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5 Best Womens Golf Pants

Best Womens Golf Pants

Most recommended
  • 73% Rayon, 24% Nylon
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
A good choice too
Under ArmourUnder Armour Womens Links Pants
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
A good choice too
Adidas Pull-onadidas Womens Pull-on Ankle Pant
  • Mesh,Polyester,Spandex
  • Imported
  • Cropped length
Greg NormanGreg Norman Womens Ml75 Pull-on Pant
  • Microfiber Polyester, Spandex
  • 2 front pockets
  • UPF 50+
Adidas Full Lengthadidas Womens Full Length Pant
  • Mesh,Polyester,Spandex
  • Imported
  • Smooth, soft and stretchy

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33.33% of users selected PGA TOUR, 11.11% selected Under Armour, 33.33% selected Adidas Pull-on, 0% selected Greg Norman and 22.22% selected Adidas Full Length. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Some of the benefits of women’s golf pants are that they have a wide variety of fits, styles, and colors. They also offer more support than regular shorts or skirts. Pants allow movement while playing but do not get in the way when sitting down to read putts on the green either. 

Women who wear jeans will still experience this same benefit with less weight added to their legs during long rounds at 18 holes. The fact that pants provide coverage is another benefit many female players like because these ladies want to make sure everything stays where it should be when swinging clubs around each other! Those who choose white trousers can remain cool in warmer weather due to breathability. However, it’s always nice if you happen to hit someone else who is wearing white pants on the course.

One of the most important and overlooked perks about women’s golf pants is that they allow you to focus more on your game rather than what you are wearing. When standing over a shot, it can be distracting if something feels off in what you have chosen for an outfit. Golfers want to feel comfortable when playing their best without worrying about how things look from head to toe!

What are the best women’s golf pants? If you’re looking for a new pair of women’s golf pants, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many different types of golf pants on the market and all of them seem to have their pros and cons. In this guide, experts will help you find out which type is right for your body by reviewing some popular options and giving an overview of what they offer.

PGA TOUR Women’s Plus Size Pull-on Golf Pant – the Editor’s choice!

It’s time to upgrade your golf wardrobe with women’s pull-on golf pants from PGA TOUR. Add some extra flair to the course by pairing these lightweight and breathable pants with a chic top and a hat.

When it comes to women’s plus size, pull-on golf pants, the brand is making serious strides in performance and style with unmatched quality and an unbeatable fit.

If your everyday routine includes rain or shine playtime during sundown, then sweat-free plus-size roll-up trousers are what you need! The innovative design features sweat-wicking properties that move perspiration away from the skin for a dry fit throughout wear.

  • Pull-on closure;
  • Machine wash;
  • Moisture-wicking;
  • Made to stretch;
  • Protected from UV rays;

  • Low rise – average tummy control;
  • Too tight for some users;

The PGA TOUR Women’s Plus Size Pull-on Golf Pant is not just another golf pant. With its tight, stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture, it has you covered for all day on the course. All of this is augmented with SPF protection to help keep you protected from harsh sun rays at every turn.

Under Armour Women’s Links Pants – the best for the 4-way stretch design!

These Under Armour Women’s Links Pants have a sleek design that is lightweight and durable, as well as UA Storm technology to keep those annoying rain showers from keeping you from getting anything done. Wear them with your favorite sweater and boots to complete this outfit!

Adjustable waistbands make sure they’ll fit your body like a dream. Throw them in the wash after all of those outdoorsy trips where they’ve been exposed to water – the manufacturer promises nothing will change up their wonderful fabric properties.

  • Made with stretchy polyester and elastane;
  • Machine wash;
  • Breathable;
  • Lightweight and durable;
  • Wicks sweat;
  • Dries really fast;

  • Too short for tall women;
  • See-through pants;
  • Smaller than claimed;

The Under Armour Women’s Links Pants are tough, flexible, and comfortable. The material wicks sweat and dry really fast which makes them perfect for any activity like running errands or hitting the gym. With four-way stretch construction moving better in every direction you will be able to go anywhere with ease.

