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5 Best Women’s Golf Clubs

Best Womens Golf Clubs

Most recommended
Believe Purple Set
  • Right Hand
  • 2 Hybrid Irons
  • 4 matching head covers

A good choice too
Top Performance Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Club Set Right Hand
  • Right Hand
  • Lightweight Graphite Shaft
  • Upgraded Stand Bag

A good choice too
Callaway 2018 RogueCallaway Golf 2018 Womens Rogue Fairway Wood
  • Right Hand
  • Shaft Material: Quaranta
  • Jailbreak Technology

Wedgewood Golf 7Silver IR Series 7 Iron Hybrid Golf Club
  • Right Hand
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Wide Curved Sole

AGXGOLF MagnumAGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Driver wLady Flex Graphite Shaft
  • Right Hand
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Loft: 10.5 Degrees

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Women’s Golf Clubs

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19.38% of users selected Believe Purple Set, 2.33% selected Top Performance, 6.2% selected Callaway 2018 Rogue, 3.1% selected Wedgewood Golf 7 and 68.99% selected AGXGOLF Magnum. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Participating in any sport is easiest when you have the right tools and gear for the game. Golf is one sport where being technical can mean the difference between making a putt and sending the ball sailing just to the right. Beginners especially need the right tools to help them get the height and distance to keep their shot count down.

This Best Golf Club list provides five items that women may find useful whether learning how to play golf or trying to lower her total. We include full sets and single options to give you a broad range of choices. All our picks are affordable, but the single club options are obviously much less than the sets.

This section of the guide will delve into the details of each product. We will cover the best and worst points. You will discover things like club composition and loft angle for the items below.

Believe Ladies Complete – Best Lightweight Choice Set

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set - Purple - Right-HandedHaving a full set of dependable clubs is a huge help when you play the sport often. The Believe Ladies Clubs are functional and stylish with white shafts and silver heads. Purple and gray accents complete the look with a stylish geometric pattern and the name, Believe, in bold, black letters.

All the irons have a stainless steel head and a wide face to provide maximum force for hitting the ball long distances. The putter has the same style, with a mallet shape to make it easier to hit the ball. Each club uses a premium construction with a carbon fiber technology to ensure it is light enough for toting around the course.

  • 460 cubic centimeter driver
  • Iron covers match the bag
  • Two hybrid irons
  • Total bag weight – 18 pounds
  • Maximum distance set
  • Forgiving design to improve accuracy
  • Available in three sizes including standard, a minus one-inch for petite users, and a plus one-inch option for taller consumers
  • Bag design is the opposite of most golf bags
  • Quality of the bag may leave something to desire

Top Performance Ladies Golf Set – Best Editor’s Choice Set

Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Club Set Right HandWhen you need a dependable set of women’s golf clubs, then the Top Performance set is the best item on our list. These clubs come with a silver and black surface, and a colored shaft. There are three color choices with purple, pink, and cherry.

Top Performance clubs come in three sizes to fit users from five feet to six-foot-three inches tall. A contoured handle makes it more comfortable to use and carry this bag across 18 holes. A waterproof hood comes with this package to protect your gear when you get caught in a shower.

  • Integrated deluxe stand
  • Club covers match the designer bag
  • Shoulder sling comes with padding for added comfort
  • Plastic zipper pulls makes it easy to access balls and tees
  • Durable cross-stitching ensures the bag will last through lots of use
  • Set includes a driver, 3 wood, putter, and several irons
  • Hybrid iron for better distance and accuracy
  • You may experience 9 iron heads breaking from the shaft after a couple months use

Callaway Golf Certified Refurbished – Best for Straight Flight Women’s 3 Wood

Callaway Golf 2018 Womens Rogue Fairway WoodIf your golf swing is lacking, then purchasing a wood versus a driver might work better at first. This club uses a wide face and head to help ensure accuracy. The Callaway refurbished wood is an affordable way to start your new hobby.

This 3 wood is a 19-degree club that will give you more distance to get closer to the target. Callaway certifies these clubs to ensure they are accurate and true. The clubhead is a triple design that provides the maximum hitting surface.

  • Aerodynamic design from Boeing for true flight and straighter shots
  • Jailbreak construction
  • Comes with a club cover
  • Stunning black and teal color
  • Flex style
  • Quaranta shaft material
  • May have minimal wear and tear out of the box

Wedgewood Golf IR Series – Best 7 Iron Club for Power

Silver IR Series 7 Iron Hybrid Golf ClubIf you need a club that will give you the striking force to drive down your shot count, then the Wedgewood 7 Iron might be your favorite. This club comes with a silver and black cover that matches the shaft. The simple, straight lines on the clubface ensure maximum contact with the ball.

This club is for women who golf with their right hands. The club is wide to give the user the best ability to hit the ball. The design is patented to preventing shanking giving you a truer shot every time.

  • Lower balance point
  • Additional weight on the back end of the club for a more solid hit
  • Longer front
  • Shorter shaft length to improve accuracy
  • Club design makes it easier to hit out of the rough
  • May not improve scores as much as the buyer expects

AGX Golf – Best Distance Women’s Club

AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Driver wLady Flex Graphite ShaftIf you want your tee shots to look like the pros, then this club might be the one to pick. The AGX Golf Club comes in three options for heights from four-foot eight inches to six-foot-one inch tall. This driver comes with a black and white cover.

