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5 Best Ping Irons

Best Ping Irons

Most recommended
PING G30 Ping G30 Single Iron 9 Iron Ping TFC 419i Soft Regular Black Dot Right Handed
  • Right Handed
  • Regular
  • Iron
A good choice too
PING Serene 7PING Serene 7 Iron Red Dot
  • Right Handed
  • Ladies
  • Graphite
A good choice too
PING Zing 2Ping Zing 2 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular
  • Right Handed
  • Regular
  • Iron
PING S59Ping S59 Golf Clubs, Blue Dot, Holiday Bonus Free Dozen Golf Balls w/Purchase!Ping S59 Golf Clubs, Blue Dot, Holiday Bonus Free Dozen Golf Balls w/Purchase!
  • Hybrid Performance
  • Stabilizing Bar
  • Good Playability
PING i3 BladePING i3 Blade Irons Set 3-PW Blue Dot
  • Set of 3
  • Stiff
  • Iron

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Ping Irons

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13.16% of users selected PING G30 , 3.29% selected PING Serene 7, 13.82% selected PING Zing 2, 23.03% selected PING S59 and 46.71% selected PING i3 Blade. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Ping has long been regarded as a golf equipment manufacturer that prides itself on offering high-quality products. From 150 yards or longer, their irons have excellent control, far distance, and many spins.

The newest Ping irons now on the market meet the demands of all sorts of gamers at various skill levels.

Ping irons have a distinct style and are made of superior quality. Ping’s iron heads are what set them apart from the competition. Their irons have long been recognized by tour players as significantly improving feel, ball speeds, and ideal launch angle for a soft, highball flight that lands softly on the green.

The Ping G series is one of the most popular golf irons on the market today. It has a solid reputation for being easy to hit and forgiving, which makes it an attractive option for many players. But with so many different models available, how do you choose? Experts have put together this guide to help you make your decision based on what is important to you as a golfer.

Ping G30 Single 9 Iron for Right-Handed Players – the Editor’s choice!

Say goodbye to mediocre irons with the Ping G30. The cavity design has moved the CG lower, increasing initial launch angles for a higher trajectory and easier ball flights. A longer blade means increased perimeter weighting for better forgiveness, while the CTP is positioned lower than previous models to support a more responsive face on each shot.

Ping delivers an incredibly versatile package with its Ping G30 Single 9 Iron – perfect shots are possible even when off-axis, thanks to a crisp feeling of contact with every single shot.

With its incredible beginner-friendly forgiveness and easy distance without much effort needed from golfers, the Ping G30 set of irons will have you playing your best golf all season long.

  • Increased initial launch angles;
  • Longer blade;
  • Lower positioned CTP;
  • User-friendly;
  • Produces a crisp and dense crack;

  • Some users claim its head is too big or offset;
  • Tough to gauge around the greens;

If you don’t have a Ping G30 in your bag, then you’re playing blind. One of the most user-friendly irons in its class, this modern 9 iron offers great forgiveness and distance range.

PING Serene 7 Iron Red Dot – the best for ladies!

The PING Serene irons are easy-to-hit clubs designed to produce high, straight ball flights so you can get more out of your swing. The low and back CG location will give the club a higher launching trajectory perfect for adding distance to your game. These clubs were made with lazy days in mind – they’re appealing but not overbearing.

Ideal for beginner golfers looking to add distance and launch height on towering, straight shots. The low and back CG location combined with the ULT 201I shafts provide a high launching, a distance-enhancing trajectory that enables you to compete off the tee and in the fairway while producing even more reliable stopping power on tricky short game shots.

  • Designed for women;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to hit;
  • Nice roll;
  • High-launch trajectory;
  • Only for beginners;
  • Not recommended for professional male golfers;

The Ping Serene irons are the perfect choice for women golfers. With a high-launching, easy-to-use trajectory and risk of fewer shots caught thin on the greens, the Serene club will help save strokes and keep your momentum building left and right of the fairway.

Ping Zing 2 Right-Handed Iron Set – the best for the impact!

The Ping Zing 2 Right-Handed Iron Set is easy to grip and forgiving. This makes it ideal for the golf experienced, yet beginner golfer alike. A toe-weighted design, cavity back, and sole allow the clubs to pick the ball clean from the turf.

With a lightweight design, you’ll be able to swing through your stroke with ease. The shafts on these irons are made of alloys steel that provides a more solid feel on contact with the ball. They also have toe weighting which will help improve your stability over the golf course’s different terrains, making shots come out cleaner after they leave their face if struck correctly.