Adidas Women’s Pull-on Ankle Golf Pant – the best for the cropped length!

Make your swing as smooth as possible with these lightweight pants! The Adidas Women’s Pull-on Ankle Golf Pant is the perfect wardrobe addition for any golf enthusiast. These comfortable clothes slip right on and sit right at the hip, guaranteeing that you’ll never have to bend over to pick up a club or take off your shoes.

The ankle-length trousers from Adidas will go from course to cocktail in no time. In addition, with their slim fit and cropped length, they’ll stay close to your body while still giving you a range of motion through your hips and thighs. The pockets placed on the front add some chick that tennis players love too.

  • Cropped length;
  • Slim fit;
  • Pull-on closure;
  • Straight leg style;
  • Good-size pockets;

  • Too thin;
  • The white color looks dirty;

With these cropped golf pants, you’ll be able to hit the course in style and comfort. They’re made with softer fabric than your average golf pant so they slide on easily and stretch just right.

Greg Norman Women’s Ml75 Pull-on Pant – the best for a summer season!

The Greg Norman Women’s Ml75 Pull-on Pant offers you the comfort of flexible polyester and cashmere-like softness with a performance-backed waistband guaranteed to keep you comfortable no matter how much time you spend standing on a golf course.

These are the smartest pants you’ll wear all summer day. The pull-on waist, back pocket, and tummy control help accentuate curves that already exist while minimizing areas that need it. Made with a 29-inch inseam so they don’t rise up too high on your leg for any type of sweating activities.

  • Made with polyester and spandex;
  • 29-inch inseam;
  • Tummy control;
  • UPF 50+;
  • 2 front pockets and 1 back pocket;

  • Cheap and flimsy fabric;
  • The bulge on the side seam;

Finally a chic option for your wardrobe that offers tummy control and 2 pockets. The even better news? The 10% spandex means you can bend, stretch, and move as much as you want-comfortably!

Adidas Women’s Full-Length Pants – the best for a wide waistband!

While these Adidas full-length golf pants are perfectly suitable for everyday wear too, it’s in the course where they really shine. The belt closure is great when you need to hit the restroom in between shots and don’t want to hike up your skirt before you head out on the green again.

You’ll also be thrilled at how lightweight these are – no worries about overheating whether it’s summer or winter because their super breathable design just sucks away heat fast! And with a wide waistband that accommodates all body shapes without any discomfort, there are no special attachments needed here.

The sleek and chic look will leave you feeling confident on the course. The smooth, soft stretchy material feels like a second skin and makes it easy to move without restrictions while keeping you comfortable and reduce muscle stress. Svelte belt closures make for an adjustable waist and welt pockets to complete the perfect design!

  • Belt closure;
  • Slim fit;
  • Soft and smooth;
  • Wide waistband;
  • Super lightweight;
  • Breathable material;

  • The thighs are narrow;
  • Too short for tall women;

These smooth, breathable, and soft Adidas pants with a slim fit flatter you everywhere. The wide waistband is comfortable, the belt closure secures them without fuss and secret pockets keep your items safe. Super lightweight and great for any activity – wear them as casual or work wear!

The Buyer’s Guide

Main Features:

  1. Parts of golf pants: 

1) Waistline/belt loops 

Women’s golf pants are made with a waistband to hold them up. This waistline is adjustable with either an internal drawstring, external belt loops, or both depending on the design of the women’s golf pants. If you prefer tying your own shoes while playing, consider purchasing women’s golf pants that have external belt loops for convenience and easy access when it comes time to hit the course. 

If not, then focus more on finding the best women’s golf pants that use an internal drawstring instead which can be adjusted at any point during your game without slowing down play since it does not require removing your shoes in order to tie them. 

Finally, if neither option is appealing you can purchase women’s golf pants that have neither an internal drawstring nor external belt loops but are instead simple pull-on style with a thick elastic band to keep them in place. This is the best option for playing on uneven terrain where you might need to lift your legs often or if you tend to stumble frequently during play since it requires no adjusting at all between shots!

