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5 Best Hybrid Shafts

Best Hybrid Shafts

Most recommended
AldilaAldila RIP Alpha 85 Graphite Hybrid Shaft, R-Flex
  • R-Flex
  • Graphite
  • Length: 42″

A good choice too
Graphite DesignGraphite Design Hybrid Shaft Tour AD DI Hybrid
  • X-Stiff
  • Graphite
  • Premium

A good choice too
UST MamiyaUST Mamiya MP5H
  • Flex: Senior
  • Graphite
  • Length: 41″

Tour Shop FresnoTour Shop Fresno TSF Certified
  • Choose Flex
  • .370 Parallel Tip
  • 100 g

Innovative SportsInnovative Graphite TD
  • Flex: Extra-stiff
  • Trajectory: Low
  • 70 g

Choose the Best Hybrid Shaft

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Hybrid Shafts

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48.2% of users selected Aldila, 18.92% selected Graphite Design, 30.63% selected UST Mamiya, 1.35% selected Tour Shop Fresno and 0.9% selected Innovative Sports. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

These days more golfers are trying to incorporate better performing shafts to their clubs to improve swinging speeds and pitch angles. Customizing and improving golf club shafts is not a recent idea and has been going on for decades. Much of the time, though, it was experts or extremely qualified players who were involved in swapping their stock shafts for alternatives to third parties. Now, this option is available to everyone.

These are the things to look for in hybrid shafts:

  • Shaft material. Decide on graphite or steel. Test both options if you don’t hear about it. Typically, both higher and lower graphite handicappers are the most common and offer you better performance;
  • Flex. Typically, amateurs play on too stiff shafts. The heavier the shaft, the lower the ball flight;
  • Length. The combination can be 1/2 to 1 inch longer than another iron. In other terms, the duration of the shaft ranges for all hybrids so make sure it suits between the irons and fairway metals;

Do you want to know more about hybrid shafts? Check the following guide with individual reviews. The comparison table contains a few useful specifications of each hybrid shaft on the list. 

Aldila Tour Green Hybrid Shaft– the best for low hits!

The Aldila Tour Green shafts are the direct descendants of the business’ hugely successful “NV” shafts, which have been the mainstay of experienced tours for a few decades.

The graphite threads picked to create the shafts are about 3 one-thousandths and 5 one-thousandths of an inch wide, providing more uniform wall thickness around the shaft. In such a way, the amount of adhesive required to keep the fibers together is reduced. This helps the shafts to be stiffer, thinner and lower in torque than the previous ones.

The Tour Green shafts are often built with a balanced point relatively closer to the handle, which aids to offset the weight of today’s heavier driver heads. That’s why golfers get the chance to play long shafts (45 and 46 inches) without growing swing weight to unacceptable standards.

  • Smooth feel;
  • Designed for balance;
  • Micro Laminate tech for durability;
  • Low launch;
  • Expensive;
The Tour Green has a stiff tip portion allowing it much lower beginning and much less rotating (about 500-to-700 RPM). It makes sense, for that reason, as a driver’s shaft, or as a fairway wood shaft for professional golfers unable to manage spin with their fairway woods.

Graphite Design 2020 Hybrid Shaft– the best for distance!

The Graphite Concept 2020 model is one of the better hybrid golf shafts for golfers searching for more strength and durability and able to pay off. These are manufactured entirely in Japan with precision and are available in four separate flex weights. In general, it offers you a fairly decent mid to strong mid-spin trajectory.

Players at all ability levels will profit from the unique project, functionality and superior efficiency of the Tour AD DI hybrid shafts.

  • Better trajectory and distance control;
  • Top-notch aerospace quality;
  • Stable;
  • Forgiving;
  • Good for beginners and pros;
  • Limited warranty;
  • Hard to install;

With the Graphite Style Hybrid Shaft, players appear to have superior trajectory stability as well as decent distances. It is definitely one of the best performing hybrid shafts on the U.S. market. Through their patented technologies, they are able to give you more precision and distance as opposed to other products.

UST Mamiya MP5H .370 Graphite Hybrid Shaft– the best for elderly players!

The UST Mamiya MP5.370 Hybrid Shaft can boast extreme strength, excellent feel and absolute control over your game. Using advanced Micro-Ply aerospace tech with 38 Micro-Ply layers for better feel without losing efficiency, the low torque to weight ratio provides the punch required for today’s high-tech heads.

  • Medium launch;
  • Lightweight;
  • Designed for seniors;
  • Easy to install;
  • Advanced aerospace design;
  • Micro Ply tech;
  • A loose fit for some hybrids;
  • Not recommended for low-handicappers;
This very strong shaft delivers a fantastic ball flight, too. You can conveniently swap every 3-wood in a golf bag. Any users say that it’s also the right match for Taylormade hybrids.