  • Made with alloy steel;
  • Comfortable impact;
  • Toe-weighted design;
  • Effortless shot shaping;
  • A solid center of gravity;
  • Hard to choose the correct lie angle;
  • Hard to swing properly;

The Ping Golf Club Zing 2 has been scientifically proven to have a softer impact on swings. The weighting system helps reduce slicing shots and each iron has a solid center of gravity for extra forgiveness!

Ping S59 Blue Dot Golf Club – the best for the soft feel!

The Ping S59 is a right-handed golf club that brings power, accuracy, and consistency to your game. It would be just what you’re looking for if you have a below-average handicap or are struggling after an injury.

The Ping S59 Blue Dot Golf Club is designed for lower handicappers with golfers who are looking for a forgiving club to help execute low scores. With its accurate, long irons and lightweight head, the Ping S59 has proven to be perfect for delivering powerful shots around tight lies or onto elevated greens.

The face of the club also provides exceptional feedback on where contact was made, which is key when you’re aiming at that small putt near the edge of the green. With new shafts designed with softer flexes and stiffer traditional weights to promote more consistency across all swings, mishits are virtually eliminated so you can concentrate on executing your game strategy without worrying about inconsistent upper order performance – just like an experienced pro does!

  • Stiff flex;
  • Soft feel;
  • Good feel at impact;
  • Very forgiving;
  • Exceptional weighting;
  • Consistent shot control;
  • Good for low handicappers;
  • Not aesthetically appealing;
  • Expensive;

Do you want to play your best golf ever without breaking the bank doing it? Sometimes, equipment is cheap but lacks quality or performance. Such is NOT the case with Ping S59 Blue Dot Golf Club! This club will make every shot seem easy to hit due to its exceptional weighting, soft feel at impact, and accurate aim.

PING i3 Blade Irons Set – the best for the response!

Ping’s stiffest, firmest fairway with its most responsive blade in the I3 family. The Custom Tuning Port (CTP) in the cavity allows feedback but filters excess vibration and stays clubhead-to-shaft contact, reducing torque and increasing stability. No matter how many mistakes you make on this course, these blades will still give you clubface feedback while forgiving for your errors.

A “helping hand” for every player who wants solid contact with ample feel and feedback. The breakthrough flattop hosel means more contact between clubhead and shaft, reducing torque for increased stability.

  • Nice response;
  • Made with steel;
  • Reduced torque;
  • CTP in the cavity;
  • Filters excessive vibration;
  • Forgiving;
  • More penetrating trajectory than previous Ping models;
  • The minimal offset of the blade;

A beautifully designed and well-made golf club. The Ping I3 Blade is a premium golf tool with a bounce-free steel head that delivers an amazing feel to the ball. It has a unique composite construction providing additional performance, making it one of the most forgiving clubs on market today.

The Buyer’s Guide

Ping Iron Features:

  1. Fitting

Ping irons are available in different sizes and flex. To ensure that you’re using the right size, Ping recommends having your golf club professional fit you for an iron. You can also measure yourself to find out what length of the shaft would be best for you. With Ping irons, each half-inch makes a considerable difference so it is important not to buy one too long or short. 

The flex of the club is also an important factor. Each golfer has his or her own preference. However, you should consider how fast your swing is before choosing which one to get. A regular or stiffer iron would be best for golfers with quick swings while a flexible or softer iron like ping irons is ideal for slower swings.

Most blade-style Ping irons come with a low center of gravity (CG) ratings which means they are easier to get into position quickly. They also tend to stay square throughout your swing making them extremely accurate as well as forgiving when hitting offline slightly – something not found with most other types of iron sets including cavity backs or muscle backs.

  1. Golf shaft

There are 2 most common types of golf shafts in Ping irons:

  • Graphite shaft. The first and most popular was the graphite shaft. This is also known as the R300 unit. It has a very light feel for golfers at all skill levels, beginners to professionals alike can enjoy this lightweight design without having too much fatigue on their hands after long rounds of play. But it’s not just about weight. There are other factors that make these units go further than others including increased speeds and better distance control over shots which would be harder to accomplish with heavier irons or steel-shafted ones;
  • Steel shaft. Ping introduced another option for its customers besides those who prefer lighter clubs and those who like the feel of steel. This unit is also known as the G400 and was based on a concept where all golfers can enjoy great distance, ball control, and an even more solid feeling than its predecessor (graphite). However, this shaft still doesn’t come with much weight so it isn’t recommended for players looking to add some extra yards onto their shots or go a little further into a par five-course over other competitors in the same price range;
  1. Iron type

Ping irons come in 2 different types: blade and cavity back.

1) Blade irons

A blade iron has a thin face that is predominant on the hitting area of the clubhead, allowing for more precision over distance when hitting shots. 

This type can typically be found with senior clubs. It provides control but not as much forgiveness compared to a cavity-back iron where most of the weight inside the club is distributed towards its sole. It means if you miss-hit your shot then there is less chance for error since all of the energy from impact will be transferred at once rather than being split between the leading edge and sole making it easier to correct any errors made during contact. 