2) Pleats

Many women’s golf pants come with pleats since they provide room for movement and extra storage without having to require a larger size. If you are looking for the best women’s golf pants that will allow you to play comfortably, then consider purchasing those with ventilated or mesh lining around the thigh area so there is no restriction during physical activity.

Alternatively, if your primary goal is to find a pair of ladies’ golf trousers that accentuate your figure while providing good coverage at the same time, then opt instead for women’s golf pants that have side slits along the length of their legs. This provides a slimming effect by moving weight away from areas where it might be located on other styles such as front pockets or side cargo pockets.

Lastly, if you are on the taller side and want to feel extra confident while playing, then consider purchasing women’s golf pants that have a cropped length that is ideal for showcasing your favorite shoes and socks. This style also comes in handy when it starts getting chilly out since you can move around freely without feeling restricted or overheated!

3) Pockets

Pockets are a good way of storing extra golf supplies or accessories if you do not have your bag with you. They come in many different styles, some fancy and others more subtle so they can be worn on the course as well as during casual occasions after play has ended.

4) Leg panel/leg width

If you prefer to wear women’s golf pants with a slim fit, then look for those that have wide-leg panels. This provides more coverage and can be good for people who want their legs fully covered without the need of adding extra layers such as kneepads or socks underneath. On the other hand, if you would like something less restrictive then opt instead for women’s golf pants that have compression leggings built into them that allow freedom while still providing support while playing on uneven terrain! 

Finally, consider purchasing ladies’ golf trousers made from stretchy materials so they do not feel tight during physical activity since this will help keep your body comfortable throughout the play so there is no distraction whether it’s hot or cold out.

Consider purchasing a pull-on style with a thick elastic band that can provide support even though the physical activity without having to remove them from underfoot every time they need to be adjusted. This is an especially good choice for those who participate in activities such as hiking or mountain climbing since it will keep you comfortable and secure at all times!

  1. Fabrics of golf pants:

The fabric of golf pants is an important factor for women who play sports. The most common fabrics are stretchy polyester, quilted cotton, or a blend of both. 

The quilted fabric of golf pants is light and very comfortable. They are highly breathable for women who sweat a lot when they play sports. 

The stretchy material makes it easy to move around ease. You can even wear them straight from the gym or yoga studio without smelling like you just worked out! And, if there is one thing most golfers dread about playing in warmer weather, it’s sweating through their clothes. These fabrics wick away moisture keeping you cool and dry all day long! 

Golfers can wear them straight from the gym because they are highly breathable and comfortable to move around in. They wick away moisture keeping you dry all day long!

Among other popular materials for women’s gold pants are polyester, cotton, cotton + polyester

Other things to consider when choosing women’s golf pants:

  • Stretchable – they should have a four-way stretch for a full range of motion;
  • Windproof – to play anywhere comfortably, even if the wind is going to blow you away;
  • Moisture-wicking – in the warm weather, it is important to wear golf pants that will help with moisture-wicking tech and breathability.  These pants are usually made with polyester or other synthetic materials to help you stay dry and cool. They won’t make you feel hot in the sun, keeping your body temperature comfortable when it is warm out on the golf course;
  • Water-resistant – the best golf pants are water-resistant and breathable. The fabric should be able to block the sun’s rays while also allowing heat, moisture, and sweat to escape;

Durability is the most important consideration for women’s golf pants. If you are wearing something that doesn’t last, it will be a waste of money no matter how good the style or fit looks on your body type – plus who wants to buy new clothes all of the time? 

Women’s Golf Pants Maintenance

Women’s golf pants are made of various materials that may or may not require special care. Knowing what to look for when purchasing women’s golf pants can help you find the ones with qualities that will stand up to constant wear and tear, as well as maintain their fit over time. 

