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5 Best Mizuno Irons

Best Mizuno Irons

Most recommended
Mizuno MP-18Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Flex: Stiff
A good choice too
Mizuno JPX919Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Flex: Regular
A good choice too
Mizuno MP-18 Set
Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Split Cavity Golf Iron Set
  • Satin nickel, non glare
  • Chrome finish
  • Kbs Tour stiff shaft
Mizuno JPX919 ForgedMizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Flex: Stiff
Mizuno MP-20Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: KBS S-Taper
  • Flex: Stiff

Choose the Best Mizuno Iron

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Mizuno Irons

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31.88% of users selected Mizuno MP-18, 24.64% selected Mizuno JPX919, 8.7% selected Mizuno MP-18 Set, 20.29% selected Mizuno JPX919 Forged and 14.49% selected Mizuno MP-20. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Are you in the market for a new set of golf clubs? If so, you may be considering investing in a set of Mizuno irons. Mizuno is a well-respected brand in the golfing world, and its irons are often considered to be some of the best on the market. In this guide, golf experts will answer common questions about Mizuno irons and provide product reviews and tips to help you make an informed purchase. 

When it comes to choosing a new set of golf clubs, a few things you will need to take into consideration. First, consider your skill level and what type of player you are. If you are a beginner or casual player, you will likely want to choose a set of Mizuno irons that are designed for forgiveness and ease of use. On the other hand, if you are an experienced player or competitive golfer, you may want to choose a set of Mizuno irons that offers more control and precision.

We’ll also take a look at some of the top models available from Mizuno so that you can find the perfect set for your needs!

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron – the Editor’s choice!

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverThe Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron can become the perfect replacement for your long irons. It’s made of alloy steel for superior durability, and optimized weighting provides a great feel. The non-glare, chrome finish gives this iron a sophisticated look, and the forged shaft ensures a soft feel. In addition, it’s budget-friendly, making it a great choice for any golfer.

The alloy steel and optimized weighting create a club that replacing your long irons is easy, and the non-glare, the chrome finish is both eye-catching and practical.

  • The alloy steel;
  • Long iron replacement;
  • Optimized weighting;
  • Non-glare, chrome finish;
  • Great feel;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Forged shaft;
  • Soft feel;

  • Lightweight steel is great only for mid or slow swings;
  • The loft options are limited;

The Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron is an alloy steel long iron replacement that has been optimized for weighting and features a non-glare, chrome finish for a great feel. It’s budget-friendly and forged with a soft feel.

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set – the best feel!

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverIntroducing the Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal golf iron set. Engineered for a great and balanced feel, these irons provide improved interaction with the course turf for an increased distance of about 10 yards.

With their crisp and professional look, they will have you looking and playing your best on the green. Also, with their soft landing into the green, you’ll be able to stay focused on your game without worrying about your equipment.

  • Great and balanced feel;
  • Good interaction with the course turf;
  • The distance gain is about 10 yards;
  • Crisp and professional look;
  • The soft landing into the green;

  • The badge design is not for everyone;
  • High levels of spin across all the irons;

The Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Golf Iron Set is perfect for the golfer who wants great performance and a sophisticated look. In addition, their crisp appearance will make you look like a pro when you step onto the green.

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Split Cavity Golf Iron Set – the best for professionals!

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverIf you’re looking for a golf iron set with great performance at all angles, the Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Split Cavity Golf Iron Set can be good for you. The split cavity design gives you great control and a soft, consistent feel on every shot.

Moreover, the steel construction ensures durability and longevity. And thanks to the non-glare chrome finish, you’ll be able to play your best game even in bright sunlight.

  • Good performance at all angles;
  • Good control;
  • Soft and consistent feel;
  • Alloy steel;
  • The split cavity is great for the professional golf;
  • Non-glare, chrome finish;

  • Not quite forgiving;
  • Not recommended for high handicappers;

The Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Split Cavity Golf Iron Set can be ideal for anyone who wants good performance at all angles. The set has great control and a soft, consistent feel. It’s made with alloy steel and features a split cavity design that’s perfect for professionals. In addition, the non-glare chrome finish makes it look great!

Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set – the best for durability!

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverThe Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set is a beautifully crafted set of irons that offer a great feel and lasting durability.

The pearl brush finish on the club heads creates a sleek, elegant look while the increased grain density in the frame provides enhanced stability and pure, long lines. These irons are sure to improve your game and provide years of enjoyment on the course.