A blade iron can also be good for seniors since it does require less force behind your swing due to its thinner design that makes it easier for those who have decreased strength or mobility issues impacting their game. 

A blade iron is typically best suited to beginner golfers. The thin face provides more control over the flight of the ball, allowing you to focus on hitting with proper technique rather than worrying about making contact in general. 

It’s not always necessary but if you are looking at picking up a new club for an older relative then this could be something worth considering so they can enjoy playing without being slowed down by poor equipment choices. This type of iron is generally found among lower- to mid-level clubs.

2) Cavity back irons

The cavity back iron is generally found with more advanced golfers who require additional forgiveness in their game, especially when approaching the green or attempting to hit out of difficult lies like rough or bunkers. This type provides a larger sweet spot that means if you do not strike the ball with precision then you will still get decent results even though your contact may have been less than perfect. 

The extra weight in the sole also allows for increased momentum. There is a greater force behind each swing – it can be easier to generate distance with your drives due to having more power behind them compared to blade irons where all energy from impact must be focused on hitting through the ball rather than being distributed between clubhead and shaft at once. This type of iron is generally found among mid-to high-level clubs.

Cavity back irons are typically best suited for players with more experience since it provides forgiveness which can be useful when learning how to hit the ball properly, particularly if you miss contact or come up short on your swing but still manage to make solid contact so that your shot goes where intended. 

Hitting a cavity back iron by Ping requires less effort than blade irons and inexperienced golfers will find them easier to use during play compared to those who lack power behind their shots because all energy from impact must be focused on hitting through the ball rather than being distributed between clubhead and shaft at once.

Titleist vs Ping Irons

The Titleist is the industry leader in driver technology and has been for years with their patented CG (center of gravity) technology. Their irons are also known to be very forgiving – perfect if you’re just starting out or looking for your first set of quality clubs that will help shave strokes off your game. 

The Ping irons have a unique design that provides many benefits. The CG is low and deep, resulting in more ball speed on off-center hits as well as better control. These clubs will also help you achieve longer distances with their lightweight clubhead that makes it easier to swing fast without having your wrists break down from the force of your swing.

Ping Iron Care and Maintenance

If you have just purchased a new set of irons, it is important to take care of your equipment. The better you take good care of these clubs the longer they will last and the more money you can save in replacement costs down the road. 

To maintain your Ping iron sets, here are some useful tips:

  • Buy golf club covers for both taking them on trips as well as storing them at home or at work; make sure that all heads fit securely within their respective cover. If not fully enclosed, moisture and dust may start to corrode and damage your clubheads over time;
  • Be mindful of the golf bag that you use in transporting your clubs. A poorly made or worn-out golf bag, for example, one with frayed straps may damage club heads when they are not fully enclosed by their covers. When carrying them on your shoulders make sure to hold both straps;
  • Do not lean over at an angle and allow the weight of the irons to dig into either side of your body as this can cause irreparable harm. Never sit down while wearing a set of Ping irons on your back (even if there is padding built-in) because it will put too much strain on these delicate components that could permanently warp or bend under pressure.  
  • When at the driving range, do not leave your clubs exposed to any sunlight or heat. For instance, if you are finished with them for the day be sure that they are covered up completely and placed in a shaded area away from harmful UV rays. Also, try not to place your golf bag directly on hot pavement as this could damage its legs over time that can lead to more costly repairs down the road;
  • Do not store your golf clubs in an enclosed space, such as a closet or corner of the garage. This will cause them to become dusty and corroded more quickly which can lead to expensive repair costs. If possible, try hanging them on pegboards so that they are loosely suspended between two slats of wood; this allows for easy access when you want to play but also protects these sensitive components from being snagged by loose clothing items hanging nearby;
  • If storing irons at home be sure that there is proper ventilation around each set if possible. For example, don’t just leave them sitting up against the wall in one spot without any airflow because it could potentially trap moisture inside which leads to corrosion faster than normal;
  • When traveling with your irons, be sure to remove any extra weight from the golf bag such as balls or tees. This will reduce strain on the clubs and prevent them from being bent out of shape during transport which can lead to costly repairs at a later date;

The best Ping iron sets are made for quality performance and durability so it’s important that you take good care of these products if you want them to last longer than average clubs before needing replacement parts or major maintenance work done by a professional club fitter.


Is Ping a good golf brand?

The Ping Golf brand has seven of the top 50 players in the world among its ranks. Since the launch of the Eye 2 irons more than 20 years ago, professionals have loved Ping’s reputation for quality.