How to wash women’s golf pants:

  • Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle;
  • Wash dark colors separately from light ones. This helps to prevent the dye in the fabric from rubbing off onto other clothes and ruining them. If this does happen, however, you can remove stains with regular laundry detergent and some chlorine bleach diluted in water;
  • Just be sure not to let any of it dry on your outfits! In addition to being difficult or impossible to get out once dried up, these marks will also fade the color of your women’s golf pants over time – making older items look faded compared to newer ones even if they are worn less frequently;
  • Hang dry women’s golf pants. To prevent any shrinkage, make sure to hang them up in a cool and well-ventilated area (like your laundry room or bathroom) instead of leaving them overnight on top of the radiator or heating vent;

How to store women’s golf pants:

If they are not currently being worn, it is best to keep women’s golf pants folded neatly inside their original packaging with tissue paper separating each garment so that they won’t crease while waiting for you to take them out again next season!

There is no need for special care when washing most types of women’s golf pants but always follow specific instructions for whatever you choose.


What should females wear to golf?

Tight-fitting clothing is not recommended. Instead, opt for loose and comfortable clothes that will allow freedom of movement while you swing your golf club. A blouse with a lower neckline is one good option to consider when choosing women’s golf pants.

What is the best fabric for golf pants?

Many golf pants are made out of synthetic materials nowadays. The most popular choice is polyester because it wicks off moisture and resists wrinkles, but some women prefer cotton for the breathability factor or wool blend if they plan on playing in cold weather.

Can ladies wear leggings for golf?

The short answer is absolutely, but most women golfers prefer a little bit more coverage. In fact, there are lots of great options that fall under the category of “leggings-style” pants for ladies golfers and they can be worn with or without built-in shorts underneath depending on your preference.

What’s the difference between golf pants and dress pants?

Golf pants are made with the same materials used to make athletic clothes. They’re designed for comfort and durability, not style or class. Because they’re meant for outside activity in any weather conditions, golf pants tend to be waterproofed so you can continue playing even on wet days.

What length should golf pants be?

There are two common lengths of women’s golf pants. 

Some have a full length, which means they go all the way to your feet while others have mid-length that only cover up to the knees or are even shorter than knee-length called ankle length

The best length for any woman depends on her preference and body type. It is suggested you try out different kinds of pant legs in order to find what works best for you and then stick with it (or switch between them).

Why are golf pants so expensive?

The best women’s golf pants are made from a variety of fabrics and technologies that make them different from regular clothes. They need to be stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and wrinkle-free – all at the same time.  These expensive materials make the pants more costly.

What should you wear if you don’t have golf clothes?

Experts usually suggest wearing a pair of casual pants like jeans or khakis. Jeans are great for playing golf in the summer because they keep you cool and comfortable while still looking stylish on the course. Many people also love to wear leggings as well which is another great option! The best part about these types of pants is that most women already have them in their closet so there isn’t any need to go out and buy something new unless it’s specifically wanted.

Can you wear black pants to golf?

If you are wondering whether black pants can be worn to golf, the answer is yes. The more formal look of wearing dress pants would require darker hues like black or navy blue. However, there is no restriction on lighter colors for your choice of women’s golf pants. You can pick white too!

Why are golf pants so long?

One of the most common questions that female golfers have. The length of the pants has to do with a lot more than just-style. 

While many women want to look stylish, there are plenty of other reasons for wearing long golf pants as well:

  • Golf pants are long to protect your skin from the sun;
  • They are designed with special fabric that is both stretchy and breathable so you can walk for hours in them without overheating or becoming uncomfortable;
  • Long golf pants will fit properly when worn overshoes, which also protects your feet by not allowing dirt into shoe crevices or rocks onto bare legs! Plus, it just looks better with a pant leg covering up most of your footwear anyway;

What are short golf pants called?

There are different names for short pants in the golfing world. A lot of people call them “golf shorts”. Some other common names include shorties, three-quarter length pants, and cargo pants.  

Video Tutorial: How To Dress For Golf with Kathryn Newton

Final thoughts 

Now that you know what to look for in women’s golf pants, it should be easier than ever to find the perfect pair. And who knows? You may even have a new favorite style! With so many options out there and all of them being good quality, it is up to you that one will work best with your body type. Hopefully, this guide helped answer any questions or concerns about different types of golf pants on the market today, and wish you luck in finding your next favorite pair of women’s golf pants!