  • Good durability;
  • Great feel;
  • Pearl brush finish;
  • The frame is stable;
  • Increased grain density;
  • Long and pure lines;

  • Expensive;
  • Heavy;

This Mizuno Set is the perfect choice for golfers who demand the very best. These irons are constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and they offer superior durability, feel, and performance. The pearl brush finish and stable frame provide a sleek, classy look that will make you stand out on the course.

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series – the best design!

1 PGX Offset Golf DriverWith sleek styling and a classic design, the MP-20 provides the perfect blend of form and function. If you’re looking for an iron set that combines power, precision, and purity, the Mizuno MP-20 is a perfect choice.

The Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series provides golfers with a consistent feel and nice looks. These clubs have a greater purity compared to other clubs in Mizuno’s line, thanks to improved impact technology and a copper underlay.

  • Consistent feel;
  • Nice looks and design;
  • A greater purity compared to other clubs of other Mizuno sets;
  • Improved impact technology;
  • Copper underlay;
  • Good for power golf players;

  • They may lack some distance;
  • High spin rate;
  • Not for beginners;

These irons can be ideal for power golfers who demand the most from their equipment. With the MP-20 series, you’ll have the confidence you need to take your game to the next level.

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features

Set Composition

One of the most essential aspects to consider is what makes up the set. Mizuno irons are commonly sold as sets, and you must determine what you need. The more irons there are in a set, the more costly it becomes. You don’t have to acquire all of your equipment at once if you’re a novice.

Set Composition

The most frequent combination is a set of irons with nine clubs.

Long irons are known by the numbers 2, 3, and 4, although seeing a 2-iron is rare these days, so most people will begin with 3.
The numbering of mid-irons, on the other hand, begins with 5 and continues to 7. The number 8 is used for short irons. A pitching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge are sometimes included in an iron set [1].

Type of Iron

1) Blade Irons

Previously, blade irons were thin and difficult to hit. It has changed a lot of things these days. Professionals only still best utilize this iron type. This is not cheap since it requires complicated forging and shaping. The iron’s club head has a uniform distribution of weight. It is also known as a muscle back and has a tiny sweet spot, which is why beginners should stay away from it.

2) Cavity Back Irons

This is the most common type of iron. The weight is evenly distributed around the club head’s perimeter, making it more forgiving. It has a larger sweet spot and is easier to hit than blade irons.

If you are just starting out, we recommend that you use cavity back irons. These will help you get used to the game and improve your skills before moving on to more difficult clubs.

So, there are two types of Mizuno Irons: Blade and Cavity back [2]. Both have their pros and cons, so it is important to decide which one is right for you before making a purchase. If you are just starting out, we recommend cavity back irons as they are more forgiving and easier to hit than blade irons. However, if you are more experienced, blade irons may be a better option for you.


  • Forged. This is a one-piece iron made of pure metal. The forging process improves the iron’s longevity, but it reduces the sweet spot. If you value feel, this is the model to go for. It’s also more popular among those with extensive expertise;
  • Cast Iron. If you’re on a tight budget, the Mizuno cast irons are an excellent option. They are simpler to produce, which makes them more affordable. Casting allows for the use of different materials and perimeter weighting, improving the golf club’s performance [3];


Steel or Graphite?

Steel is the more popular choice as it is less expensive and more durable. It also provides more feedback to the golfer, which some players prefer. 

Steel or Graphite?

Graphite shafts are lighter and provide more flex, making them a good choice for players with slower swing speeds. 

Ultimately, the decision of which type of shaft to choose is up to personal preference [4].


Aside from the shaft’s material, the length is equally crucial. The moment you start a golf swing, your arms and hands receive momentum from the rest of your body. This drives force in the swing. As a result, it has an influence on how much power you have. It also has an impact on swing speed as well as overall performance. An incorrect length might make it tough to shoot poorly.

If you are a novice, choose short irons since they will be simpler to hit.
This is because the loft rises as the length decreases. As a consequence, you’ll have greater control over your swing, allowing you to accurately aim the ball where you want it.

Head Angle

One important factor to consider when choosing Mizuno irons is the head angle. The head angle is the angle between the shaft and the ground. It’s important to choose an iron with the right head angle for your swing. If you have a slow swing speed, you’ll want a higher head angle. If you have a fast swing speed, you’ll want a lower head angle.

Mizuno offers irons with different head angles to fit different swings. For example, the MP-18 irons have a low head angle for players with fast swing speeds. The JPX-900 Tour irons have a high head angle for players with slow swing speeds.

Skill level

In the past, Mizuno golf irons were designed specifically for low-handicap players. This has changed, and all levels of golfers may now enjoy what the Mizuno brand has to offer. The Mizuno is the golf iron to choose from if you want a great feel and one that will last through the years.