The AGX driver uses a tall face with a wide design to provide maximum surface area to contact the ball. A slight offset feature means this club will arc the balls making your shots look like the ones you see on television.

  • American product
  • Lightweight shaft with graphite construction
  • Low center of gravity
  • Highly solid face for greater impact force
  • 10.5 club loft
  • Flexible shaft to absorb impact
  • Some users not happy with the offset design

Buyer’s Guide – Best Women’s Golf Clubs FAQ’s

Purchasing these products will undoubtedly mean you have questions. This part of the guide will attempt to give you the most informative answers to common questions about women’s golf clubs.

Can you adjust the club grips

No. These models come with permanent grips. The sets on our list come with several size options for taller or shorter users. You can also purchase aftermarket grips to put on your clubs.

Does the bag have a stand

The Top Performance set comes with a premium stand. The Believe set does not. The other items on our list are single clubs.

Are these clubs flexible

Some of the models have flexible shafts. To find out which ones are rigid, you can look through the individual reviews above.

Does the bag come with a cooler compartment

No. These sets do not have an integrated cooler.

Are there dividers in the bag

Yes. In the Top Performance set, there are several compartments for clubs with a divider for each one.

Does a cover come with the clubs

Yes. Each set has several covers, and the individual clubs come with a cover for each.

Tips for selecting the right club for you

Most of the items on our list range between 43 and 46 inches in length. Shorter women may want the smallest options on the list. Average height women can use shafts that are about 45 inches. Most of the clubs will fit a range of heights. The best thing is to look at the manufacturer’s instructions for each product to decide which one is right for your height.

Shaft length is not the only consideration. The shaft material, clubface, and whether the club is for a beginner or professional is important. For new golfers, sticking to a flexible shaft with a wide head and lightweight material is often the best option. Women with more experience may appreciate a club with a higher loft or the jailbreak design to give them the swing they desire.

Video Tutorial: What To Look For in Women’s Golf Clubs

Concluding thoughts about golf clubs for women

Since all these clubs are inexpensive, you may find buying one and trying it out is a good way to determine the features you want. These clubs are very forgiving items, allowing beginners or intermediate players the opportunity to improve their game. We like the sets because they make wonderful gifts. We suggest using the person’s height as a way to determine whether to get standard, petite, or tall clubs.

The women’s golf game differs from the men’s golf game. While men hit the ball with more speed, the swing speed of most women is slightly lower. To achieve an appropriate distance, men’s and women’s golf clubs differ in terms of the components used and the specifications (such as loft).

A women’s golf set helps women to simply get the ball in the air and achieve the maximum distance. The standard length of the clubs’ shafts for ladies is also about 1 inch shorter than their men’s clubs, due to the difference in the body size.

What are the best women’s golf clubs?

  • Irons and wedges – individual irons 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are usually supplemented by 2 wedges: pitching wedge and sand wedge. The irons are needed to hit the balls at shorter distances. The irons are designed for precision. With a full swing, the gradation between the individual irons and wedges should be between 7 and 10 meters. With this scaling your golf set is perfectly suited to hit the green accurately;
  • Fairway woods are the clubs that produce the greatest distance after a driver. The shaft is quite long, the wood’s head is relatively compact. A fairway wood develops its full potential on the short grass of the fairway or from the tee-off, but then very poorly teed up. The flight of the ball is relatively flat, with less backspin for additional distance gained by rolling after landing;
  • A putter is used to hold the ball on the green. The putter gives confidence and a good feeling for direction control. The individual club head shapes differ in their characteristics;
  • Rescue clubs (Hybrid) – distances between the fairway wood and the irons are tackled. The trajectory with a hybrid is similar to that of an iron, i.e. slightly higher with more backspin for good distance control and less rolling after landing;
  • Drivers in a women’s golf club set, the driver has the sole right to tee off. The maximum distance gain is the purpose of the driver. Women’s drivers are often equipped with a loft between 12 and 15 degrees. This provides a higher ball flight for the greatest possible distance. Very athletic women with a fast swing should rather consider a model with the 12-14 degree loft range, whereas most female golfers make the best choice when picking a driver with the 13-16 degree loft.

Top 5 best women’s golf clubs, according to Golf-Hook.com:

  1. Believe offers 2 hybrid irons for ladies, each club has 4 matching head covers;
  2. Top Performance club is good for right-handed ladies, this model has a lightweight graphite shaft;
  3. Callaway model is equipped with the jailbreak tech, the shaft is made of the exotic material called Quaranta;
  4. Wedgewood Golf is awesome for right-handed golfers, with the clubs made of graphite shafts;
  5. AGXGOLF is also for right-handed people, the shaft is made of graphite, the loft is 10.5 degrees;

What clubs should a standard club set for women have? Usually, a lady can opt for the set with 3 woods, 7 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter. Surely, you may pick other brands and models of clubs for the lady’s game. Please share your experience, because I am far from being an expert and still learn many things. Thanks for reading the reviews on Golf-Hook.com!