The design is made in Phoenix, USA, but the manufacturing and parts are sent to China. In comparison to Ping guitars from 20 years ago, there is a lot to be desired. Especially when it comes to accessories such as bags, headcovers, and grips.

It’s one of the most legendary golf equipment brands, and they still make some of the most forgiving clubs on the market.

Ping irons enable you to experience higher spins, longer launches, and, of course, consistency, which is something we can’t skip over.

As previously stated, these irons are the most forgiving you will ever try, and another bonus with this manufacturer is that their iron designs are rather fashionable.

Which Ping irons are most forgiving?

Ping irons are known for their ability to help golfers improve their game. While all Ping irons have the same purpose, there is a difference between them in terms of how forgiving they can be with your shots. The G-Series and S55 models tend to produce some of the most consistent results when on the course or on the driving range.

Which Ping irons are best for mid-handicapper?

The Ping i500 irons are the best for mid-handicappers. They have a very soft feel, and they’re great for learning to improve your game because of their ability to help you hit straighter shots with less effort. The i200s also offer this same benefit without compromising any distance or accuracy.

What are the best irons for a 20-level handicapper?

The Ping G20 Irons are one of the best irons for golfers who shoot in the mid-nineties. They provide excellent distance control with a penetrating ball flight and offer great spin performance off any green.  

The Ping G30’s offer a superior feel, forgiveness, and workability for low handicapped or better players. The improved blade length provides ample confidence at address while exceptional perimeter weighting brings stability to every swing.

What Ping irons are best for beginners?

The Ping S56 irons are the best choice for beginners. These clubs feature a low, center of gravity and high moment of inertia (MOI). This means that they provide better stability and forgiveness on off-center hits than other brands. They also come with the patented True Temper Dynalite Gold steel shafts which deliver a great feel at impact. The blade length is standard but it offers extra clubhead weight so you get more distance even if you’re not an accomplished golfer yet.

Are Ping G410 irons worth it?

If you are looking for an excellent set of irons that can help with your short game and provide control on the golf course, then yes. The G410 iron is designed to reduce skidding in wet conditions so it will be useful if you play golf in any type of weather condition.

Are Ping G410 irons good for high handicappers?

If you are a high handicap golfer, then these irons can help improve your game. The clubface is larger than most brands and the ball will get up in the air more easily.

These irons offer precision-weighted hosel settings to make it easy to obtain optimum trajectory while maintaining the proper center of gravity positioning through all loft angles. This makes each club feel perfectly balanced at impact for optimal shot shape control on every swing.

Are Ping G410 irons forged or cast?

The Ping G410 is cast from a heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel (which strengthens the steel to allow for a thin face). It is available in four through pitching wedge, as well as UW, SW, and LW in 10-lie angle color codes.

Do any pro golfers use Ping irons?

Yes, a number of professional golfers use Ping irons. In fact, the firm has been producing clubs for approximately five decades, and many famous players have utilized them throughout their careers, including Tiger Woods. In reality, Ping has a whole line of clubs dedicated to him. Over the years, Ping has earned a devoted following among both amateurs and professionals on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours

Many of those who don’t use all their Ping equipment has one or two of the company’s clubs on hand, especially its sand wedges and putters. Some of the professional golfers who use Ping irons – Mark Calcavecchia, Miguel Jimenez, Chris DiMarco, Hunter Mahan, Ryan Moore, Bubba Watson, Lee Westwood.

What Ping irons are best?

There is no one answer to this question because it depends on your swing and preference. 

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Players’ type. For players that have an average or better swing speed (90+, you’ll probably want the forged set. The blades may be too hard for these golfers’ swings that can lead to inconsistency in distance control and accuracy;
  • Game improvement iron heads. This type will work well for most golfers who score between 90 and 110, though some experts believe they should work even if your scores aren’t quite there yet as long as you’re not hitting big hooks or slices with your irons;
  • Game improvement iron shafts. If you have a slower swing speed (80 or below), go for the game improvement iron shaft. This is generally considered to be more flexible and forgiving than other types of irons; 
  • Forged vs cast. In general, forged heads are better because they’re harder which produces more consistent distance control and accuracy in your shots. However, if cost isn’t an issue then two cast heads may work just as well for your needs since most golfers won’t notice much difference between them when it comes to performance on the course. Just know that they can be less expensive so it’s not always best to spend extra money unless you really want the additional benefits from a forged head design. Most Ping irons are cast, while only 3 golf clubs are forged;

Video Tutorial: PING Irons – 2018 Ping Irons Compared

Final thoughts 

Hopefully, this article has helped you to make an informed decision about your next set of golf irons. Ping’s iron heads are what set them apart from the competition. Their irons have long been recognized by tour players as significantly improving feel, ball speeds, and ideal launch angle for a soft, highball flight that lands softly on the green.