Age Of The Club

Mizuno has always been a popular choice among professional and amateur golfers alike. If you’re looking for an iron that will improve your game and last through the years, consider Mizuno. With their new line of irons, there’s sure to be a Mizuno iron perfect for your game. 

Age Of The Club

Mizuno releases new irons every year or so, but a two-year-old iron from Mizuno isn’t obsolete. In reality, most of these clubs will be premium-feeling golf irons with a fantastic feel and consistency. Some people keep their Mizuno golf irons for ten years or longer [5].


Another aspect to consider when purchasing an iron set is the configuration. Golfers may choose between a larger iron set that contains some of the best Mizuno iron choices and a small iron set with more customization to round out the collection.

The company’s clubs are ideal for a variety of skill sets, with the blade or cavity-backed choices.
A well-rounded Mizuno iron collection is a fantastic start to creating your bag whether you like your club set to blend together or not [6].

Cross Sets

The best Mizuno irons for cross sets are the MP-20 HMB and the MP-20 MB. The MP-20 HMB has a slightly lower center of gravity than the MP-20 MB, making it easier to launch the ball into the air. The MP-20 MB is a bit more forgiving on mishits, so it’s a good choice for players who are just starting out with cross sets.

Cross Sets

Both of these irons have forged heads made from soft carbon steel, which gives them an incredibly soft feel at impact. They also have thin faces that flex easily at impact, resulting in faster ball speeds and longer distances. And finally, they both have narrow sole widths that help reduce turf interaction for cleaner contact.


There are no concerns when it comes to feel with Mizuno golf irons. The better a club feels, the more responsive it is, and the easier it is to hit the ball near to the cup. With any of these club choices, you should expect a buttery and clean feel.


What Mizuno irons are forgiving?

The Mizuno Pro 225 forged irons are one of the most forgiving forged irons, while the Mizuno JPX 921 forged irons are also a fantastic choice. Forged irons are also less in number, owing to cost, but also because the cast manufacturing allows for more freedom in moving mass within the clubhead [7].

Which pros use Mizuno irons?

Many professional golfers use Mizuno irons including Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, and Rory McIlroy [8].

Tiger Woods used the Mizuno MP-14 irons for many years before switching to Nike. He has since switched back to using Mizuno irons.

Brooks Koepka also uses Mizuno JPX900 Tour irons. He is one of the longest hitters on Tour and these clubs have helped him achieve that distance.

Rory McIlroy uses Mizuno JPX900 Forged irons. These are some of the best forged irons on the market and they have definitely helped Rory improve his game.

Are Mizuno 921 forged irons forgiving?

The 921s, as far as these go, are forgiving to a degree. There are certain clubs out there that are more forgiving. The Mizuno JPX 921 forged is a forgiving club that won’t hold your hand as a game improvement iron would, but they do come with technology to reduce the odd bad shot [9].

Are Mizuno irons hard to hit?

No, Mizuno irons are not hard to hit. In fact, they are some of the most forgiving irons on the market.  However, they are not as forgiving as some of the game improvement irons. If you are looking for a forgiving iron, the Mizuno Pro 225 forged iron is a great choice.

Mizuno is a Japanese company that has been making golf clubs for over 100 years. They have a long history of making high-quality clubs that help improve the game of all types of players. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is the Mizuno iron to suit your needs.

Where are Mizuno irons forged?

In 1968, Mizuno relocated the manufacture of its forged irons to Hiroshima on the Japanese island of Honshu. The relationship continues to allow Mizuno to grow and perfect its forging skills over time, even though it is still produced in the same luxurious factory [10].

Why are Mizuno irons so expensive?

Mizuno irons are expensive because they are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They are also forged, which is a more labor-intensive process than casting. Forged clubs are typically more expensive than cast clubs.

Can higher handicappers play with Mizuno irons?

That is somewhat true today, and it’s the reason why Mizuno makes still some of the greatest irons for mid- to high-handicap golfers in the world. The finest range for mid to high handicappers at this time is the Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metals.

Useful Video: Ultimate Mizuno Irons Comparison | MP-20 & JPX 921 | Which Mizuno Iron Should You Play?

Final thoughts 

In order to find the best set of Mizuno irons for your game, you will need to consider a few factors. First, think about your skill level and what type of player you are. Are you a beginner or more experienced? If you are looking for something forgiving and easy to use, then check out some of the beginner models. 

However, if you are looking for more control and precision, there are plenty of options available for experienced players as well. We’ve also put together a guide on the best driving irons so that you can make an informed decision about which set is right for you. Thanks for reading!


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