Tour Shop Fresno TSF Certified KBS Hybrid Shaft– the best for spin control!

The KBS Tour Shop shaft is built especially for hybrid golf clubs, providing mid to high direction, spin stability and tight dispersion. With weight levels varying from 100 g to 110 g, this shaft is suitable for players searching for a compact steel shaft that can assist with an optimum reach.

This shaft offers you a good mid-to-high trajectory. Maybe the highlight is the amount of spin stability and close shot diffusion that you receive on this shaft.

  • Mid-to-high launch;
  • Improved spin control;
  • 3-flex system;
  • Made of steel;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Heavy;
This shaft helps you to gain significantly more reach than most hybrid shafts in this price category.

Innovative Graphite TD Wood/Hybrid Shaft – the best for professional golfers!

The TD 370 shaft is ideally designed for professionals and low to medium handicap golfers looking for scope, precision and durability in a compact shaft. This shaft improves reach while losing precision while enabling the golfer to operate the ball left and right as the ball shot dictates.

The most striking aspect is the high kick point/tip rigid construction, which offers a low, dull trajectory, avoiding the “balloon” effect typical to other lightweight graphite shafts.

  • Lightweight;
  • Low trajectory;
  • Long shaft;
  • Designed for low-handicappers;
  • Can’t be used by beginners;
  • Not accurate;
It may be the best option for larger fairways and drivers as well as most hybrids.

The Buyer’s Guide

Although purchasing off-the-rack hybrids is the most popular purchase, the shafts sold are very unlikely to suit most golfers. Much of the hybrid shafts we test during the fitting are too thin (flexible) and too light. This can create very weak contact with the ball, broad dispersion and a lack of space.

Major criteria to consider when buying a new hybrid shaft: 


When it comes to the shaft material, the choice narrows down to graphite and steel. Sure, there are multi-material shafts but it is better to stick to one material or another. Both graphite shafts are more consistent and work better than conventional steel shafts. 

Therefore, even though you’re on the fence, purchasing and mounting graphite shafts on your irons is more likely to improve rather than damage your game. And you should be assured that any graphite shaft in this list is going to help you to play your very best game.


A driver is the tallest, lightest, and stiffest club in your bag. Your wedges would be the heaviest, smallest and most versatile clubs. When the clubs become shorter from the driver to the fairway woods to the hybrids, the weights of the shaft would be increasingly heavier. This differs depending on your intensity and swing profile (tempo, shift and release), but in general, hybrid shafts would be 10 to 20 g heavier than the weight of an average driver shaft.

In certain circumstances, hybrid shafts would be the same weight as your irons, but they will never be stronger. If you have a really bad ball touch on either the heel or the tip if that’s possible because the shaft in a hybrid model is too light. If you’re having problems keeping a ball in the air, your hybrid shaft could be too large.


Much as shaft weights get larger from drivers to wedges, shaft flexes can get weaker from driver to fairway woods to hybrids. Again, this is calculated by the power and swing profile. Your hybrid shaft flex can typically be much tighter than your shaft flex. That’s because the hybrid shafts are typically .75 inches longer than the comparable iron and would have to be marginally stiffer than the iron to provide further leverage.

If your shot dispersion is really large and you tend to hook your arrows, your hybrid shaft is more than likely to be too versatile. If you tend to drive or slice the shots, the shaft can be too stiff. Do not, by all way, trust the flex on the shaft, i.e. S (Men’s Stiff) and R (Men’s Regular), as the shafts are typically far softer than specified. In certain situations, the R-marked shaft will play as smooth as the Ladies flex.


Hybrid shaft lengths are typically 1.75 inches longer than equal iron. This is characteristic of hybrid graphite or lightweight steel shafts. As a result, the 22-degree 4-hybrid would usually be 39.5 inches, although several producers are producing hybrids up to 1.25 inches longer than the comparable iron. Be cautious not to take the hybrid shafts too long, since this may contribute to a better shot dispersion and bad ball touch.

Well-fit combinations will become some of the strongest clubs in your versatility pack. Whether it’s off the green, fairway or rough, the correct shaft duration, weight and flex in your hybrids can allow some of your best shots.

Size of the tip

One factor to bear in mind is the scale of the tip of a shaft. Many irons have a hose that embraces either .370 or .355 parallel. Two different tips don’t interchange but please double-check to ensure that the shafts you’re trying to purchase suit your irons. And if you’ve got hybrid irons, there’s a slight possibility they might use a fairway wood with a graphite shaft that has a .335 top.

Video Tutorial: High Handicap Hybrid Fitting

Final thoughts 

There really is an ocean of hybrid shafts on the U.S. market, and this number of options will make it tough to determine exactly which shaft would be right for you. Luckily, after reading this review, you now learn which hybrid shaft to purchase. 

We have compared hybrid shafts and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable hybrid shaft and improve your golf experience!