mini-driver produces a noisy, mid-pitch “crack”. As you step away from the middle of your forehead, the impact becomes louder and somewhat hollower. For such a big, stable club, there is a reasonable input on the consistency of the attack.

The Buyer’s Guide

Further, you may find a few factors to consider when choosing a mini-driver:


Titanium is typically stronger and lighter than steel so that the golf driver’s heads can be made larger and produce a larger sweet spot. Added power ensures that the clubface can be thinner providing the full spring impact by sending the shot farther down the fairway.

Most drivers are made of Titanium, as described above, but they may be mixed with composite materials, depending on what the designers are attempting to accomplish. Carbon and tungsten are also paired with titanium to make the golf club lighter so increasing club pace and tungsten to improve perimeter weighting allowing improved MOI.


Over the years, golfers have seen several shaped heads built to get as much range and the forgiving game as possible. There were rectangular shapes by Callaway and Nike, and also hollow-backed versions. Some of them were successful, and some of them dropped by the wayside. Most of them, though, are pear-shaped and appealing to the eye.


Most drivers are 460cc, the biggest they should be to comply with the regulations and give the most forgiving face. Taylor created a 260cc mini-driver for those golfers who like to target their fairway forest. If you’re a stronger player who wants to form a tee ball, opt for a smaller 440cc head. If you like to crack it, the bigger head would encourage you to keep nothing back.


Drivers are available in the loft range from 8 to 14 degrees. As a rule, the slower the pace of swing the more loft you require. Higher launch produces larger distances to bear, and this is vitally necessary if you play a game with trouble in front of the tee box.

Higher lofted clubs produce more backspin that helps hold the ball in the air but there are more factors to remember, the angle of launch is not determined by loft alone, which is why it is vital to obtain expert advice before investing your hard-earned cash.

Many of the new mini-drivers are now customizable. It’s hard to know which setting to place it on. The drawback of this is that you will adapt based on how you reach the range before you play, even whether you play under certain weather conditions. Most of the adjustments are made in the hose, sole, and now even the removable face.

Useful Video: Cobra Big Tour vs Taylormade Mini Driver!

Final thoughts 

Beginners have to start somewhere, and it’s tricky to decide which driver to purchase. As your shots are going to be a little erratic, to begin with, you certainly want a bigger head.  Male golfers should pick a standard shaft and 10.5 degrees of loft angle.

As for the make, go to the best driver you can afford, and don’t be scared to purchase a second hand or ex-demo. Manufacturers are still designing new clubs, but a standard that is a few years old would always be nice enough.

We have compared mini drivers and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable mini driver and improve your golf experience!